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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76

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Britain: New Labor’s right-wing course to continue under Brown

Gordon Brown took over as leader of the Labor Party on Sunday at a special conference in Manchester, England. The Chancellor of the Exchequer will officially become Tony Blair’s successor as prime minister on Wednesday. The same conference also saw Harriet Harman elected as Labor’s deputy leader. The leadership contest was in fact no contest at all. Brown faced no challenger, after no one was able to muster enough support to stand against him. This could only occur in an organization that is politically dead. After all, Blair was standing down under conditions where support for the government is at an all-time low, having recently resulted in record losses in elections in Scotland and Wales.

Keith Vaz, British Labor MP with a past, playing footsy with the Tamil Tigers

After a meeting held at Dr. Nicholas Pillai the Tamils opposed to the Tamil Tigers in Britain agreed to meet Keith Vaz, the controversial MP of the Labor Party who is now heading the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils in Britain.The Tamils who participated in this meeting are - Dr. Nicholas Pillai ( TULF) Raghavan alias Rajeskumar, Nirmala Rajeskumar, Suppaiah Krishnapillai alias N.S.Krishnar, Nesan Shankar Raji (EROS), S.Theepan (ENDLF) , R.Jayadevan A.K.Vivekanandan (TDC) V.Sivalingham T.Rangan, Keeran and P. Rajanayagam (SDF).

Karuna forming a new attack force ex-Tiger cadres

Karuna is in the process of forming covertly a new strike force with the group of 68 Vanni Tigers who have already surrendered to his group. According to the latest information, Karuna has assigned one of his most trusted operatives, Sinnathamby to organize the new strike force. Information confirms that Jeyaraj and Kavithas of the LTTE would lead the strike force. Sources revealed that these two top-level LTTE cadres surrendered with the Karuna group recently. Jeyaraj was earlier the leader of the LTTE’s pistol group. He surrendered to Karuna group at Valaichenai. Kavithas who was earlier in charge of supplies to LTTE at Vakarai, surrendered to Sinnathamby at Pulipanchakall area.

Customer feedback through "Smiley Cards" at Keells Super

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Keells Super, Sri Lanka's premier super market chain with over 26 outlets scored yet another industry first with the recent launch of its "Smiley Card". Operative across all Keells Super outlets, the system encourages customers to provide feedback about their overall experience at Keells Super outlets in a bid to foster customer service excellence.

Lanka Cabinet Ministers Jeyaraj and Amunugama say they oppose govt's devolution proposals

By Joseph Thavaraja

In a significant turnaround, two Sri Lankan government ministers have openly declared their opposition to government's devolution proposals. Highways Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and the Finance Minister Sarath Amunugama have declared their displeasure and opposition over the weekend to ruling party SLFP proposals to solve the ethnic problem. The SLFP released them on April 30th May Day rally at Colombo 'CMC Grounds' through Party Secretary-General Minister Maithripala Sirisena.

Legacy of Bangladeshi politics:

BY Rabindranath Trivedi - Reporting for Asian Tribune from Dhaka

"TIME" magazine Alex Perry had in 2002 written an article entitled “Deadly Cargo” in which he termed Bangladesh as a safe haven for Islamic terrorists, including al-Qaeda. Bangladesh government banned the issue of TIME and termed Perry’s article as a’ fictitious thriller’ and a ‘figment of imagination’. TIME magazine in its issue on August 10, 2004 under titled “A Democracy is Shaken” reiterated that in a divided nation an attack against Bangladesh’s Opposition party leader marks a new low.... Bangla Bhai, who has told the Bangladeshi press that he is committed to establishing a Taliban-style Islamic government in the northwest of the country, remains at large.

VINCI world leader in construction begins operations in the Indian Sub Continent

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The French conglomerate, Vinci Construction began preparations for the CKE Expressway Project by opening their temporary office at the Colombo Hilton early this month. The contsruction of the long awaited Colombo Katunayake Expressway will begin in September this year, when conditions for dredging of sand will be possible after the rainy season. Already, mobilization for the Project has commenced. In the Asian region,VINCI has its regional offices in Vietnam, Malaysia and China.

Non-proliferation Concerns about the Indo-US Nuclear Deal are Misplaced

By Gurmeet Kanwal & Rudra Chaudhuri

A recent report on Indo-US strategic relations, authored by Karl Eiselsberg, has highlighted the non-proliferation concerns about the nuclear deal raised by many in the non-proliferation lobby within the US. Karl Eiselsberg refers approvingly to Sharon Squassoni’s Washington Post article, ‘Giving an Inch, Taking a Mile’ (May 9, 2007), in which she stated that the US Congress should not negotiate away the right to cut off the supply of nuclear materials to India if India chooses to test a nuclear weapon, and that India should not be given the right to extract plutonium by reprocessing fuel from civilian power reactors, something that the Indian atomic energy establishment insists upon.

Indian POWs unresolved mystery

By Chandra Mohan - Syndicate Features

That the Pakistan tour of the 14-member team of close relatives of 54 Indians prisoners of war who have remained untraced—‘missing in action’-- since the 1971 war with Pakistan would not end the mystery about the missing Indians was sadly evident much before they had left the country. They have returned, perhaps more disappointed and disillusioned than before as because they failed to find their relatives in any of the 10 jails in Punjab and Sindh that were opened to them. The entire country shares the sorrow over this setback to the hopes of the kith and kin of the POWs. International bodies like the Red Cross in Geneva and Human Rights Watch in New York have not been able to do much for the Indian relatives, either for lack of cooperation from Pakistani authorities or unwillingness to pursue the complaints from Indians.

Two top Tiger agents in London to be charged soon

A. C. Shanthan, president of the British Tamil Association, the high-ranking agent of the Tamil Tigers, and the head of finance, Goldan Lambert, are to be charged in the Royal Court of Justice in London soon, according official sources. Two top office bearers of the British Tamil Assoaciation who were arrested on 21 June in London are to be formally charged in the courts soon. According to the British Metropolitan Police sources, both were arrested under Section 12 (3) of the UK Terrorism Act wich prohibits `support for a terrorist organisation.` The LTTE was banned along with 20 other groups, as a foreign terrorist organisation in 2001.