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Riots in U.K.: Demonstration of Social Unrest of “Generation Y”

According to latest report of Global Peace Index (GPI) Sri Lanka ranked in 126 while Norway has been ranked in ninth place .Here we are talking about the riots that took place in UK recently and the same GPI rank U.K. in 26th Place (100 places ahead of Sri Lanka ).

Grease Yaka Phenomenon: Someone is orchestrating this devil dance

The Grease Yaka (devil) phenomenon is nothing very new to Sri Lanka. Some older people say it was soap and not grease that some people used to apply on their skin in order to evade capture whenever they were caught while robbing someone or the other.

Lalin’s Column: Hi Ho Cathusalem- an up and under by Ranil W

What to do about nothing. Reminds one of that rugby song ‘Hi Ho Cathusalem’. Rugby players the world over being rowdies playing a gentleman’s game sing that song with gusto. No one, not even a ‘Maharaja’ can stop them.

Why the commonsense constitutional amendment in the US is dangerous?

Since 2007 summer we have been in the world's worst economic crisis after the Great Depression of 1929 -1933. Still European economies are not doing great; in fact some are doing pretty bad threatening to spread a major sovereign debt crisis.

ICG report - A rebuttle

Intentionally or not, the ICG report on Sri Lanka is a complete callous attempt to “finding solutions” for a country which was recently ravaged by conflict. What is my reasoning behind this assertion? The report fails to acknowledge that Sri Lanka is a country in a fragile state as it continues to recover from the wounds of violence and hatred inflicted on its people for the last 27 years.

What is Terrorism? Are those who fund and support terrorism equally guilty as those who perpetrate it? – Part 1

One could say that terrorism is like a mutating virus, showing itself in numerous forms and demonstrating resistance to attempts made to eradicate it, just like a virus. The international community has to make a stand whether terrorism is a crime or a holy duty, and whether it is a justified reaction to oppression or whether it is an inexcusable abomination.

Dangers of driving while fatigued

We frequently read fatality related to motor car accidents due to drivers falling asleep while driving. Some of my very close friends were involved in a nasty accident, returning from a minor pilgrimage from Makkah to Riyadh, because the driver fell asleep while driving. There were three fatalities.

Acts of Compensation

“An inevitable dualism bisects Nature,” said Emerson in one of his famous essays while observing the distinct polarity that exists in the whole universe. While citing a catalogue of pairs which otherwise, may have been ignored being too simple - man-woman, positive-negative, odd-even, virtue-vice, day-night, ebb-flow, systolic-diastolic, heat-cold - the independent thinker warned us almost two centuries ago, that everything was a half and the other half must appear somewhere to make it a whole.

Somalia, Dark Clouds and Silver-lining

The painfully haunting pictures of severely malnourished children on the verge of death, transmitted through all forms of media tell a horrific tale of human misery. The scope and the level of urgency is abundantly clear to all those who have compassion and heart.

Lalin’s Column: Review- ‘A Most Noble Profession’- by General GH de Silva

This is the first auto biography by a SL Army Commander. It could therefore be not only a trail blazer but a serious attempt at portraying in depth the tumultuous and tragic events and the back ground to them in 36 years of military service.

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