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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76

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Chandrayaan I

President Mahinda Rajapakse assures Sir Arthur Clarke to make 'lasting peace in the country a reality'

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse assured that he will make it a reality that “a lasting pace in Sri Lanka.” I assure you Sir Arthur that my administration will do all within its power to seek to make a reality of one of your three wishes “a lasting pace in Sri Lanka” said President Mahinda Rajapakse at a felicitation ceremony to honor Sir Arthur C Clarke yesterday in Colombo. The distinguished scientist celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday (December 16, 2007). Renowned scientists Dr. Alex Linov, Dr. Sarath Gunapala, Dr. Micheal Zolnesky, Prof. U.A. Rao and Dr. Sajid Mizra were also present at the occasion. President speaking at the felicitation ceremony said “In his remarks today too, Sir Arthur displayed the same love for this country, as he listed among his three wishes, his desire “to see lasting peace in Sri Lanka as soon as possible”. As he has reminded us, Sir Arthur has been fortunate to see many of his dreams come true. I can give no guarantees on your first two wishes, but I assure you Sir Arthur that my administration will do all within its power to seek to make a reality of your third wish “a lasting peace in Sri Lanka”.

Siddalepha plans to introduce 15 varieties of herbal beverages into local and international markets

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Dr. Victor HettigodaA recently setup BOI company Hettigoda Ayurvedic Food and Beverages [PVT] Ltd plans to introduce 15 verities of herbal drinks and a specially designed Ready to Eat Breakfast within a period of two month. Chairman of the company Deshabandu, Dr. Victor Hettigoda says the company invests around 300 million rupees and the company has island wide distribution network to reach all beverage dealers of the country. According to the company the manufacturing plant is already located in Ratmalana and the company plans to use newest technology to manufacture these beverages.

The Africa Command Prospect and the Partition of Somalia

As the US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, was recently visiting American forces in Djibouti, the Washington Post was reporting how the Pentagon has been spearheading a seemingly dicey initiative to pressure Washington into recognizing the secessionist northwester region of Somalia known as “Somaliland” as an independent state. In an article titled ‘U.S. Debating Shift of Support in Somali Conflict’ that appeared on December 4, 2007 issue, the Post highlights how some Pentagon officials are convinced it is time “to forge ties with Somaliland, as the U.S. military has with Kenya and other countries bordering Somalia.”

Sri Lanka envoy says today’s globalization makes one country’s terrorism the problem of others

By Walter Jayawardhana

In today’s world context if terrorism exists in one nation it inevitably becomes a problem transcending borders becoming an overwhelming security challenge for the whole region said Jaliya Wickramasuriya, the Sri Lanka Consul General in Los Angeles, addressing the World Affairs Council of Orange County in Southern California. “In a world that is increasingly growing smaller because of rapid globalization, security challenges need to be viewed in a global perspective, rather than regional, because of the profound effect of global inter-dependence” Wickramasuriya said.

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) has rejected sharp criticism of the management of its Sri Lankan tsunami projects

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

In an article in Zurich's Tages-Anzeiger newspaper on Monday, Max Seelhofer, the former SRC head of delegation in Sri Lanka, accused the organisation of poorly utilising millions of francs of donor money and of bad planning. "The Swiss Red Cross has made management errors," said Seelhofer, who was in charge of post-tsunami reconstruction work in Sri Lanka from March 2005. In particular, Seelhofer, 58, criticised his former bosses for their slowness in sending engineers to Sri Lanka to coordinate the reconstruction of houses following the tsunami in December 2004.

India's Lunar Project - Chandrayaan I - To Be Remote Sensing Mission

Chandrayaan IIndia's first unmanned mission to the moon will be a remote sensing mission with an objective to do the chemical and mineral mapping. "Chandrayaan-1 is basically a remote sensing mission doing a chemical and mineral mapping. Chandrayaan-2 will be a lander and rover mission," said M Annadurai, Chandrayaan Project Director. "Under Chandrayaan-1 going on orbiting mission and possibly we will be demonstrating technologies required for landing is concerned, which is more impact prone," he added. The scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are also working on subsequent Chandrayan-2 mission basically meant for the robotic mission. "We will be having a lander and rover there that will be doing instant chemical analysis," Annadurai said.

Wind Power: The solution to South Asia’s energy problem

By Garvin Karunaratne,Ph.D.

A few years ago, while touring California I was stunned to see the wind farm at Altamont Pass near Livermore, California. I saw hundreds of turbines turning out energy for the national grid. Earlier, I had seen a stray turbine in the UK and in Hambantota, Sri Lanka and have read of windmills in the Netherlands. It beat me as to why South Asian countries, with so much of mountains blessed with ample wind power, even blowing our cars off the roads; have given no thought to wind power. I have worked in many Districts in Sri Lanka and have travelled all over Bangladesh in connection with my work for two years and have also toured through many thousands of miles in Myanmar, Thailand and Northern India.

Stooping to conquer in Gujarat

By M. Rama Rao - Syndicate Features

Stoop to conquer is the message from battle ground Gujarat as the electorate sealed the fate of contenders, real and phoney, for a place in the Gandhinagar Sachivalaya. Who had stooped low? “Sonia”, says Narendra Modi. “No, that discredit goes to Modi”, says Digvijay Singh, the Congress general secretary, who along with Sonia Gandhi came on the EC firing line shortly after Congress, the Left, and the lawyer- social activist Teesta Setalvad dragged Modi to the EC court. Interestingly, the Congress-BJP spat has taken place a couple of days after BJP senior LK Advani told Rahul Gandhi, the heir to the Congress throne, “It is time we both stopped treating each other as enemy”.

Swiss aid, disaster relief and environment experts ensure future reconstruction efforts do more good than harm

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The specialists were in agreement that the poorly co-ordinated and careless response in Sri Lanka to the 2004 tsunami inflicted more damage than the tidal wave itself. "Haphazard clearing of mangroves, mining of sand dunes and inappropriate dumping of debris, [caused] water contamination and blocked drainage canals," pointed out the Swiss-based World Conservation Union (IUCN) in a report. Erika Placella, a project analyst from Swiss Solidarity - the fund-raising arm of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation - admitted on Thursday that some Swiss non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were part of the problem.

Dr.Keheliya Rambukwella

Dr. Victor Hettigoda 2

Dr. Victor Hettigoda

Prabaharan is actively trailed and his activities in the jungle hideouts closely monitored

Dr.Keheliya RambukwellaSri Lanka intelligence agency is well aware of the developments in the Vanni hideout of Prabaharan, the leader of the Tamil Tigers. They are tracking very closely and minutely following the developments. Even the intelligence group is aware of the minor injury sustained by Prabaharan last month and they are actively trailing him to bring an end to terrorism in the country. Dr.Keheliya Rambukwella, Government Spokesman for the Defense and National Security and Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare was speaking to "Asian Tribune." He said that the Sri Lanka Armed forces is bent on bringing an end to terrorists menace in the country. Answering to a question he said with confidence that though he was unable to give a time frame to defeat terrorism in the country, “But we are quiet positive of achieving our final aim of defeating the terrorists in the country,” the Minister said He further added when asked “Any details you can reveal that is taken up to end this menace of terrorism? He said, “I think we are in the right direction and we are determined and we will.”