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In a Desparate Move Prabhakaran Grooms His Wife As Successor?

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

The reportedly recently injured Prabhakaran broke his own embargo not to publish any photos of his family members by publishing his wife Mathivathani's photo on Sunday. Many consider that to be a desperate move. Prabharana is groming his wife Mathivathani as his successor, they believe. Her photograph has never been published until this week when she opened an elder’s home in Killinochchi. This is an unprecedented matter for Prabharakan to bring his hitherto secluded wife into the lime light according to most observers.

Mano Ganesan alleges withdrawal of his security amounts setting a stage for his elimination

Mano GanesanMano Ganesan, Leader of Western People’s Front and the Member of Parliament for Colombo district has revealed that Government has suddenly withdrawn his security on 18th December. He has alleged that the Government is setting stage for his elimination by first publishing lies and then withdrawing his security. In a press release, he has pointed out that Government has withdrawn since 8 PM of 18th December, the additional security provided to him aftermath of the killing of the co-founder of Civil Monitoring Commission Nadaraja Raviraj almost a year ago in Colombo’s high security zone.

Canada and Sri Lanka sign MoU for Vocational and Technical Training

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training (MVTT) for the implementation of the Project for Rehabilitation through Education and Training (PRET). WUSC Country Director, Ms. Shelagh Savage, and Secretary to the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training, Mr. Thilak Hapangama, signed the MOU at an official ceremony held at the Ministry premises on Monday.

India Tests Medium-Range Surface-To-Air Missile

India Wednesday tested medium-range surface-to-air missile Akash twice from Orissa's Chandipur defence base, defence sources said. The multi-target missiles carrying live warhead each were test-fired from the Integrated Test Range Chandipur-on-sea, some 230 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar, between 1.45 p.m. and 2 p.m. The missiles targeted a flying object dropped from a pilot-less aircraft (PTA), which was flown from the test range a few minutes earlier. Akash, developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), weighs 650 kg and has a range of 25 kilometres.

Angelinos Fete Walter Jayawardhana as he leaves for London High Commission

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

Sri Lankans in Los Angeles gave veteran Journalist Walter Jayawardhana a rousing send-off as he left for London to assume duties as Minister/Counsellor (Information) at the Sri Lankan High Commission in UK. He was one-of-a-kind leader that the community looked up to said Harry Hathrasinghe one of the pioneer residents who knew Walter well. Water's response was “Sri Lanka came first for all of us. We always stood by the elected governments of the motherland except once. That was when the government in 2002 signed an agreement with the terrorist group LTTE, which endangered the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. We said that serving Sri Lanka was a privilege and he would continue to be of service where ever he went. It was hard for me to leave behind the Angelinos after so many years and innumerable memories."

President George W. Bush sends Eid al-Adha Greetings to the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka

American President George W. Bush in an Eid al-Adha Greetings to the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka says that America is a land of many beliefs, and our society is enriched by our Muslim citizens. President George Bush pointed out that the kindness, generosity, and goodwill displayed by American Muslims during this special occasion and throughout the year has contributed to the strength and vitality of our Nation.

European Union calls for humanitarian workers to be safeguarded in Sri Lanka

The European Union condemns the abduction and murder of a Sri Lankan Red Cross volunteer in Jaffna on 14 December 2007. In a press release European expressed it condolences to the family of Thiagarajah. “We extend our condolences to Mr Thavarajah's family and colleagues. The Red Cross movement has an established reputation for caring for the most vulnerable.” The press release added: “Unfortunately, this is not the first such incident. There have been other attacks against humanitarian workers, including Red Cross staff, in Sri Lanka over the last two years. The environment in which aid workers operate has become increasingly difficult. We believe it is important that the essential work of humanitarian organisations is supported and that their staffs are safeguarded."

Angelinos not Surprised by Invading Elephants in LA Next Week

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

The Angelinos are not surprised that the UNP is setting up shop in Los Angels according to most I spoke to. Like when Genghis Khan crossed the Alps, and never got repulsed, the elephants, though a little clumsy at times, made a fairly good impression, said an avid observer of the Sri Lankan political scene. The UNP’s decision to send two emissaries to LA and Vegas looking for fertile grounds to plant their version of war and peace stories seemed an apt description of what next week will hold when Secretary Tissa Attanayake, MP and Assistant Secretary Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena, arrive in Los Angeles. UNP will definitely make its presence felt, said another observer.

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai celebrated Christmas

Chriastmas CeleberationsThe Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission in Chennai held a colorful Christmas celebrations on Tuesday evening. The Christians and Catholics consist of 8% of Sri Lanka's population and the Christmas celebration was arranged in keeping with President Mahinda Rajapaksa's vision to celebrate all religious festivals in Sri Lanka, said P.M.Amza, Deputy High Commissioner. The Christmas celebration too, was arranged in keeping with this concept as the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission has so far celebrated all important religious festivals celebrated by Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, he said.

Habeas Corpus Application of the 5 HINDRAFT Leaders turn down on technical grounds

The Habeas Corpus hearing against the 5 Leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force Malaysia (HINDRAFT) were turned down by Ipoh High Court judge on the 18th December, because of some minor technical error in the applications. However the judge has allowed the parties concerned to reapply back the application effecting the required amendments. But the HINDRAFT leaders have decided to reapply Habeas Corpus application in the High Court of Kulal Lumpur, instead in the High Court of Ipoh, and also to apply two applications at a time. Accordingly, on Tuesday evening, Counsel A. Sivanesan, has applied Habeas Corpus applications for M.Manokaran and Ganapathy Rao.

IOM on International Migrant’s Day

From Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

On International Migrants’ Day, the International Organization for
Migration (IOM) says the successful management of global labor mobility can best be achieved through the implementation of comprehensive and cooperative policies that ensure protection of the rights of migrants and of temporary contractual workers. IOM is pleased to note recent strong indications that the world is ready for better management of global labour mobility. "Protecting the human rights of migrants and of temporary contractual workers is paramount to ensuring global labour mobility delivers its full economic and human potential for the benefit of all concerned," says IOM’s Director General Brunson McKinley.

Most Sri Lankans say 2008 Budget 'bankrupt' and pushes CoL further while Sinhalese say no to 'snap polls'

By Joseph Thavaraja

A majority of Sinhalese are satisfied of President's handling of law and order. The Tamils and Muslims are divided with the Sinhalese on the impact of LTTE leader Tamilselvan's assassination on the ongoing war against the LTTE-most Sinhala respondents saying 'it is beneficial for the ongoing war against the LTTE' while most Tamils and Muslims view it as 'detrimental.' A majority of Sinhalese also say that they do not want any snap polls while Tamils and Muslims support a snap poll. As for the rating of President Mahinda Rajapakse, most Sinhalese and Muslims are only 'somewhat satisfied' on his conduct of peace talks, though the majority of Sinhalese are 'very satisfied' with the President's handling of the war.

Sri Lanka: Religious Leaders call for peace

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Senior religious leaders from Sri Lanka and a high-level multi-religious delegation of the World Conference of Religions for Peace from six other countries - namely Cambodia, Japan, Norway, Pakistan, South Africa and the United States met in Jaffna on December 12-13, for an Inter Religious Summit on Peace in Sri Lanka. The meeting was organized by the World Conference of Religions for Peace, its Sri Lankan counterpart, the National Conference of Religions for Peace and the National Peace Council, and is one of a series of meetings to support the formation of an inter-religious council that includes the religious leadership from across Sri Lanka. Future meetings are planned in the near future to be held in Kandy and in Trincomalee.

Mano Ganesan

Medium-range surface-to-air missile Akash

Chriastmac Celeberations

Christmas Celeberations in Chennai

Christmas Celeberations in Chennai