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Tamil Tigers to fight final war against Sri Lanka: In Canada Tamil Cinema Stars billed to participate in a fund raising event

Toronto, 21 March, ( According to a report, initially Sarathkumar, who is presently the President of the Tamil Nadu Actors Union, was reluctant to participate in the fundraising events in Tamil Nadu, since the Tigers are banned in India, following the assassination of Rajiv Ghandi, a former Prime Minister of India by the Tigers.

Sivajilingam cajoled Sarathkumar by explaining that following Colonel Karuna’s defection from the LTTE, Tigers can’t withstand in the East, and because of the military defeat they are losing public support and fundraising dropped dramatically in North America and Europe.

Subsequently Sivajilingam also met with the other officials of the Tamil Nadu Actors Union and explained them problems within the LTTE and appealed to them to help in the fundraising for LTTE in Toronto.

At last Sarathkumar, Radhika Sarathkumar a Sri Lankan born his wife and some others have accepted to take part in the fundraising event to collect funds for the preparation of a final war against the Sri Lanka government. At present the mega Cinema stars event is scheduled to be held on the 7th of April2007 in Toronto, at Hershley Centre, 5500Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga.

Tamil Tigers who are a banned organization in Canada have subtly organized the event under a cover name “Royal Entertainers of Canada. “ It seems that the matter has been already brought to the notice of the Canadian Government officials and they are fully aware of the Tiger’s ruse.

Tiger observers in this part of the world have pointed out that events of this mega scale are normally advertised months before the event. But the Tigers fear that if sufficient time is given, Hershley Centre may cancel the event, when they come to know who the real people behind the organizers of this ‘star by nite’ fund raising show.

In the past, several hall bookings were cancelled at the last moment when they came to know that the events were organized for the fundraising for the Tigers.

It is widely reported in the media that the Tamil MP’s from Sri Lanka supporting the Tigers were earlier denied entry to visit Canada, including Sivajilingam.

A source in Chennai told that some artists have already refused to join the troupe led by Sarathkumar, fearing security problems from both ends, in Chennai and Toronto. They fear that a controversy might erupt in Tamil Nadu if they participate in a Tiger event of this mega scale. The same source further added that more cinema stars may refuse to join the band wagon at the last moment if and when the true faces of the organizers are exposed.

It is learnt that Tigers making use of Canadian soil to collect funds to fight another country is a serious matter and the Canadian government may refuse to grant visas for the Tamil Nadu films stars. Anyhow in case they have already managed to obtain the visas in India producing questionable documents, then there are chances that their entry into Canada might be denied on representations made by Tamil Diasporas who opposes the holding of the fundraising event in Canada to fight Sri Lanka.

Fund raising event by Tamil Cinema Stars in canadaFund raising event by Tamil Cinema Stars in canada

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