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Mathivathani Prabakaran

LTTE calls for support to rescue Director General of UNESCO

While Sri Lankan government and the UNESCO Director General are at loggerheads over the latter’s unwarranted condemnation of the air attack on Voice of Tigers, the LTTE called on the Tamil community to rescue the Director General of UNESCO. Tamilnet, the pro-LTTE website made an open appeal to the Tamil community to come to the beleaguered Koichiro Matsuura Director General of UNESCO, who has found himself in a tight corner by poking his nose into affairs beyond the mandate of UNESCO. Tamilnet published an interview with Thamizhanpan describing him as head of the Voice of Tigers, in which he said that he was drafting a letter thanking the DG of UNESCO for his statement. “The expatriate Tamil organizations and individuals can do the same.

Application Fees for Non-Immigrant Visas to Increase on January 1, 2008

Effective January 1, 2008, the application fee for a U.S. non-immigrant visa will increase from $100 to $131. This increase allows the State Department to recover the costs of security and other enhancements to the non-immigrant visa application process. This increase applies both to non-immigrant visas issued on machine-readable foils in passports and to border crossing cards issued to certain applicants in Mexico. Applicants who paid the prior $100 application fee before January 1 will be processed only if they are scheduled and appear for a visa interview before January 31. Applicants who paid the prior $100 application fee and appear for visa interviews after January 31, 2008 must pay the difference -- $31 -- before they will be interviewed.

If Modi wins in Gujarat…

By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi

No person seems to have dominated Gujarat politics as much as Chief Minister Narendra Modi over the last one decade. In case he wins this 2007 election, where fifty-fifty chances appear after the voting on 11 and 16 December, what will be the ‘Modis’ effect on national politics viz-a-viz BJP and if he fails, how the Congress and BJP will turnaround their politicking in India; a debate every political analyst and media portal is genuinely trying to explore. We argue that after the 2002 Gujarat it is not LK Advani but Narendra Bhai Modi who is the formidable icon for Hindutva politics in India. His defeat or win in the recent Gujarat election will mean beyond Gujarat.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Chilcott

By Alfred Thompson Denning

Chilcott’s speech at the Dudley Senanayake Commemoration – it was very long. Very little was said. But let’s not be aggressive. He is the smiling Mr. Chilcott. Let us just say that the speaker affirmed that quality of incredible lightness which has come to characterise the nature of his arguments/assertions. It is almost unbearable. Is this a cultivated habit, or does it come naturally, one wonders. He seems to know very little of what he is doing or saying. He needs guidance. He needs direction. He needs to think. He needs to take a break (why not in a leafy suburb in Washington D.C?) Let us consider a few of the issues raised by this light diplomat from ‘Little Britain’, as he gallops through our political canvass, perhaps with illusions of grandeur assuming the role of a viceroy with his plumed hat, disbursing bits of wisdom to the benighted natives.

“The new European migration policy should be based on human rights principles, not xenophobia

By Thomas Hammarberg

The demographic trend in Europe gives a clear message: the ageing continent needs more immigration. However, anti-foreigner parties have advanced or maintained their strong position in recent elections. At the same time, some of the mainstream parties - instead of explaining facts and defending the rights of immigrants - have copied slogans from the extremists and thereby legitimized xenophobic jargon. Expressions like “if they do not love our country they can get out” have been repeated from the rostrums. This should be deplored.


By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

It is natural to think that there is something amiss when one ‘Admiral’ talks disapprovingly of another ‘Admiral’. The Indian Navy chief, Admiral Suresh Mehta, caused quite a flutter in New Delhi and Moscow when he said that the continuous delays in carrying out repairs and modernisation coupled with demands for more money for the acquisition of the discarded Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Gorshkov, has India ‘wondering where the relationship with Russia is going’. In an apparent damage control exercise first there were inspired stories that the government was not happy with Admiral Mehta’s plain-speaking, and then followed a statement by the defence minister, A.K. Antony, that Indo-Russia ties, which had stood ‘the test of time for 60 years’, were not ‘contract-centric’. The minister might be right but there is no denying that Indo-Russia relationship is not exactly the replica of their pre-Cold War era ties.

Mathivathani Prabakaran declared open eluders home in Kilinochchi

Mathivathani PrabakaranMathivathani Prabakaran, wife of Velupillai Prabakaran, the Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam declared open the Home For the Elders, “Anbuchcholai” at Ariviyal Nakar located in Ki'linochchi last Sunday. This was hailed as one of the rarest even ever attended a public function by Mathivathani Prabakaran by the LTTE pro-LTTE medias all over. The inauguration event was presided over by Thirukkumaran, head of the Welfare Centre for Heroes' Families. Pon Thiyagam, director of the Secretariat of Tamil Eelam Heroes' Resting Homes lit the Common Flame and LTTE Political Head B. Nadeson hoisted the national flag of Tamil Eelam.