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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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Storm in Sweden

More than 120 Sri Lankans held in the immigration detention centre in Bangkok

Unconfirmed reports emerging from Bangkok, Thailand, reveals that more than 120 Sri Lankans are arrested and detained in the immigration detention centre in Bangkok, for overstaying their visas to that country. “Asian Tribune” learnt that majority of those held in the detention centre located at Soi Suan Plu, Sathorn, Bangkok, within the Immigration Bureau Head Office compound, are Sri Lankan Tamils. But according to sources there is also a dozen of Sinhalese held in the detention centre for overstaying their visas.

India all set to elect its first woman President

By M Rama Rao from New Delhi

Pratibha PatilThe lawmakers look set to elect India's first woman President on Thursday with the Trinamul Congress, and the Third Front parties not taking part in the day-long voting covering the 4,896-strong Electoral College of 776 MPs and 4,120 MLAs from 30 states and union territories. The Trinamul decision came as a 'surprise' and final set back to the BJP led NDA which is reconciled to the defeat of Vice President Bhaironsingh Shekhawat who entered the fray even when it was clear that Left and BSP supported UPA nominee Pratibha Patil has a clear edge.

Lanka military finds rebel multi-barrel rocket launcher in Thoppigala, search operation for the second

Sri Lanka military today has launched a search operation in the Thoppigala region for a second Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) used by fleeing LTTE rebels. The military found the first MBRL in the morning hours of today. The first MBRL was found along with several rounds of ammunitions west ofNarakamulla area, the military said. The Baron's Cap in the Eastern Sri Lanka, known as the Thoppigala mountain region, the long held Eastern bastion of the LTTE rebels, fell to the hands of Sri Lanka armed forces on July 11.

Storms in Sweden bring 1,200 lightning flashes in an hour

Severe storms swept across Värmland and Närke counties early on Tuesday afternoon, prompting the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) to issue a Category 1 warning, indicating a possible danger to the general public. By lunchtime on Tuesday the thunder and lightning, which during the morning had hung over western Sweden, had pushed northwards and eastwards to the middle of Värmland and Närke. Meanwhile, storms in the south east of the country had shifted from Blekinge to the island of Öland.

Australian government to challenge bail granted to Tamil Tiger agents

The Australian Federal government has taken steps to challenge the court ruling of granting bail to three Tamils on terrorist charges yesterday (Tuesday). Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has asked prosecutors to consider appealing the decision of a Melbourne Supreme court to grant bail to Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, 32, of Mt. Waverley, and Sivarajah Yathavan, 36 of Vermont. In lower court, the Magistrate bailed Arumugam Rajeevan 40 of Old Tongable in Sydney. Rajeevan was brought down from Sydney to Melbourne to face terrorist charges. Justice Bongiorno said that the accused men were entitled to the presumption of innocence.

The Legacy of the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh - Part-II

By Rabindranath Trivedi - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Dhaka

Now on to Noakhali from Calcutta, for the next horror. It is learnt that a Muslim League leader called Ghulam Sarwar assisted by a Moulvi Rashid Ahmed and a Mukhtar Majibar Rahman began the carnage at Noakhali. Sarwar was a fire-breathing rabble-rouser from a Peer’s family who had lately wrested the leadership of the Krishak Samiti (Cultivators’ Association) from milder leaders such as Khan Bahadur Abdul Gofran. Once begun, the violence gathered its own momentum and rolled on. “The inspiration of course came from Suhrawardy’s launching of the Calcutta Killings (including the Hindu reprisals), and the assurance that under Suhrawardy’s benign rule and Burrows’s indifference the police could be trusted to look the other way while Muslim plundered Hindu.

Business world wonders

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

‘Patriotic’ Indians are walking tall after the announcement in Lisbon that the Taj Mahal has after all made it to the world heritage list of ‘new’ seven wonders sites, the competition being the brainchild of Swiss filmmaker and museum curator, Bernard Weber, now obviously an enterprising and successful entrepreneur. An 18-month sustained campaign for listing the ‘new’ seven wonders was accompanied by a media blitz that attracted nearly 100 million ‘voters.’ It was a voting where what Indians would call as ‘rigging’ was permissible: one could vote more than once because the ‘technology’ to counter that does not exist.

Wales: Nationalist party in government for the first time

For the first time in its 82-year history, Plaid Cymru, the nationalist Party of Wales, will form part of the government in the Welsh Assembly. After nine weeks of political horse-trading since the May 3 elections, the party has formed a “One Wales” coalition government with Labour, while junking the Rainbow Coalition it was negotiating with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. In the elections, Labor had its worst results since 1918. Its vote fell by 8 percent, leaving it 3 seats short of the 30 needed to form a majority. Plaid Cymru, which made every effort to dress up its right-wing programme of corporate tax-cutting with left-sounding rhetoric, gained 3 more seats at 15, with the Conservatives securing 12 and the Liberal Democrats 6.

Pratibha Patil

A vehicle mounted MBRL used by the SL Military.

Earthquake east of Sri Lanka shakes buildings in Colombo but causing no damage or Tsunami

By Walter Jayawardhana

During the morning hours of Wednesday July 18 buildings in the capital of Colombo shook due to a 5.2 magnitude earth quake that occurred in the Indian Ocean , the government of Sri Lanka said. The earthquake that caused no damage happened in the Indian Ocean of the East coast of Sri Lanka. The government’s national Disaster Management Center spokesman said the epicenter of the earthquake was in the Bay of Bengal 320 miles or 510 kilometers East of Colombo.