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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76

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Tiger supporter P. Nedumaran of Tamil Nadu wanted in the UK

NedumaranPolice in London are searching for P. Nedumaran, head of the World Tamil Movement (WTM), who had slipped into UK to participate in functions organized by the Tamil Tigers. The WTM is a front organisation of the Tamil Tigers and it is learnt that Nedumaran, who had been jailed in India for his pro-Tiger activities, was instructed by Velupillai Prabhakaran to join the Tamil Tiger agents in their separatist campaigns in Europe. Police in London want him for questioning. But it appears that Nedumaran had slipped out of London. Police sources, however, are of the view he is still in London.

Prabhakaran: the spectre haunting human rights activists

H. L. D. Mahindapala

One of the most disheartening – one may even call it flawed – reports produced on the current crisis in Sri Lanka is the latest Asia Report 135 of the International Crisis Group (ICG). As the title says, the report deals with Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Crisis. It is disheartening because its runs on the predictable groove of blaming practically everyone – Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), the LTTE, better known as Tamil Tigers, the Sri Lankan Peace Monitors, the Tamil para-militaries, the international community, the UN, the Sri Lankan judiciary, the commissions of inquiry etc -- without targeting the key area that needs to be addressed for any solution to emerge.

A response to Prof. Nalin De Silva and Mr. Udaya Gamanpila by Dr. S. Thavarajah on behalf of EPDP at the APRC

Dr. S. Thavarajah However, the events that took place subsequently proved that this assertion of the Tamils was wrong. The D-C pact had had the same fate as the B-C pact. The cause for the fate was also similar – the main opposition parties capitalizing on the sentiments of the Buddhist monks. Draft legislation for the establishment of District Councils in November-December 1966 was shelved due to strong resistance from Buddhist monks. Mr. Chairman, had the South permitted for the full implementation of the D-C pact at that time, our country by this time might have gone far beyond Singapore and Malaysia in terms of economic development and prosperity.

Blocking TamilNet: Do it right or not at all

By Janaka Perera

There seems to be hullabaloo over the blocking of the pro-LTTE website, "TamilNet." The real issue here is not whether the government was behind it or whether it is an alleged violation of media freedom but how far does it serves Sri Lanka's national interests. To an intelligent audience that does not believe in LTTE propaganda but nevertheless wish to know the Tiger mindset "TamilNet" is an excellent source. But the website's target group are not them but gullible Westerners, loony Leftists and those Tamils who are every ready to lap up anything that is dished out by Tiger propaganda organs. There are also some non-Tamils who - merely because they hate the Rajapaksa regime and dismiss everything that the State media says as rubbish - are ready to believe anything expressed by any anti- government source – even "TamilNet."

Berlin Vihare - Gateway of Buddhism to the German world

By Ramani D.Wickramaratne

50 years is a long time and it is highly commendable, that Das Buddhistische Haus (The Berlin Vihare) has withstood the passage of time and the challenges and continued to serve the noble ideals of the “visionaries” who stepped in to fill a void, a void of spirituality in the German world soon after the trauma of the 2nd World War. The Buddhist world would naturally wish to see Das Buddhistische Haus in Berlin, grow from strength to strength and continue to provide an environment conducive for Germans and the German speaking people, to study, discuss and enjoy the profound philosophy of Lord Buddha through which, they will inevitably find solace and inner peace for themselves and those around them. In the modern competitive world of commercialism, many are the people who wish to get away from it all and seek peace of mind. The Berlin Vihare must take up the challenge and continue it’s noble cause for another 50-100 years or more!

London Police ready to file action against Shanthan – Tiger leader in UK

A.C. ShanthanLatest reports from London indicate that London Metropolitan Police who holds A.C.Santhan, Head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Britain at the Paddingtomn Green Police Station, has decided to file action against him. The Police have decided to file initially the charge of “conspiring to collect funds for a proscribed organization.“ The reference to “a proscribed organization” in the charge sheet points to the proscription of the Tamil Tigers on 28 February 2001 under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Dr Lotha inaugurates twin gates at Wokha

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

In a landmark fashion here on Saturday, the twin Gates---Gate No I (towards Longsa Village) and Gate No II at Zero Point (towards Wokha Village)---welcoming to Wokha Town, have been formally inaugurated and dedicated to the people of Wokha by State Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr TM Lotha. The inauguration of these two Gates here, one after another, by the Minister, was significant, as the twin villages---Wokha Village and Longsa Village---had jointly organized the occasion, a symbol of oneness. Rajya Sabha Member, TR Zeliang, had provided fund for these two Gates under his Local Area Development Fund.

The Flourishing Business

By Prof: Kanbwza Win

It was rather paradoxical to hear the news that that Radhika Coomaraswamy, special representative for children and armed conflict will be going to Burma to "the issues of children associated with armed groups and humanitarian access." Charles Petrie, the U.N. humanitarian chief in Burma told reporters at the United Nations on Wednesday that since 2003, the U.N. has been able "to start addressing some very difficult issues" with the Burmese Military Junta, including the problem of child soldiers. Human Rights groups around the world have long accused the Burmese Junta and opposition groups for recruiting large numbers of child soldiers, some as young as 11. The Military Junta seems to be proud of carrying on its gregarious human rights abuses, including summary executions, torture and forced labor as they always justify that this was the historical task carried on since the days of Burmese monarchs.

Two shot dead by NSCN (IM)

Two persons were shot dead here Friday night by suspected cadres of the NSCN (IM) after the former had been caught from NST area at around 6 P.M. Sources said Shampamo Ovung, son of late Khumbemo of Elemyu Village and Dipen, son of Gurmani, also of Elemyu Village, near Wokha, had been reportedly chased by the suspected cadres of NSCN (IM) and caught from NST area at about 6 P.M. on Friday night and later shot them dead.

Indian Cricket in a confused spin

By Ramu Sharma - Syndicate Features

Cricket administration in India has never been in such a mess. Right from the fiasco of the World Cup, the resultant exit of coach Chappell to the selection of a new coach, it was one long exercise in convoluted thinking. That the selected coach had the temerity to throw the job back at the BCCI was only an added insult. Add to that was the statement of John Emburey, the latest addition to the list of coaches applying for the job, that he would not now be interested in the post because India did not have any bowler worthwhile to win matches. As if he did not know of it when he presented his case to the Board along with Graham Ford, another non-descript personality invested with great accomplishments.

CIA to release 1970s documents on agency’s crimes

The US Central Intelligence Agency is preparing to release a set of documents compiled more than 30 years ago detailing the agency’s involvement over the previous quarter century in crimes both at home and abroad. These included assassination attempts against foreign heads of state, covert spying on newspaper columnists and other US citizens, the infiltration of left-wing groups and the testing of mind-alerting drugs on unwitting American subjects. The CIA’s current director, Gen. Michael Hayden, announced the decision to release the documents, known within the agency as the “family jewels,” at a conference in Washington Thursday of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations.

P. Nedumaran

P. Nedumaran

A.C. Shanthan

Five more LTTE youth leaguers arrested in London

London Metropolitan Police yesterday raided Council flats in Graham Park, North London and arrested five more members of the Tamil Tiger Youth Organization. According to official sources the Headquarters of the LTTE Youth Organization in London was located in this bloc of flats. Police who searched the flat yesterday afternoon took with them LTTE posters, placards, literatures, heaps of documents, computers, LTTE flags, Tamil Eelam Police uniforms, and uniforms of the Tamil Youth Organization. Police according to sources removed all the material found in the Headquarters to Green Police Station located in Paddington.