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Is it time that fair minded Sri Lankan Tamils worked towards a vision of one country for all people?

The immediate reaction from many Tamils would be, “well we tried and the Sinhala political leaders were the ones who prevented this from happening”. While there is some truth in that response, it is also true that whatever anyone tried was during a different era, when issues were different, Sri Lanka was different and the world was different.

CFA Ranil defends SL’s sovereignty

Ranil the co author of the CFA has gone ballistic again. He has now switched to giving free classes in revivalist history. It is his contrived way of asserting his party leadership as his party had started toppling him - something that is taking considerable more time here than it took for Saddam’s statue to fall in Baghdad or Mubarak to quit Egypt.

Weekly Spotlight

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s will-he-won’t-he approach to the 2013 presidential candidacy will come to focus soon now that the local polls are over.

“Scoring points” should not be aim of future talks, Pak tells India

Pakistan said on Wednesday the sequencing of upcoming Indo-Pak discussions on outstanding issues should not be intended at taking "unilateral advantage" or "scoring points", a day after India maintained that there will be sequencing of interactions on issues, including terrorism, Jammu and Kashmir and Siachen.

Shavendra Silva in a goodwill gesture to build bridges with the Tamil Diaspora members

On a gloomy, chilly winter day, after a record snow fall in Boston, we were fortunate to witness one of the warmest gestures seen in a very long time. The members of the Tamil Diaspora, who came to demonstrate against the Deputy Representative of the Sri Lanka Mission to the UN, Shavendra Silva’s speech on the 29th in Boston, who took time to listen to him, finally, shook hands with him, extending their solidarity. This is exactly what Sri Lanka needs. And Shavendra Silva is delivering the goods.

Are Thugs Deciding the Boundaries of Democracy in Sri Lanka?

The protest march organised by the UNP calling for the release of former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka has been disrupted by thugs. There is no question they were thugs. What is not yet established is whose thugs they were and who had given instructions to them to disrupt the peaceful protest organized by the UNP.

Sri Lankan Independence Day; Growing pains continue

Sri Lanka is yet to realize its full potential as a free nation. Whatever one might say, the ethnic discord that the country has experienced for a considerable period of time seems to be one of the principal reasons for the country to suffer from growing pains even at the ripe old age of 63.

2G Spectrum Scam: The arrest of Raja would not make him Guilty- Karunanidhi stands behind the accused

The ruling DMK and it chief M Karunanidhi stood behind tainted former IT minister A Raja and described his arrest by CBI has said "mere arrest" would not make him(Raja) guilty.

The unrest challenges constitutional legitimacy – Hosni Mubarak: The U.S. stands for Egyptian people’s democratic rights – Obama

As the people’s uprising in Egypt is gathering momentum shaking the foundation of Hosni Mubarak’s 29-year autocratic rule, and its closest Middle East ally the United States walking on a very tight rope selecting careful words, phrases and thoughts because it is not so clear where the popular uprising will lead and who will emerge as the final benefactor, the two globally televised statements of the two presidents do not seem to have matched well in addressing the crisis.

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