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King hunts elephants while his people hunt for jobs!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

King_Carlos.jpgKing Carlos’s extravagant trip to Botswana, hunting elephants has come under severe criticism while his country is reeling from economic crisis. If not for Carlos’s nasty accident while hunting elephant, none will ever come to know the colossal amount spent on the trip.

He has sustained multiple fractures in his hip bones, which need urgent surgery. Sadly, the king has lost his people’s sympathy because of the timing he chose to hunt elephants while his subjects are hunting for hard to get jobs in Spain.

Nearly one third of the Spaniards are left unemployed and the figure keeps alarmingly increasing. People are reminded of Nero’s story when Rome was on fire! Added to this ‘elephant size’ problem king’s son in law is alleged to have been involved in a huge racket. They say trouble never come in single, may be that is the case poor Carlos is facing now!

Although there has been an international ban on ivory since 1989, elephants are still threatened by man. Loss of habitat is also a major obstacle in maintaining both African and Asian elephant population. Especially, in Africa, they are in grave danger and in Asia, where those still left are mostly domesticated. Their survival now is at great risk.

Protecting elephants in the wild must be addressed on several fronts, including the loss of natural habitat, poaching and illegal trading and the increasing clashes between humans and elephants. In this particular case involving King Carlos of Spain, I don’t think, there was a threat from any elephant from Botswana, to his well fortified palace in Madrid.

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