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Intel launches World Ahead programme in Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Colombo, 22 March, ( World’s renowned blue-chip company –Intel Corporation has launched its newest worldwide concept “World Ahead Programme” in Sri Lanka.

This programme covers 60 countries, including Sri Lanka , said Chris Thomas, its Strategic Manager at a media briefing held in Colombo on Tuesday .

The Intel Corporation invests one billion US$ to launch this project and to speed access to un-compromised technology and education for people in the world’s developing communities.

Sri Lanka is now one of the key countries to be covered by this programme , he said.

This is a continent-wide project, which includes an eSchools initiative targeting schools across Sri Lanka . Its ultimate goal is to equip students with the IT skills and knowledge to compete in a global information society. As part of the initiative, a variety of consortia, each headed by a leading global technology company, are designing and delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to meet the needs of students.

As part of an initial demonstration phase, few schools in rural areas have been equipped with broadband internet connected PC labs. Students use the PCs across all subjects. Some assignments must be completed electronically, using Microsoft Office* programs, developing skills, that will be of benefit in their working lives. Educational software for maths, physics and business studies, based on the Sri Lankan curriculum, is also used to support study. . Students are now empowered to drive their own learning, rather than relying solely on guidance from the teacher.

The Intel World Ahead Program aims to enhance lives by accelerating access to uncompromised technology for everyone, anywhere in the world. Focused on people in the world’s developing communities, it integrates and extends Intel’s efforts to advance progress in three areas: accessibility, connectivity, and education. Intel’s goal is not only to extend affordable PC access but to develop the PCs tailored to local needs, drive critical connectivity, cultivate sustainable local capabilities, and provide the technology education needed to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The program’s 5-year objectives are to extend wireless broadband PC access to the world’s next billion users while training 10 million more teachers on the effective use of technology in education – with the possibility of reaching another 1 billion students. Investment: Intel will invest more than $1 billion over the next 5 years across the three focus areas of accessibility, connectivity, and education.

Partnering with public and private organizations, Intel is driving WiMAX broadband deployments that will reach cities as well as suburban and rural communities that previously were either impossible or too costly for carriers to pursue. Intel World Ahead Program will connect another billion children and adults to the Internet and to the rest of the world.

According to the Intel’s local Representative Indika de Soyza this project create opportunities for widespread ownership and use of Personal computers through affordability PCs tailored to regional needs. This programme prepares students for success in the global economy through education programmes and resources, including professional development for teachers worldwide.

Under the project Dialog GSM will provides telephone connectivity through Wimax system and the Intel Corporation provides necessary infrastructure jointly with the government of Sri Lanka.

The Ministry of Education, dialog GSM and Intel Corporation plan to support rural schools to follow educational programmes through this project. All these schools will connect through Wimax and the Dialog GSM assists to launch a Satellite Television channel to telecast educational programmes.

- Asian Tribune -

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