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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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India: "Anbumanis and Other Avoidable Scandals".

By Professor P. Radhakrishnan

Venugopal & Anbumani Some time ago, Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India aired his view that in a coalition of regional parties regional compulsions can distort national concerns and visions; or something to that effect. That his views are stating the obvious are only too obvious from the manner in which the nation is held to ransom by the DMK, the PMK, and the Arjun Singhs (their compulsions are also regional in more than one sense!). But the statement has come from a person, who not long after assuming office as Prime Minister, when reporters quizzed in Andhra Pradesh about the arrest of Jayendra Saraswathi by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, said “the least said we are not concerned”!

Sri Lanka - Points to ponder: Giving foxes key to chicken coops

By Geoffrey Evarts

Isn’t it funny that politicians rob from the very people who vote from them? Isn’t it even funnier that the same people that are being robbed, vote for that same politician? Do politicians always need to travel in BMW’s and Benz’s? Will it hurt them if they travel in Toyota’s and Nissans? (Or even better - “Micro” cars, which are a Lankan product. That will be the day!) Isn’t it funny that whenever an opposition politician is facing legal action, financial trouble or other similar dilemmas, he/she has a sudden attack of conscience, changes ethics and principles, and jumps fences to the Government? Isn’t it even funnier that the Government accepts these politicians with welcoming open arms, and then sweeps these troubles under the carpet?

Four Muaythai players from Manipur lost on the fourth day of ongoing World Muaythai Champ at Bangkok

Altogether four players from Manipur have been defeated since the beginning of the World Muaythai Championship here at Fashion Island, Bangkok. Many of them however could complete their rounds but lost in points only. Mr Sarangthem Ningtamba from Manipur lost to Mr Ramazan Gasanov of Russia in 57 kg Junior Division yesterday, while Mr Likmabam Suraj and Mr Chingshanglakpa also from Manipur lost to Mr Dakoto Jean Stephan of Madagascar and Mr Aiazau of Belarus respectively yesterday.

LTTE violations in terms of CFA and inactions by Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission exposed

There have been some suggestions recently from the LTTE that the international community has been too harsh on terrorist activity. Not perhaps coincidentally, the most categorical assertion of this came the day before two bombs exploded in Colombo, killing many civilians. In actual fact the peace process has been hindered by the opposite, namely excessive indulgence to terrorism and unprovoked aggression on the part of the LTTE. In this context we reproduce a letter sent recently to the Norwegian facilitator of the Peace Process by the Secretary General of the Peace Secretariat. It draws attention to the failure of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission to condemn the qualitative as well as quantitative escalation of violence on the part of the LTTE in August 2006.

China says Sino-U.S. ties disturbed by "erroneous actions" of U.S.

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The Sino-U.S. relations were disturbed and impaired by the erroneous actions taken by the United Stations recently despite the general smooth development, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said in Beijing on November 29. China and the United States have maintained smooth communication on a series of major bilateral and international issues, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao told a routine news briefing.

State Engineering Corporation gets overseas contract to construct 330 villas in Qatar

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo
Sri Lanka's Construction and Engineering Services Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratna says the State Engineering Corporation could obtain an overseas contract in Qatar which values 80 million US$ to construct 330 villas in Qatar. The minister said the contract was obtained during their recent visit to Qatar with the Trade Promotion Mission of the Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka [CCI]. The Minister said this was the first overseas contract which received by the Sri Lankan government institute and said the private sector and other government institutions must take stern actions to obtain these types of contracts to gain foreign exchange and export local skilled labor.

Minus The Uniform, Musharraf Is In Peril

By Ruth David

In Pakistan, the president is army chief no more. Eight years after seizing political power, Pervez Musharraf gave up his uniform Wednesday, attempting to calm opposition before taking the oath of office for a second presidential term. However, analysts say the move is likely to leave Musharraf in a weaker position. “He is vulnerable to the opposition as well as to the restoration of the Supreme Court,” said Vali R. Nasr, an adjunct senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations.

Dalai Lama’s successor..?

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

It could have been touchy had it not been so palpably unreal, the atheist Chinese government’s new found love for an ancient religious ritual. The Communist rulers in China have launched a broadside against the Dalai Lama for trying to change the age-old rules for choosing his successor. As a prelude to its attack on the spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhists, Beijing has announced that it is apportioning to itself the right to appoint the next Dalai Lama.

All India Institute of Medical Science

Anbumani & Venugopal

Prabhakaran’s call for a Tamil nation through international terrorism

The open call by the Tiger supreme Velupillai Prabhakaran to the Tamils all over the world to support the LTTE to establish a Tamil nation has unruffled many a feather not only across the Palk Straits in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, home to 60 million Tamils, but also in Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries with substantial Tamil presence. New Delhi and Kuala Lampur started to take a serious note on the issue as Prabhakaran’s call as it has not remained an appeal but the LTTE supporters in Tamil Nadu and Malaysia have commenced a strategy within hours of the call. Prabhakaran’s message indicates an attempt to galvanize the Tamil diaspora across the globe. Prof P Ramasamy, a well-known LTTE think tank member led a Tamil rally in Malaysia in which he openly threatened the Malaysian government that the Tamils would replace Prabhakaran as their cult figure with the apostle of peace Mahatma Gandhi.