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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 104

Tigers boats heading to attack port unloading food destroyed by Navy

Colombo, 07 January, ( The Tiger attempt to disrupt the unloading of 3500 metric tons food and essential items at the Point Pedro port was thwarted when a joint operation of aerial and naval attacks targeted a cluster of 31 Sea Tiger boats in the seas off Vettilaikerni at 3.50p.m., yesterday (Saturday), said a Ministry of Defence press release.

Naval sources said that a tense situation prevails in the northern seas after the Sea Tigers were heading to attack Point Pedro harbor where the food was being unloaded.

The Sri Lanka Naval elite seaborne squadron of 4th Fast Attack Flotilla claimed that they destroyed 12 Tigers boats, five of which were suicide crafts.

The Catholic Church and the Tigers have been complaining that the "humanitarian crisis" in Jaffna was created by the Government of Sri Lanka not supplying food. But when food supplies are sent to Jaffna Tigers deploy their suicide crafts to disrupt the unloading of food, said a spokesperson of the Eelam Peoples Democratic Front (EPDP) in Colombo.

Bishop Thomas Soundranayagam, who has been vociferous in blaming the government, is yet to comment on this latest move of the Tigers to obstruct the flow of food to the people of Jaffna.

The sea route is the main means of carrying food as the A-9 land route to Jaffna is closed.

- Asian Tribune -

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