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Mahinda at the Long Beach University

Sri Lanka Government is planning to ensure decent working conditions to its house maids working in the Middle East and elsewhere

Dr. Keheliya RambukwellaThe Minister of Foreign Employment promotions and Welfare Dr. Keheliya Rambukwella talking to "Asian Tribune said" : “Our women should have a fair deal and would make it mandatory that Sri Lankan women should be paid a minimum of USD300 per month with a six days a week work and acceptable living conditions in the houses they work.” He added that we wish to strictly enforce that every woman worker is provided with good and acceptable living conditions wherever they go as live-in workers in a family. He said that the government is also planning to make it compulsory for Sri Lankan embassies and the Foreign Employment Bureau in Colombo to monitor the contracts more closely.

Credibility eludes Musharraf's bid for second term as President

By M Rama Rao reporting from New Delhi

Pervez MusharrafA general in uniform standing for election for the second time in five years. This is what President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan is doing precisely. He has over come most obstacles legal, technical and constitutional. The election is slated for October 6. Even before the first ballot is cast, his victory is a foregone conclusion with the poll body and the apex court seeing no objection to an army general standing for election. Credibility may however elude him. The United States of America, one of the triumvirates that decides the destiny of Pakistan, has endorsed the election. It sees nothing wrong in the way Musharraf has gone about his task. Not even in the way he has tried to suppress with brutal power all those who had dared to stand up and come on to the roads.

RTI best weapon to check corruption

By Oken Jeet Sandham

The other day, we had a panel discussion on TV at DDK, Kohima, on the issue of Right to Information (RTI) Act, its functioning and public responses to it since its implementation in the State two years back. I was privileged to be there in the midst of State Chief Information Commissioner Mr P Talitemjen, Information Commissioners Rev Dr Ponsing Konyak, Dr Zhimomi and villagers from Jotsoma Village. From the very discussion, it is very clear that the citizens are yet to understand the real meaning of the RTI, although Talitemjen and his two Commissioners explained about the Act, its newly coming to the State and their concerted efforts to create awareness amongst the citizens in the State.

'Helping hands' to build children's centers

By Janaka Perera

Helping Hands Inc. a U.S. – based non-profit organization is seeking support for the construction and development of community/charity centers around the world for homeless, orphaned and neglected children. Helping Hands is dedicated to providing food, shelter, clothing, health care and education to the homeless and orphaned children of the world's most destitute countries. Presently eight countries have been selected for the purpose of building the centers. The first Helping Hands centers will be built in Sri Lanka and India . The center at Sri Lanka will be built in Kurunegala while two will be constructed in India - one at Wardha, Maharashtra.

A Blueprint for a Saner Planet

By Sesha Samarajiwa

Right now, the people of the planet practice about 4,300 religions. Each group believe themselves to be privileged over and above others because they possess ‘the ultimate truth’ which, in turn, makes them the salt of the earth. Considering themselves superior, most of them tend to look down on, or, worse, loathe non-believers. Others are compelled by a divine mission to save souls mired in dark superstitions, doomed unless they are saved by folks who know better. Many are prepared to die for their faiths. Many are prepared to kill. Millions have done so in the name of long-dead, still extant or newly-invented religions.

Is GE-WIPRO concerned over rising female foeticide in India

By Amit Dwivedi

"We stress emphatically that the ultrasound machines are not to be used for pre-natal sex determination" said V Raja, Chief Executive of GE Healthcare South Asia. GE-WIPRO has the largest market share of ultrasound machines in India. A New Delhi based Obstetrician Dr Puneet Bedi doesn't agree with GE's claim. Dr Bedi feels multinational companies have exploited the patriarchal system in India and heavily ingrained demand for a male-child! He further says that "GE and other ultrasound companies market the machine as an essential pregnancy tool although the ultrasonographic scans often are not necessary for mothers in low risk group."

Spotlight falls on threats to media and journalists.

By Neville de Silva, Diplomatic Editor, Asian Tribune

The threat to the media and journalists in Sri Lanka will be in the spotlight at a discussion in London later this month. The discussion will be followed later in the day by further discussions on the wider subject of human rights in Sri Lanka to be held at London's Frontline Club which has in recent times drawn attention to the problems of media coverage in hotspots and related issues. The focus on the media has been heightened by reports of the threat to the safety of Iqbal Athas, the defence correspondent of The Sunday Times and foreign media outlets and a series of incidents in which journalists have been killed or threatened in the exercise of their professional duties.

Thailand-North East India business complimentary to drive stronger Indo-Thai partnership: Mani Shankar Aiyar

Complementarities in trade & business and mutual synergies have the potential of enhancing India-Thailand trade & commerce, and strengthen bilateral relationship between the two countries, said Mani Shankar Aiyar, Union Minister of DoNER, Govt. of India, today in Bangkok, Thailand. He was speaking at the Inaugural Session of the “North East India Trade & Investment Opportunities Week”, being jointly organized by the Ministry of DoNER, the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, and the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The Investment Week, which will be attended by over 300 Indian and Thai businessmen, Govt. officials and other dignitaries, has been organized to project the North East of India as a favorable investment destination to prospective Thai investors and businessmen, and to create meaningful bridges of co-operation between Industry representatives from the two countries.

President Mahinda on the need for taking development to the rural poor

By Walter Jayawardhana

President Mahinda While Sri Lanka’s past political leadership before him had come from the Western Province his was the only leadership that came from the Deep South springing from its indigenous people thinking said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing more than one thousand Sri Lankan expatriates assembled at the Carpenter Performing Art Center Auditorium at the California State University at Long Beach. “For some people Thoppigala was a big jungle but for me it was the key to take development to rural poor, once again bringing back Sri Lanka’s ancient granaries into today’s reality and develop its stunningly beautiful beaches turning in much needed foreign currency,” President Rajapaksa told the gathering converged on the auditorium from all parts of California to listen to him.

Rotten regime will not be long-lived

By Carl Bildt, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

It began cautiously in August with the protests against the dramatic price increases imposed by the military junta. At the time I expressed our support for those who once again dared to go out onto the streets to demand democracy. And then the protests exploded this week when monks in their thousands took to the streets as the world's leaders gathered in New York for the general debate of the UN General Assembly. Burma - once a country of such economic promise - has been ruled by different military regimes since the beginning of the 1960s. The situation today goes back to the extreme brutality used to suppress the protests of 1988 - when an estimated 3 000 people lost their lives.

Burma: At least four journalists arrested in Rangoon, including Japanese daily's correspondent

By Zin Linn

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association call for the immediate release of Min Zaw, the Burmese correspondent of the Japanese daily Tokyo Shimbun, and three young Burmese journalists, who are apparently being held incommunicado by the security forces. Their arrests bring the number of journalists detained in Burma to 10. At least a thousand people have been arrested since demonstrations began a month ago.

BJP’s Bhopal boast

By Tukoji R. Pandit - Syndicate Features

A hallmark of most BJP ‘baithaks’ of various descriptions, including national executive meetings such as the one that was held in Bhopal, has been the party’s unwillingness to accept with any grace the fact of loss of power at the Centre in 2004 as any mature political party would. The party is known to be shy of presenting its long-term views and alternatives to ‘wrong’ (‘anti-national’ is the preferred BJP choice) policies of the government; nor does it like to seriously introspect because it goes on believing that its basic structure is always sound.

Dr. Keheliya Rambukwella

Pervez Musharraf

Mahinda with LA Consul General

Body of a Senior LTTE Cadre Killed in Pulmoddai Sea Battle Recovered

Naval personnel recovered the body of a senior sea tiger named Lieutenant Colonel (self styled) "Nishanthan" from the coast of Kallarawa in Trincomalee last Saturday (29) , just two days after the Navy averted a sea borne evacuation attempt by the tigers to take back their cadres trapped in the jungle patches of Peraru. Naval officials later handed over the body to Kuchchaweli Police for further investigations. Even though the body was not identified as that of Nishanthan when it was initially recovered, investigation by the Police led to a recovery of a small note in his uniform pocket and this has confirmed the body is that of 32 year old "Nishanthan". The body is presently lying at the Trincomalee hospital.