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Importance of focusing attention to World Situation in solving Sri Lanka’s problems

The need to be conscious of the International situation in finding solutions to the internal problems, J.R.’s failure to settle the dispute with India amicably, clearly shows U.N.P does not have any moral right to speak against the 13th amendment and the need to find a permanent solution to the ethnic problem.

The Ethnic Problem is Still Here

Last week, the Rajapaksa regime took one more giant leap back into the past. A peaceful pre-election meeting organised by the TNA in Jaffna was attacked by the army. As the news trickled out, the authorities, with drear predictability, denied both knowledge and responsibility. “This has not come to my attention”, the army spokesman said, dismissively (AFP – 17.6.2011).

Lalin’s Column: Red sky in the evening the Complex takes warning (with apologies)

The first leg of the Bradby at Bogambara was a wicked aberration, an abomination. There would be no escape in the second. Royal knew it. Having been led by 8 points Trinity knew they had to win gloriously in the second.

The Ramifications of the Channel 4 documentary

The recently telecast Channel 4 documentary on ‘Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’ sheds no new light (despite claims to the contrary), in terms of groundbreaking evidence, regarding the incidents related to the end of the war in Sri Lanka. If anything, it will seek to entrench already hardened attitudes and decrease the ever reducing space for dialogue and reconciliation.

President Mahinda is the only leader who could solve the decades old problem

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s firm commitment to devolution of power, his determination not to grant the demands of the Tiger terrorists in any form, whatever that may be the failures of the past leaders and the Indian involvement in the ethnic issue are subjects covering in the recent weekly Lankadeepa Article written by the veteran Sinhala journalist Mr. Wasantha Priya Ramasnayake.

Influential Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential and powerful woman in the world. While her self-titled award winning show has come to a close after a record 25 seasons, it doesn’t mean that is the end of the show for Oprah.

The Changing Regional Landscape

First came the words, tough, unequivocal and uncompromising, the new chief minister keeping a promise to her electorate. Jayalalitha Jeyaram piloted a needle-sharp resolution through the Tamil Nadu regional assembly demanding that the Centre impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka. The resolution passed unanimously.

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