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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 104

New Tamil alliance to replace the defeated Tigers in the east

Colombo, 23 January, ( After the rout of the Tamil Tigers in the east, the main Tamil parties opposed to the Tamil Tigers -- PLOTE, EPRLF – (Nabah Group), Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) and EPDP, met yesterday and agreed to work on a common program in the east.

This is a new development in Tamil politics. A spokesman of the group told “Asian Tribune” that they have for the first time laid the foundation for the Tamil groups to come to terms with each other and work united as one group initially in the east.

Once a working program for the east is finalized unanimously, then the four groups will consider working together on an Island-wide basis to promote Tamil interest and Tamil nationalism.

At the meeting it was resolved that all the four Tamil groups should work jointly to provide leadership and guide the Tamils and Tamil speaking people which mainly resembles Muslims, as well as the Sinhla community in the east.

Informed sources told the “Asian Tribune” that the meeting was arranged by Pilliyan, overall Commander of the TMVP. Senior TMVP Commander Jeyam also participated in the discussion.

At the yesterdays meeting, representatives from PLOTE, EPRLF – Nabah group and EPDP agreed that the Tamil Tigers are a spent force in the east and the vacuum has to be filled by a new Tamil leadership. The four Tamil parties dismissed the MPs of the Tamil National Alliance as ineffective proxies of the Tamil Tigers. They were categorized as political non-entities who have lost touch with the Tamil grassroots in the east. With the departure of the Tamil Tigers from the east they will no longer have the political clout they had with the backing of the Tiger gun, they argued.

The Tamil parties agreed that when the Tigers had a strong presence in east, the TNA MPs acted as mere puppets of the Vanni Tigers. The easterners saw the TNA MPs as serving their master Prabhkaran obediently and not the Tamil people of the east.

Even a leading parliamentarian like R. Sampanthan was playing second fiddle to LTTE. They failed in their primary task of bringing about a sustainable peace to Tamils because they were tied hand and foot to the Tigers. The TNA parliamentarians were given permission only to dance to the tune played S.P.Tamilselvan, Head of the political division of the LTTE, they said.

EPDP was represented by Siva and Arumailingham and Ratnam represented EPRLF Nabah group.

- Asian Tribune -

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