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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Sri Lanka Parliamentarian Mano Ganesan wins U.S. Human Rights Honor

Asian Tribune U.S. Bureau Presents

Mano Ganeshan M.P.Following is the full text of the account carried in the official United States Department of State Web Portal USINFO announcing the U.S. human rights honor awarded to Sri Lanka’s opposition Colombo District parliamentarian Mano Ganesan recognizing his efforts on human rights issues and disappearances in Sri Lanka. - In Sri Lanka, a person “disappears” every five hours, according to Mangala Samaraweera, the former foreign minister of Sri Lanka.

Tamils in the East converge to protest against Tamil Tigers

Protest march in BatticaloaTamil people in the East, especially from Batticaloa town, and from adjacent towns and villages of Vakarai, Kathiraveli, Paduvanakarai , Chenkaladi, Kokkadichcholai, Karadiyanaru and from other villages in the Batticaloa district converged to protest and march under the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal banner yesterday morning to show their dissent and resent against the Tamil Tigers. Thousands of Tamil people from Batticaloa district, more than 10,000 of them, according to an independent estimate, marched shouting slogans against the Tamil Tigers as well as against TNA parliamentarians representing the region. In the meantime, LTTE Peace Secretariat in a press release alleged that TMVP rounded up and abducted more than 300 young men and women including children. Tigers press released alleged that the paramilitary group abducted them in Batticaloa town and its suburbs on Sunday night.

British High Commissioner flayed both Sri Lanka Government and the LTTE

Dominick ChilcottBritish High Commissioner took to task equally Sri Lanka Government as well as the LTTE. He was equally critical of both the protagonists of the conflict. He reprimanded the Government for demonizing the UN Agencies, NGOs and their staff on the basis of wholly unsubstantiated allegations. He urged that the Sri Lanka government should make clear it does not support the JVP’s campaign against UNICEF. He hastened to state that similarly there should be no further equating support for human rights and the rule of law with support for the LTTE. This is a particularly ironic position, in any case, as the LTTE show no understanding of human rights norms and they rule by fear and terror. “Being critical of the government’s record on human rights does not mean you support the LTTE. For the record, let me say again, the British government, which outlawed the LTTE in 2001, unreservedly condemns the LTTE’s terrorist activities,” British High Commissioner said.

Spe Salvi facti sumus……in hope we were saved: A great message during this Advent Season

By Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe

Pope Benedict's latest encyclical is a timely reminder of the value of hope and a challenge to Christian Legal Theorists as well. Pope Benedict who has distinguished himself as an accomplished Theologian of our era has displayed his erudition once again with a scholarly exposition on hope which will undoubtedly re-kindle the hope in his readers at a time when many people in the world are struggling without faith and hope. It is also timely that he chose to release it during the season of advent when the coming of Jesus as the redeemer is heralded worldwide. Redemption being the central theme of this Encyclical, it deals with a subject not alien to the law and therefore no stranger to Catholic legal thought and theory.

Sri Lanka maintains good export growth-Prof.G.L.

Sunil C.Perera in Colombo

Sri Lanka’s Minister for Export Development & International Trade, Professor G.L.Peiris says that the country could maintain good export growth and achieve 14 percent increase, when comparing last year’s export performances. Addressing the two day Workshop on Good Standardization and Conformity Assessment Practice organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization [UNIDO] in Colombo on Monday the minister said the high quality and internationally accepted standards could increase the export volumes .However the minister said most of industries are located in the Western province and the masses of the other provinces face lack of equal income due to the lack of industries in their areas.

Oken Jeet Sandham first from India conducting as Jury Member in 24th SEA Games at Gymnasium I, Thailand

Oken Jeet Sandham has become not only the first from India but also from the whole of South Asian countries to have officially conducted as Jury Member in the ongoing 24th SEA Games in the discipline of Muaythai here at the Gymnasium I, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. It may be mentioned that he was earlier officially nominated as Jury Member for the 24th SEA Games by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA). Just before the 24 SEA Games started in this Northeastern Province of Thailand, he was in the 2007 World Muaythai Championship with a strong 16-Member Indian Muaythai Team at Fashion Island, Bangkok. After completing the World Muaythai Championship, he proceeded to the Northeastern Province of Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima, to attend the 24 SEA Games there as Jury Member in the discipline of Muaythai.

Human Rights Day Message – 10 December 2008

By Mahinda Samarasinghe MP - Minister of Disaster Management & Human Rights

Yesterday, 10 December, is Human Rights Day, it marks the 59th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. This Declaration is a living document that represents the standards and principles that all the world’s sovereign nations have embraced as “universal” – that is the common values of humanity. Many states have indeed incorporated some of these standards into their constitutions – the very foundations on which their country is built – Sri Lanka is no exception. This year is particularly special as it will lead us to the 60th birthday of the UDHR.

Sri Lanka’s first ever uninterrupted satellite TV channel launched

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Local film Directress Sumithra Peiris launched Sri Lanka’s first uninterrupted 24 hour cinema satellite TV channel CITI HITZ at a simple ceremony held on Monday in Colombo. This channel includes Sinhala movies, tele-dramas and interviews with film stars and other film artists, Chairman of ONAIR WORLD PVT LTD Nimal Laxapathiarchchi says this channel would be aired through the Dailog TV. “At present local film industry has faced a number of problems and most of film theatres face low income due to the lack of film viewers. However we introduced this Cinema channel to attract local viewers and cater the cinema industry, he said.

Mano Ganeshan M.P.

Protest March in Batti - 5

Protest March in Batti -4

Protest March in Batti - 3

Protest March in Batti -2

Protest march in Batticaloa

Dominick Chilcott

Malaysian Police rearrested P.Uthayakumar of HINDURAFT when he came out on bail from the courts

P.Uthyakumar, Legal adviser, Hindu Rights Action Force of Malaysia (HINDRAF) has been rearrested by the Malaysian Police when he came out of the courts on bail for the previous arrest and kept in the Police station. When "Asian Tribune" contacted him, he told that he is being kept in the police station and the police are recording his statement for the last four hours. He told "Asian Tribune," that he does not know why he is being rearrested by the police when he came out of the courts on bail for his earlier arrest and detention in the morning. Earlier in the morning today (Tuesday) he was arrested for the first time by the Malaysian police and produced before the courts on sedition charges, he said.