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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 101

Last remaining Tigers trapped in Thoppiagala jungle

Colombo, 27 January, ( Colonel Jeyam, overall commander of the Tamil Tigers for Batticaloa - Amparai districts and Colonel Ramesh, the other Tiger commander, are both presently involved in forcefully conscripting underage children from the districts.

Trapped inside a land locked regions, these two commanders, along with Keerthi, head of the LTTE’s Intelligence wing, are making a desperate bid to regroup and launch a counter attack with whatever military hardware left with them.

Aafter the fall of Vakarai, Ramesh who fled to Kokkaddicholai, set up a camp near Saamanthi Aru. Within a period of three months, he has managed to abduct nearly 30 underage children and has given training in arms to them. Reports indicate that he almost function independently as he is from Kiran in the east and knows the region inside out.

In the mean time Jeyam, from Vavuniya, who is the overall commander for the Batticaloa and Amparai districts, is based in the Thoppiagala jungle, with about 600 to 750 LTTE cadres scattered in the jungle hideouts.

The intelligent chief of the region Keerthi and Nagesh, the man who held fort at Vaharai after Colonel Sornam fled to Vanni, too are with Jeyam.

The cadres who are with Jeyam include more than 300 in numbers belonging to auxiliary forces, balance are armed cadres, Jeyanthan brigade and the scores of cadres belonging to the intelligent group.

Those cadres who fled from Amparai district after their camps were being mauled by Sri Lanka’s STF police force and those managed to flee from Vaharai are all said to be demoralized lots and they are forced to stay under the command of Jeyam as they have no other choice of survival other than remaining with him for the time being.

According to eastern sources, Vanni command is forcing Jeyam to show maximum resistance to the Sri Lankan armed forces but the demoralized cadres with him are in no mood to get involved in major attacks. The majority of the remaining cadres are more concerned about an exit strategy to flee to Vanni, as all the land routes to Vanni are under strict surveillance not only by the Sri Lankan armed forces but also by the cadres belonging to Karuna group – Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal.

There are nearly 200 to 250 underage cadres, abducted after 2004 April in the east who are held by Jeyam. The increasing tendency of this ‘baby brigade’ looking for survival is grab the first opportunity and escape to the government controlled areas.

Tiger Commander Jeyam and his cadres, who are hunted by the Security Forces and Karuna group, are facing the challenge of breaking out and escaping from the Topigala jungle to Vanni.

A spokesman for the TMVP told "Asian Tribune," it is impossible for the remaining Tiger cadres to flee successfully to Vanni. He added that there are chances for the leaders to slip away in mufti, betraying the ordinary cadres under their command which might force the remaining LTTE cadres to surrender en-bloc.

The spokesman further added if in case LTTE cadres from the East surrenders to TMVP, we are prepared to accept them, give them protection, rehabilitate them and subsequently hand them over to their parents.

He said that those LTTE cadres from the east who surrenders will never be taken into the TMVP military wing.

- Asian Tribune -

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