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U.S. unmanned drone attacks in Pak-Afghan region cause civilian casualties

Despite credible investigative reports confirm that the American CIA unmanned drone attacks in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region have taken a high civilian toll the authorities in the Obama administration claim zero civilian casualties and no collateral damages.

Mick Jagger to sing with A.R.Rahman in Sanskrit

In a rare feat in his illustrious career, rock legend Mick Jagger will hum Sanskrit words in his new single ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (truth alone triumphs).

Publicity seekers

Maldivian foreign minister Ahmed Naseem says that he was shocked to read about a Maldives- Lanka maritime deal under which Maldives would provide safe passage for Sri Lanka fishermen traveling to Arabian Sea. According to Naseem no such agreement had been signed.

Blooming friendship between Sri Lanka and China

Relations between China and Sri Lanka have reached a peak level, especially during the Administration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The Chinese assistance to various sectors of Sri Lanka is on a very high level, and is very much conspicuous throughout the country.

The International Crisis Group Report on Sri Lanka- Can We Avoid Emotional Exaggeration and Stay With the Facts?

The ill timed report of the International Crisis Group will only contribute to reopen the healing wounds of conflict and revive communal hatred and ethnic tensions in Sri Lanka.

Lalin’s Column: Review- ‘A Most Noble Profession’--Corrections

Having read through former Army Commander General GH de Silva’s above named book, I hasten to correct two errors that could have been easily avoided had he only checked with me. I am privy to the facts.

No Taxation without Representation: Reduction of Tamil voice in Sri Lanka

A close ‘Sri Lanka Watcher’ and a onetime professional colleague of this writer from the U.S. State Department referring to the official declaration of Sri Lanka election commissioner about the reduction of elected representation to this South Asian nation’s parliament from the predominantly Tamil electoral district of Jaffna highlighted the slogan of the American revolution: No Taxation without Representation.

Lalin’s Column: They never came, they never saw but they are bloody marvellous liars

There is a concerted propaganda effort by the scattered and battered but still scheming remnants of the terrorist LTTE like the GTF and their British mercenaries (political and media elements)to frighten SL with Western intervention.

Lalin’s Column: Sanga –Brilliant strokes and some referrals

A great Sri Lankan is Kumar Sangakkara . At a time when SL was being ground into the dust in England (and not only at cricket) he mesmerised the lords and ladies of the MCC with his oratory. He received a standing ovation.

Future directions in Sri Lankan politics; Communal politics and the decline of the UNP

At meeting in London attended by the Tamil Diaspora community, TNA Parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran had reportedly said that any proposal from the Tamils by way of a solution to the problems of people in the North should be acceptable to the majority community as well, and that much headway had been made in their ninth round of talks with the Government on evolving a solution.

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