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The shame of July 1983; Righteousness and not political expediency must guide Sri Lankan reconciliation efforts

Sri Lanka is on the path towards reconciliation after more than 30 years of conflict and war, and it faces challenges to this effort from several fronts, both national and international. These multi dimensional challenges require multi dimensional responses, but a single dimension goal; Reconciliation based on righteousness.

International Humanitarian Law – at all times - applicable to LTTE atrocities

Western nations, prominently led by the United States, since the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE/Tamil Tigers) in May 2009 have systematically sharpened their maneuvers to first, strategically communicate to the rest of the world that the Government of Sri Lanka (GSL) was responsible for violating the International Humanitarian Law and globally accepted human rights practices to whip up anti-Sri Lankan sentiments in Western capitals and among the lawmakers, and two, to create a voice to force the United Nations to bring Sri Lanka to international scrutiny preparing the path to prosecute its leaders for crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, war crimes and genocide at the international court.

Nafeek, the Sri Lankan maid, I never met

When I first heard of the death of a Saudi infant at the hands of a Sri Lankan maid named Rizana Nafeek about four years ago, I looked at the word “child abuse” and what it meant.

Philip Kotler and Hinniappuhamy

Finally Professor Philip Kotler has come to Sri Lanka. I called to one of my friends in Matara and informed the arrival of the Marketing Guru. He does not know about that. He is a marketing officer attached to one private company.

Subsidizing fertilizer will make the nation slaves to fertilizer companies

In a letter to the Editor, Ranil Senananyake pointed out that, “The current subsidy in fertilizer is essentially an aid to the fertilizer industry.”

Rampant Rulers And Uninformed Citizens

Why would a supposedly democratic government reject a freedom of information bill? Why do the Rajapaksas want to prevent the Lankan people from discovering the real state of the nation?

Sri Lankan graduate student wins prize at U.S. University for innovative lighting idea

As part of the Change the World Challenge competition sponsored by the Office of Entrepreneurship each semester, Rensselaer students select a topic from a range of challenges with the potential to improve human life, and offer an innovative and sustainable solution to that challenge. Some examples of challenges include improving safety and security and addressing energy, water, or health issues.

Sri Lanka: Recent accusations and some relevant facts

A much publicized video titled “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”, produced by Channel 4 of the UK, was screened on 14 June 2011 followed by rescreening of it by various national TV channels including those in New Zealand.

Winehouse lives up to her name!

Amy Winehouse winner of 5 Grammys ‘Back to Back,’ which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide is living up to her namesake by becoming a slave to alcohol.

UK Sunday Times criticises Channel 4 for its shoddy journalism

AA Gill’s article in the UK Sunday Times has roundly crticised the Channel4 presentation stating Jon Snow’s commentary was intemperate and partisan, and it was all held together by assumptions.

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