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Mahendra Amarasuriya,

Mahendra Amerasuriya to be elected President Lions international

By Walter Jayawardhana

Mahendra Amarasuriya,Mahendra Amarasuriya, scion of one of Sri Lanka’s leading philanthropists the late Thomas Amarasuriya will be elected tomorrow (July 6), as the international President, for next year, to one of the world’s largest service clubs, Lions International at the 90th annual session currently meeting at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago Illinois. “Lion Mahendra Amarasuriya has now become a 'National treasure' to be regarded and respected as such,” quipped an overjoyed fellow Lion Vernon Boteju stressing that not even the whole membership of all Lion Clubs in Sri Lanka amount to be even two percent of the 1.3 million strong membership of all Lion Clubs of the world. Amarasuriya is the first Sri Lankan to be elected to the prestigious position in the clubs 90 year old history.

Sri Lanka pleads for the life of 17-year old girl sentenced to death in Saudi Arabai

Sri Lanka Government is moving officially and diplomatically to save Rizna Nasik, house maid, from the death sentence passed by a Saudi High Court for the alleged murder of a 4- month old baby placed in her care. Rizana Nasik was only 17 years old when the alleged of killing of a 4-month old child occurred in February 2005. Sources said she had altered her age on her passport so that she could enter Saudi Arabia to work. Accordingly, she was still considered a minor by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child. The case against the Sri Lankan house maid was heard and has been sentenced to death by the Daw Admi High Courts in Saudi Arabia on 30 May.

Karuna group attacks EPDP and Army attacks Karuna group

Karuna Group, the breakaway group from the Tigers, has launched an anti-Yarlpani (anti-Jaffna) campaign in the east and attacked the Jaffna-based Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) led by Douglas Devananada, a Minister in the Cabinet of President Rajapakse. Yesterday around 5 p.m. Karuna cadres marched into EPP office located at Kommaathu'rai, Chengkaladi in Batticaloa, in the Government-controlled area, and hurled bombs and started shooting wildly at the EPDP members. Some were assaulted. The attack was led by Raja and Gnanni, who marched into EPDP office with a dozen of their cadres. Sivagnanam Suthaharan, 23, and Kovinthan Vishnu, 21 of the EPDP sustained injuries. Karuna group cadre Gnanni who led the attack against the EPDP, it is reported, died of gunshot injuries.

RADA officials visit Malaysia

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Delegation consists of Mr.A.A. Ranjith Abeygunawardhane, an official from Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA), Ministry of Nation Building and Estate Infrastructure Development and Mr.Kenji Ohno, a Senior Volunteer of Japan International Cooperation Agency who are assigned for promoting ‘One Village One Product’ (OVOP) movement is leaving for Malaysia to participate to OVOP International Seminar organized by Government of Malaysia. Over 1000 organizations from all over the world are to be participating to the seminar to exchange their knowledge and experience and also exhibit the products.

The Swiss cantonal system: A Model Democracy

By Frances Kendall

The concepts of devolution of power, local autonomy, and participatory democracy have produced the world's most peaceful and prosperous country. Of course, Switzerland, with its compulsory military service, state controlled monetary system, railroad and telephone services, and taxation, is not a pure libertarian society – but for those interested in reining in out-of-control governments in other parts of the world, there are large parts of the Swiss cantonal system that are worthy of emulation.

Global survey finds growing opposition to US foreign policy

The Pew Institute’s 2007 Global Attitudes poll reveals a world in which the mass of the population is highly distrustful of all global leaders and opposed to the current direction of events, particularly of US foreign policy. The institute polled over 45,000 people in 47 countries in North and Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa and released data on roughly 100 questions, withholding the rest for “future release.” Significantly, no data was collected in countries occupied or threatened by the US (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, North Korea).

Lal Masjid Ushers Pak Talibanisation

By Vazeeruddin - Syndicate Features

Lal Masjid, the oldest mosque in Pakistan’s made-to-order capital, Islamabad, may well have opened the country’s route to Talibanisation. The clerics at the mosque as well the thousands of men and women students of its attached seminary have taken upon themselves the task of eliminating ‘un-Islamic activities’ from the capital’s society. They are regularly raiding homes, shops and offices, wherever they sniff ‘un-Islamic activities’ that range from sale of CDs and VCDs to massage parlours. In their single-minded devotion to keep the capital free of ‘vices’ they have not spared even nationals of China, Pakistan’s most steadfast supporter and provider of most things nuclear.

Chandrikas daughters wedding 1

A.C. Shanthan bail refused

Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor

AC Shanthan who is in police custody for suspected links with the proscribed LTTE was refused bail today at the City of Westminster Magistrate's Court. Shanthan who is to be charged on five counts connected with LTTE activities was not brought to court today but was connected by video link to the high security Wandsworth prison where he is now being held. A bail application was made by his lawyers shortly after he was produced in court last month.