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Duleep de Chickera

Anandasangaree reprimands Prabakaran

V.Anandasangaree in another letter to Velupillai Prabakaran, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, has reprimanded him for his recalcitrant behaviors and told him to come forward for talks with the Sri Lanka Government and accept a reasonable solution. He has alleged that Prabakaran has failed to listen to his advises. He said that advising Prabakaran is like blowing a conch in a deaf man ears. The Leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front Anandasangaree, has pointed out that he very strongly condemn every killing and do not condone any killing for any reason.

The Sri Lankan Ethnic Issue

By Oscar E V Fernando.

The word ethnic denoting race rather than nationality and the word issue being a dispute for discussion or argument, an ethnic issue has to be discussed dispassionately, preferably with an outside third party in arbitration. Alternative to discussion is obviously war! This issue in Sri Lanka is a hotchpotch to all accept those who want war and others who want a separate state. Weakening any terrorist group to persuade them for discussion is good, but those wanting a war to a finish do not seem to get the message of the LTTE leadership-an invitation to catch the tiger’s tail!

Bomb Attacks on Benazir in a Perspective

By Adnan Gill

Since the October 19 bomb attacks allegedly on Benazir Bhutto’s life, almost everyone is asking the same question; Who was behind the attacks? Instead, if we were to ask who is benefiting the most from these attacks, the answer may explain the original question too. And if we were to look at the broader picture, even the latter question becomes rhetorical, once we try to understand WHY she was attacked? A short answer could be Ms. Bhutto and Pakistan are only small pieces of the New World-Order in which, due to its strategic location, a subservient Pakistan has a linchpin role. Hence, the need for a leadership owing it's allegiance to the architects of this new order. Maybe some of us are wondering what the objectives of this World-Order are, how Pakistan fits into them, and what all of this has to do with the bomb blasts? We will return to these questions in a moment.

LTTE a trend setter in cyber terrorism

By Janaka Perera

This month marks 20 years since the Indian Peace Keeping Force launched 'Operation Pawan' against the Tigers in response to their mortar and machine gun attacks on IPKF patrols. The only photo-journalist present in the combat zone at the height of the battle for Jaffna was India Today'sShyam Tekwani. Having been taken to Jaffna , by the LTTE, he was witness to actual battle scenes and obtained a unique insight to Tiger tactics, their weapons, morale and mentality. His cover story appeared in the India Today of November 15, 1987 under the title, ' Sri Lanka: A Bloodied Accord' with a picture of an Indian soldier killed by the LTTE in Kokuvil. Now, two decades later with a wealth of experience with the Tigers behind him he draws attention to lessons that all governments fighting the terrorist menace had better learn if they are to effectively meet the challenge.

Construction Chamber promotes physical infrastructure protection system

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

VSL India (Pvt) Ltd. and VSL Australia subsidiaries of VSL International of Switzerland will make a presentation on Physical Infrastructure Protection at the seminar on Recent Trends in Concrete Construction on 31st October. VSL is a specialist in large-scale construction projects. Over the last 5 years, who develops solutions in protecting new and existing infrastructure based on a technology called Ductal which contains a large quantity of fine steel fibres in a cementations matrix, which gives it exceptional resistance to blast and impact. This has been demonstrated through large-scale blast trials, close charge testing and ballistic ratings.

Dhaka Diary : Elections on due time: Separation of the Judiciary; and there is no war criminal in the country

By Rabindranath Trivedi - contributing for Asian Tribune

‘The intensity of the storm that started since the beginning of the year has gradually gained over the last few months. However, there are now hints that a transition and resolution of sorts is on the way,’ writes former secretary and Ambassador Muhammad Zamir in the daily star. The problem is that corruption is so widespread and deep-rooted in our society; any attempt to uproot it overnight or bring it down to an acceptable level is bound to land us in a tough situation.

Sri Lanka’s Anglican Church adopts Liberation Theology, Bishop shows symbolic solidarity with Kilinocchi

By Sesha Samarajiwa

Bishop ChickeraThe goings-on of the hitherto staid Anglican Church of Sri Lanka have caused some controversy. It started when the good old Church of England, euphemistically called the Church of Ceylon, passed a revolutionary resolution. Tabling a complexly-worded document, the head priest of the local Church of England, the Right Reverent Duleep de Chickera justified what he called a fundamental “paradigm shift” as a necessity for the church “in the context of the present post-modern political, social, economic and cultural reality in Sri Lanka.” The resolution urged the members of his church to form themselves into a socialist-style “Jesus community with shared resources, shared decision making and shared activities,” with Reverend Father S.D.P. Selvan proposing “a synthesis between the teachings of Jesus and Karl Marx.”

Burmese junta continues with the campaign of oppression and torture

Burmese junta continues with its oppression and torture campaign ignoring the demands of the people of Burma and the International community. It is alleged that they have taken women activists captive and tortured them, including physical beatings and verbal violence. According to the Women’s League of Burma, even elderly women activist are not spared this criminal and inhumane treatment. “In these circumstances, we are very concerned about women’s activists, the nuns and pregnant women who have been detained by the regime,” the WLB said. Women’s League of Burma also pointed out that the State Peace and Development Council continues with its oppression and torture campaign, while stalling talks and ignoring the demands of the people of Burma and the International community.

Speculation drives the market

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

According to the weekly review of the HNB Stockbrokers the overall market slipped marginally during the week despite significant gains made by few speculative counters. Market opened on Monday shedding 12.4 points and thereafter fluctuated within a very narrow range. The All Share Price Index (ASPI) lost 4.2 points or 0.16 percent to close at 2620.3 points while the more sensitive Milanka Price Index (MPI) sank to 19.4 points or 0.55 percent to close at 3535.3 points. Topping this week in terms of turnover was the forestry counter Touchwood, continuing to hold its dominance for the second consecutive week. Investor interest on the counter enabled 1,824,000 shares to be traded within a price range of Rs.127 & 152 per share. Touchwood share closed at Rs.151.25, showing a sizeable increase of 15.24 percent from last week’s Rs.131.25.

Ranil Wickremesinghe jumps out of the declaration to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka

The leading opposition party, the United National Party led by Ranil Wickremesinghe, has not joined in signing the joint declaration of 16 other political parties to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka. This declaration also noted that it is responsibility of the government to ensure “the legitimate aspirations” of the Tamil-speaking peoples, which includes the Muslims. Among the signatories are SLFP, UNP Democratic Group, MEP, LSSP, SLMC, UPF, NUA, CP and JHU. Taking a dim view of the UNP’s refusal to sign the joint declaration, commentators said that this would reinforce the public opinion that the UNP is a tool of the Tamil Tigers. They added that the UNP never had a comprehensive strategy to combat Tiger terrorism and this will be viewed by the majority as a another concession by Wickremesinghe to win votes in Tiger-controlled areas at the expense of peace and the victims of Tiger violence.