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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Aneile Kenye

JVP is abstaining from voting – Unconfirmed report

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Budget 2008 voting in progress now in the Sri Lanka Parliament. According to unconfirmed reports JVP is abstaining from voting.

Parliament to vote for the Budget 2008 at 5. 30 PM Sri Lanka Time

During the second reading including Rauff Hakeem the leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and three other MPS of his Party voted with the Government and the Government received 118 votes and the opposition 102 votes. In the last voting two TNA MPs who were absent did not vote. Puthrasigamaini, Ven. Uduwe Dammaloka and the recent addition to the Government, UNP’s Mahinda Rathnathilaka voted with the Government at the second reading of the budget. Nandana Gunathilaka, who abstained during the 2nd reading, is set to vote with the Government. It is learnt that Wijeydasa would vote against the Government. Also Anura Bandaranaike, National Heritage Minister is also expected to vote against the Government.

Anura crossed over to the opposition

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Anura Bandaranaike, National Heritage Minister crossed over to the opposition. According to the latest development, Anura Bandaranaike came to the parliament around 3.30 PM along with UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe and Ravi Karunanaike from the opposition entrance and sat in the front row of the opposition bench.

Tons of LTTE’s money to topple Rajapakse’s Government

Tamil Tigers and the UNP are working very hard to topple MahindaPrabakaran Rakjapakse’s Government today at the voting, that would take place at the end of the third reading of the budget. Huge amount of LTTE’s money is in circulation to entice the MP’s to vote against the Government. It said that Prabakaran could not defeat the Government militarily and he takes this voting in the parliament today as God’s sent opportunity to bring an end to Rajapakse’s Government by voting down the Government in the Parliament. The LTTE is said to be working hand in gloves with the opposition to topple Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government after the Government forces liberated the East from the LTTE and after the Government recently anounced that the Sri Lankan forces are targeting to get at Prabakaran, leader of the LTTE.

Sri Lanka expressed deep displeasure over British High Commissioner’s recent comments

Sri Lankan authorities summoned the British High Commissioner and expressed the Government’s position and deep displeasure over some of the comments made by him at a recent public gathering. Dominick Chilcott, British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka delivered the Dudley Senanayake Memorial Lecture, on “the new diplomacy for the new century,” at the BMICH, Colombo, on 10 December. He took to task Sri Lanka Government and made comments that were taken exception by the Sri Lankan authorities. He reprimanded the Government for demonizing the UN Agencies, NGOs and their staff on the basis of wholly unsubstantiated allegations. Subsequently, British High Commissioner, Dominic Chilcott, was summoned on 13 December, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express the deep displeasure of the Government for his comments.

LTTE to end underage recruitment by the end of this year - Head of LTTE Political Wing, B Nadeson

By the end of 2007, there will not be any underage children in the Tamil Tigers armed formation. This was disclosed to the newly appointed head of UNICEF-Sri Lanka, Philippe Duamelle, who visited yesterday to Kilinochchi and met the Head of LTTE Political Wing, B Nadeson, at the LTTE Political Head Quarters. According to the statement released by the LTTE Peace Secretariat, Nadeson has informed the Head of the UNICEF that by the end of this year, LTTE will announce that there are no more under-18 persons in the organization and UNICEF must be ready to do its part to complete its role in this program so that it too can remain in sync in its statement. The discussion with the UNICEF head and the head of the LTTE’s Political Wing centered round the topic of LTTE work in ending under-18 persons in the organization.

Nuclear Phobia in the Subcontinent!

By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi

There was a time not very long ago when 'transportation' of criminals from petty thieves to murderers, was frequent to the British Colony in America now known as United States. The US joined the WW II right at the very end, killed civilians in millions but Hollywood movies depict as if they librated the whole World. Some of the US publications and writers have started a campaign against Indian sub-continental nuclear programs, especially the one in Pakistan in disguise to protect it from the hands of so called fundamentalists. The Bush led US government is adamant to tie India with illusionary Nuclear treaty, even at the cost of humiliation, which suits her future strategy while dealing with China, Iran and Pakistan and put an end to future proliferation of Indian Nukes against her interest.

Sri Lanka government condemns British High Commissioner’s statement

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

A local legislator Jeyeraj Fernandopulle said in parliament on Thursday that the government thoroughly condemns the facts stated by the British High Commissioner at the Dudley Senanayake commemoration oration. The Minister replying to a query made in this regard by JVP parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa also said the British High Commissioner has no right to meddle in the internal political affairs of the country. Mr. Weerawansa inquired on the measures to be taken against the High Commissioner for making a statement in contrary to the diplomatic norms of the country.

Sports, Peace and Political Meddling

By Oscar E V Fernando

Sport is an activity, governed by a set of rules or customs, and engaged in competitively; commonly conceived as physical capabilities it is evaluated on merits of judgment over execution of an activity in competition and, has now graduated from physical activities to mental or psychological levels with cyber sports etc. The word sport is derived from a French word ‘desport’ meaning leisure. There is evidence to show that the Chinese had engaged themselves in sports such as gymnastics as early as 4000BC; monuments to Pharaohs indicate that sports such as swimming, fishing, javelin throwing, high jump and wrestling were well developed in Egypt thousands of years ago; polo and jousting had originated in Persia.

Aneile Kenye first Naga lady from India becoming Official Observer in 24th SEA Games at Gymnasium I, Thailand

Aneile KenyeAneile Kenye has become the first Naga lady from India to have officially conducted as an Observer in the ongoing 24th SEA Games in the discipline of Muaythai here at the Gymnasium I, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. It may be mentioned that she was earlier Assistant Team Manager of two World Muaythai Championships held in 2006 and 2007 at Bangkok and also Team Manager of Indian Team during Official International Muaythai Training Workshop held in Bangkok in December 2006. Besides, she is Media Chairperson of Muaythai Federation of India (MFI). Her becoming an Official Observer in the 24th SEA Games would immensely boost the morale of Muaythai fighters in India, particularly the women, and also the strength of the overall functioning of the National Federation.

European Union condemns the reported abduction by Pillaiyan Group

British High Commission in Colombo, on behalf of the European Union, released a statement on Thursday condemning the reported abductions of two relatives and a secretary of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians in Batticaloa, by Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal led by its deputy leader Pillayan . The statement released by the British High Commission said that, it was deeply concerned by the disturbing reports of abductions of a number of civilians connected to members of the Sri Lankan parliament.

Marxists end their honeymoon with left intellectuals

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

With more than three years of the five-year term of the state assembly still left before it faces the polls, it is disappointing to note that CPI (M), the dominant party in West Bengal’s Left Front, is not even embarrassed, leave alone shamed, by the barrage of criticism on the way it has handled the situation in Nandigram. But the series of tragic and unfortunate incidents in Nandigram since the beginning of the year have shattered many myths about the Left rule in West Bengal, especially the image of the big brother CPI (M). The honeymoon between the intellectual classes and the CPI-M had perhaps lasted too long.


Budget 2008 passed with 114 votes for the Government

Sunil C. Perera from Colombo

Budget 2008 passed with 114 votes for the Government and opposition received 67 votes. JVP 38 members abstained from voting.