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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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Lawyer representation not required under Shariah law for minor condemned to die, says Saudi daily

By Walter Jayawardhana

Under a Shariah Court constituted under Islamic Quranic canons, attorney representation is not necessary points out Arab News, Saudi Arabia’s English language newspaper, referring to a verdict delivered by three judges of such a court to behead a minor Muslim girl Rizana Nafeek from Sri Lanka accused of murder. “She was found guilty by a panel of three Shariah judges on June 16 without legal representation, which is not required under Shariah law,” said in a news item appeared in the Arab News of 17 July.

The Legacy of the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh – Part III

By Rabindranath Trivedi - for Asian Tribune from Dhaka

After six decades of partitioned of Bengal, we are discussing 'minority issue' with a new vision in Bangladesh. Would the history of the Indian sub-continent be different had Deshbandhu Chitta Ranjan Das not died in June 1923 so early? What might he have achieved if he were to live till 1947? There have always been the many voices to let us know that after Deshbandhu C. R. Das , there was never to be another Bengali politician able to operate at the vast national level that was his forte. If death had not finished him, he would surely have brought all his influence to bear on those who otherwise may have wanted India to be segmented in communal sectors anyway. There was certainly Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who could have prevented the final collapse, but that is another tragedy that was inevitable.

Did Colombo's sudden deportation of 20 Thai ladies led to detention of Sri Lankans in Bangkok?

Travel industry circles in Colombo are now abuzz as to the real reason for the sudden detention of 120 Sri Lankans in Bangkok detention compound for "overstaying their visas." More than 120 Sri Lankans are arrested and detained in the Immigration Bureau Head Office compound located at Soi Suan Plu, Sathorn, Bangkok, on July 18. Informed travel industry circles in Colombo said that last weeks' sudden deportation of twenty Thai passport holders from Colombo could have led to the detention of Sri Lankans in Bangkok. Though tourists' overstaying in Sri Lanka is illegal and liable to be deported, the laws are rarely enforced in Colombo.

War or peace is up to the Tigers – President Mahinda Rajapakse

Mahinda RajapaksePresident Mahinda Rajapakse told the media that the choice of opting for war or peace was in the hands of the Tamil Tigers. He was responding to question as to whether the government would now send its forces to battle in north after winning the east. He added: “We have never hesitated to negotiate and we never left the negotiating table. It was the LTTE which always abandoned talks midway. This happened in Geneva, Oslo and on many other occasions. It is the LTTE which has no desire for peace.” He said the fall of Thoppigala in the East marked a new era for the people of the East who were oppressed by the LTTE.

Over 100 Sri Lankans detained in Bangkok

Sri Lankan nationals, Tamils as well as Sinhalese, are rounded up in Bangkok and held in the Immigration Detention Centre. It is learnt that several Sri Lankan women and children too are languishing in the detention centre. According to available information they have been detained arbitrarily without producing them before a court. Sources in Bangkok told "Asian Tribune" that more than 120 Sri Lankan nationals are held in the detention centre. Kitty McKinsey, UNHCR’s Public Relations and Information Officer for Asia based in Bangkok, told “Asian Tribune,” according to their information, there are more than 100 Sri Lankans in the detention centre.

U.N. Chief Faulted for Undermining General Assembly

Thalif Deen, UN Bureau Chief, Inter Press Service

The largest single coalition of developing nations is accusing Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of undermining the General Assembly -- the U.N.'s highest policy-making body -- by his proposed unilateral action to make structural changes in programmes relating to Asia, Africa and Latin America. In a letter of protest to Ban, the 130-member Group of 77 (which also includes China) took the unusual step of demanding that the proposed "changes be reconsidered and the mandates legislated by the General Assembly be fully respected."

Mahinda assures taking responsibility for the future of the Tamils and of their children

Mahinda receiving the sannathPresident Mahinda Rajapakse in a public address at the Torrington Square, this morning marking the capture of the East from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, assured the Tamil community, “I have accepted the great responsibility for your future and that of your children.” The government today marked the capture of the Tigers' final bastion in the east of the island with a military parade and the launch of an ambitious reconstruction program in the region. While addressing in the ceremony, “My Dear Friends, who speak the Tamil language, I know that you value peace more than a war waged even on the most reasonable grounds. I know you value peace more than an abundant meal. Therefore, I express my deepest regrets for that tearful history which was thrust upon you. Therefore again, it is with deep emotion that I have accepted the great responsibility for your future and that of your children,” Mahinda Rajapkse declared.

Lanka Supreme Court OKs elections for Eastern Province

By Joseph Thavaraja

The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka gave its green light today to the government of Sri Lanka to hold elections in eastern province while President Mahinda Rajapakse led a state ceremony in Colombo to honor the capture of Eastern Province. The ceremony was boycotted by the main opposition parties UNP and JVP. Sources also revealed that US Ambassador of Sri Lanka and the Ambassadors of the European Union countries and the Indian High Commissioner too did not take part in the celebrations.

Aids: India not the ‘epicentre’

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

In a December 2006 radio interview with the BBC the former US president and Aids campaigner, Bill Clinton, had famously described India as the ‘epicentre’ of Aids pandemic. To bring down the incidence of HIV/Aids infected population in India was a ‘breathtaking challenge’, he told the interviewer. He made his observation though only eight months earlier, in May 2006, the UN had announced that the dubious ‘epicentre’ was in the sub-Saharan Africa and that it is home to two-thirds of the worldwide infected population.

Australian police officer acquitted of manslaughter of Palm Island Aborigine

The Queensland Supreme Court last month acquitted a senior police officer of manslaughter and assault charges in the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, an Aboriginal man, in a police cell on Palm Island nearly three years ago. Doomadgee died of internal bleeding after his liver was torn in half, his spleen ruptured and four ribs broken by a heavy blow. Under close direction from the judge, who also withheld the evidence of two key Aboriginal witnesses, a jury in the northern city of Townsville took less than four hours to dismiss the case.

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