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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Long Neck Karin woman

Tigers lost 14 cadres and were chased away in Nagarkovil

At least 14 Tigers were killed and 18 wounded, according to a latest situation report, in a firefight with the Sri Lankan armed forces in Nagarkovil, located in the Point Pedro East, when they tried to breach the security defensive position yesterday night. According to a report, LTTE cadres tried to infiltrate Jaffna Nagarkovil Front Defence Line (FDL) around 10 PM on Sunday and were repulsed. The firefight between the Sri Lankan army and the Tigers reported to be lasted for nearly two hours. An army spokesman said that this was the fourth time LTTE tried to infiltrate the Sri Lanka Army FDL position in Nagarkovil and totally failed.

At last a statement by Sri Lanka on Myanmar: “It is concerned….. continues to observe closely”

Anura BandaranaikeOn the situation in Myanmar, Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry says that it is concerned at the current situation in Myanmar and will continue to observe it closely. The statement issued with a New York dateline went on to state, “Based on our traditional and longstanding friendship with Myanmar, Sri Lanka is eager that Myanmar resolves all issues through a peaceful process of national reconciliation and political accommodation. It is our hope that all parties will work towards this end, expeditiously, to bring peace and prosperity to Myanmar.”

Los Angeles Mayor tells Rajapakse, the significance of immigrants in the city

By Walter Jayawardhana

In Los AngelesAntonio R. Villaraigosa, the first Latino Mayor of Los Angeles said it was a great honor for the city of Los Angeles to officially welcome the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse to one of the greatest American cities of immigrants. “Los Angeles is a city where 46 percent of the population are immigrants born in foreign countries in which 36 different languages are spoken and it is no coincident that the largest population of Sri Lankan origin in the United States is living in this city,” said the mayor welcoming the President.

Moves are a foot to bring Mangala Samaraweera back into SLFP – Alavi Moulana

Alavi MoulanaAlavi Moulana, Governor of Western Province and the most senior member of the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party, told the Asian Tribune in an interview that attempts are still going on to bring back Mangala Samaraweera to where he belongs – the SLFP. When "Asian Tribune" asked whether there are moves to take Mangala Samaraweera back into the fold, Alavi Moulana said: “Yes! Yes! Yes, (on 30 September) is the wedding reception of the former President’s daughter at the Mount Lavania Hotel.

LTTE, Norway and natives

By Mohn Senaratne.

My ole school friend Shesha Samarajiwa appears to have shredded the US ambassador in his piece titled "Ambassador Blake lectures the natives" ! Robert Blake is not bad a fellow. His recent "lecture to the natives" and a similar harangue from the British (UK?) High Commissioner could be considered from a much wider perspective. i.e. events during the last century. Picking up on bits and pieces of indigenous folklore, Colonial's invent anthropological labels to shower enhanced privileges on a group they referred to as a 'minority' among the natives. Thus inculcating an artificial sense of superiority among this select group over the others -classical divide & rule policy deployed by the Colonials.

BSP MLA shielding murderers of a dalit youth

By Bobby Ramakant

Mayawati led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has been trumpeting the welfare of dalits, but in UP state of India where they are in power, one of their own Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) is allegedly shielding the murderers of a dalit youth. On the fateful morning of 1 August 2007, a dalit youth Chakrasen was brutally assaulted by two upper-caste men and murdered in Bhadevra village of Pratapgarh district, about 200 kilometres away from the state capital Lucknow. Ram Shiromani Shukla, local Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA, has been protecting the accused.

JVP: An open letter

By Oscar E V Fernando

Your two unsuccessful revolts were for Vimukthi, or emancipation, defined as release from legal, social, political, intellectual or moral restraint; now you are in democratic politics; none could deny you are a youthful force to reckon with. You felt an imbalance in society that disabled your ranks to come up to those inherited rich and powerful; you rebelled and opted for communistic economic/political policies-but now; Most countries that felt the same way and revolted, have taken a full cycle and are presently showing preference to democracy over communist dictatorship and private enterprise over state owned enterprises-though the changes are gradual and beset with obstacles; examples are China and Russia the two giants that earlier followed communistic policies-now favoring regulated private enterprise, and even busting into unbridled capitalism.

Shackled by the Neck: Burma’s Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe

By Antonio Graceffo

Karin womanThe Burmese civil war, often viewed as genocide, committed against Burma’s tribal minorities, has been raging off-and-on for a period of nearly fifty years. Estimates claim that as many as two million refugees, many of the tribal peoples, have fled over the border into neighboring Thailand. The Long Neck Karen tribe, so called because their women wear multiple neck rings, which elongate the neck, to several times normal size, have found refuge in artificial, tourist villages, where visitors, both Thai and foreign, pay a heavy entrance fee to gawk at the unusual looking people.

The Government of India pledges to continue support to the welfare of the plantation workers

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

India pledges continue support the development of plantation industry and estate community. Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Alok Prasad said India has already granted financial support to enhance living standards, education, health and professional skills of the estate workers. Addressing the 14th annual conference of the plantation human development fund held in Colombo, he stated that the Indian government is to provide aid to upgrade a number of hospitals in the estate areas. Plantation industry plays a leading role towards the national economy of Sri Lanka. The High Commissioner praised the service rendered by the plantation human development fund for the betterment of estate families.

Nepal : The churning resumes

By Vnod Vedi - Syndicate Features

The decision by the Maoists of Nepal to quit the eight-party government has plunged the country into a constitutional crisis when it appeared that the crux of the problem -- the monarchy -- could have survived under a Nepali Congress formula that would have a grandson nominated as king. The two-day visit by Indian foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon could not avert the crisis caused by the Maoists' insistence that a republic be proclaimed prior to the elections to the Constituent Assembly. The suggestion that King Gyanendra abdicate in favour of his grandson came from both the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala himself as well as his daughter who is a Member of Parliament.

Anura Bandaranaike

In Los Angeles

Alavi Moulana

Karin woman and child

Karin woman and child

Long Neck Karin 2

Navy Disturbs Mannar-Pallimunai LTTE Supply Line

A special search team of the Sri Lanka Navy recovered a large stock of items which were laid in the beach areas of Katupalliya in Pallimunai close to Mannar around 3.15 a.m. today (01).The Pallimunai coast which is under continuous surveillance both from the land and from the sea side by the naval patrols noted attempts made by the tigers to increase smuggling activities during the last couple of months.