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‘Global Sri Lankan Forum’ launched in Canada

Ottawa, 26 May (

250510_canaThe Sri Lankans living in Canada have launched a new body in Ottawa to represent their interests in the country, under the banner of Global Sri Lankan Forum. This is to counter and in response to the Global Tamil Forum (G.T.F) which is a sister organization launched by Tiger Terrorist in London, United Kingdom.

On the Celebration of Dawn of Peace, Lenin Benedict announced the launching of Global Sri Lankan Forum, which was welcomed with huge applause by the gathering. On his opening speech paying tribute to the men and women of the Sri Lankan armed forces who sacrificed their lives to bring peace to the Island nation, Lenin Benedict said it’s the duty of our generation to preserve the victory won by our brave soldiers.

He said “as a Sri Lankan I have pride to say, that it was Sri Lanka the first country in the world to eradicate Terrorism completely from its soil than any other powerful nations in the world.”

Lenin Benedict explained the necessity of such an organization. He said it was to counter the Tiger Terrorist separatist move to launch Global Tamil (Terrorist) Forum to give back life to separatist movement, which was defeated militarily and politically in Sri Lanka. He mentioned the GTF was also a product of LTTE Terrorists to divide the country and to keep the Tamil Diaspora under their control.


Therefore it is very much necessary for patriotic Sri Lankans to be united as one to defeat these separatist and communal forces. He also said the aim of launching of Global Srilankan Forum is also to bring all the Sri Lankan Diasporas under one umbrella to fight politically against the Transnational Government of Tamil (Terrorist) Eelam.

Celebrating peace is not enough but to keep the peace won by sacrifice is the most important thing, he mentioned. Wearing traditional dress and following traditional things at events does not mean we are Sri Lankans; we have to be a true Sri Lankan in heart and soul, which make us a true Sri Lankan, he said.

Lenin Benedict also requested the gathering to put the Sri Lankan spirit into the minds of our younger generation. It’s true it is hard and we understand the generation gap. But still it is the duty of the parents to sow the cultural and nationalistic seed in our children, who have not tasted the real happiness what our generation has enjoyed in Sri Lanka. Upbringing is the important duty of our community here in the Diaspora, he stated.

While emphasizing the unity of Sri Lankan Diasporas, he said every organization has their goal to work and achieve. It is not necessary that every organization to merge their existing one with GSLF, but to work along with Global Srilankan Forum on common goals to defeat the Tiger Terrorist Diasporas’ false propaganda against the people of Sri Lanka and politically oppose the Transnational Government Of Tamil (Terrorist) Eelam.

It is the duty of every Sri Lankan to safeguard the territorial integrity of our motherland and to protect the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka by its people. The Sri Lankan Diasporas all over the globe is being contacted for this purpose and received tremendous support, he said.

Let us all be together as one and put a strong united face to oppose the Terrorists, he requested. The Dawn of Peace event in Ottawa was organized by Mrs. Malkanthi Perera, Mrs. Padmini Hapuarachchi, Dr. Nimal de Silva, Mrs. Ranjini Alwis, Mr. Ranjith Galabadaarachchi, Mr. Patrick Silva, Mr. Anura Ferdinand, and Mr.Nandana Gadjanayake.

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