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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

Australian Jeyakumar shipped the first light aircraft to LTTE; SPUR condemns Autralian blindness to Tiger terrorism

Melbourne, 02 April, ( Informed Tamil sources revealed that 54-year-old Australian Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar who passed away on March 29, 2007, was responsible for shipping the light aircraft that dropped the bombs on the Katunayakae air base.

Tamil Week in its latest edition (March 31, 2007) said that Jeyakumar "hatched the plan to send the plane with the international arms procurement man of the LTTE K Pathmanathan, known as "KP".

Jeyakumar who is married to a Malaysian lady was a frequent visitor to Malaysia and the far east. His linked up with "KP" and funded the operations with the money collected in Australia.

Velupillai Prabhakaran conferred the title of Maamaniathar (Great Humanbeing) posthumously to Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar, a lecturer at Swinburne Technical College, Victoria.

Society for Peace and Human Rights (SPUR) too have pointed out in their letter of protest to the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, that the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), one of Australia's leading TV stations, was the first to expose the activities of Jeyakumar who was caught red handed trying to purchase light aircraft from Australian dealers.

Condemning the Australian government's blindness to these acts of terrorism carried out on Australain soil the SPUR has urged John Howard to take firm action against the Tamil Tigers.

Analysing the official obituary released by the LTTE headquarters SPUR has highlighted four significant factors relevant to Australian authorities engaged in combatting terrorism:

1. The LTTE confers its highest award only to die-hard agents who had served its politics of violence. Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar received it posthumosly beacause he was the chief agent of the LTTE in Australia. He is the second to receive this award in Australia. The first was the late Prof. C. J. Eliezer of La Trobe University, the founder of Australian Federation of Tamils, the first front of the LTTE established in Australia.

2. The letter states: "He set up institutional structures that will continue to strengthen diaspora engagement with the destiny of Tamil people in Northeast." Translated into plain English it means that he was the main man behind the LTTE network operating in Australia to finance, lobby and direct the operations of pro-LTTE Tamils in violation of the Australian laws established to combat terrorism in all its forms on Australian soil.

3. The LTTE letter also states: "He united the Australian Tamils to provide moral support and help to the people in his homeland."

Translation: Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar was in the forefront of raising funds and other material support needed for the violent politics of the Tamil Tiger terrorists.In fact, the first comprehensive media investigation into LTTE activities in Australia, broadcast by SBS, revealed that he was the main man shopping for arms, ammunition and light aircraft in Australia. The SBS broadcast -- copies of which were handed over to Federal Police and ASIO by us -- confirmed with comments of Australian dealers that he was shopping for military hardware in Australia.

Tamil Week, a Tamil website, revealed in its latest edition (March 31, 2007) that (a) Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar "was responsible for sending one of the light aircrafts to LTTE in Vanni which took part in the air raid by the LTTE in Colombo and (b) information reaching through the LTTE circles following Jeyakumar’s death confirms he hatched the plan to send the plane with the international arms procurement man of the LTTE K Pathmanathan known as KP who is said to be living somewhere in a far-eastern country."

It should also be noted that the AsianTribune revealed that Malaysia has now beome the main centre for traiing of Tiger pilots and aircraft maintenance. Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar was the direct link between the Malaysian operations and the Tamil Tigers. He is married to a Malaysian lady and has close connections with the Malaysian Tamils supporting the Tamil Tigers. He was a frequent vistior to Malaysia to carry out his operations that are illegal even under the Criminal Code Act of 1975.

4. The news item in the TamilNet summarises his contribution to Tamil Tiger terrorist activity in Australia. It says: "Praised as the leading force behind the Australian Tamils Co-ordinating Committee for the last two decades, Jeyakumar is credited with uniting Australian Tamils towards supporting Tamil Eelam struggle and for his unwavering committment to help the Tamil people." Tail Week also reports that he accompanied Adele Balasingham's mother after the death of Anton Balasingham, the ideologue of the Tamil Tiger terrorists.

Please note the highlighted segment above. This is clear proof of the fact that the Australian Tamils Co-ordinating Committee (ATCC) is the direct arm of the LTTE. They have many fronts and ATCC was the leading organisation that coordinated and directed LTTE operations in Australia," states SPUR.

Pressing for firm action SPUR adds: "We wish to present this evidence, straight from the horse's mouth, because our appeals to the Australian government to ban the LTTE totally have gone unheeded. Each time we made representations we were told that the LTTE has been banned under international law. But it was never banned under the Criminal Code Act of 1995.

"As citizens of Australia, who are genuinely concerned about the increasing threat of terrorism to Australian and in the Indian Ocean rim, including Sri Lanka, we would like to point out that this half measure of banning only under international law without empowering local law enforcing authorities to act more effectively in combating terrorsm has resulted in "sleeper cells" of terrorism to flourish on Australian soil.

"We need not provide any additional evidence to prove that Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar was a "sleeper" ignored by the law enforcing authorities because the half-hearted legal measures do not give the incentive nor the powers to go after known agents of Tamil Tigers.

"We wish to appeal to the Australian government and the relevant authorities to abandon the current policy of declaring the Tamil Tiger woman as a creature who is only half pregnant.

"Agents like Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar have shrewdly and knowingly used the loopholes in the legal framework to pursue their illegal activities under the benign neglect of our lawmakers.

"Even at this late stage we wish to appeal to all agencies, especially parliamentarians, to go the extra mile needed to combat terrorism and impose a total ban on the Tamil Tigers.

"We trust that Australia will do the right by its people, and its friendly neighbour in Sri Lanka," concluded SPUR.

- Asian Tribune -

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