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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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Shanthan with Police

Erik Solheim to host meeting of Sri Lanka Co-Chairs

Norway will host a meeting of the Sri Lanka Co-Chairs, which will bring together representatives from the EU, Japan, the US and Norway to assess the current situation in the peace process on Tuesday. Last time the Co-Chairs met was in Washington on November 21 2006. “It will be a working meeting and follows several recent high-level visits to Sri Lanka,” said Minister of International Development Erik Solheim. “The purpose of the meeting is to share information and views. The Co-Chairs will explore ways and means in which the group, as a whole or as individual countries, can continue helping the parties to cease violence and return to the negotiating table,” said Mr Solheim.

A ‘New Beginning for Vocational Education’ in Sri Lanka

For nearly twenty years, the burned-out police station in this southern coastal town of Koggala has stood as a grim reminder of the devastating effect that widespread unemployment can have on youth. Today, yellow tape surrounds the crumbling edifice as workers prepare to demolish the building to make way for a new training center that will provide the young people in the region with access to training that creates avenues to in-demand jobs and promote economic security and communal harmony. The center at Koggala is among nine state-of the-art facilities to be built or reconstructed and equipped on the South and East coasts by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training and the Vocational Training Authority (VTA) as part of its Tsunami Reconstruction Program.

Sri Lanka and Andra Pradesh agreed to launch a dual destination tourist programme

Southern Indian State of Andhra Pradesh which had links with Sri Lanka for several centuries has in principle, agreed to a dual destination programme which would promote tourism to Sri Lanka and Andhra Pradesh simultaneously. Resulting from the recent visit to Andhra Pradesh by Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commissioner to Southern India, P. M. Amza, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has agreed to consider a proposal by the Deputy High Commissioner to a dual destination tourism promotion programme which would benefit Sri Lanka and Andhra Pradesh. Deputy High Commissioner Amza, visited Andhra Pradesh on 18th June and met with Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy the Chief Minister of the State.

A response to Prof. Nalin De Silva and Mr. Udaya Gamanpila by Dr. S. Thavarajah on behalf of EPDP at the APRC

Dr. S. ThavarajahIn spite of all these, there was not even an attempt to harm a single Sinhalese out of a total number of about 2,100 who lived in Jaffna at that time. Instead of arresting the perpetrators of the riots, the Government detained the Tamil leadership. Several Tamil MPs including ITAK leader S.J.V. Chelvanayagam and about 150 of its district leaders were placed under house arrest. The detainees included Muslims as well. The only Sinhalese detained was K.M.P. Rajaratne, MP. The passing of the Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Bill in the House on July 17th , 1958 (second reading on August 15th), containing meager provision for reasonable use of Tamil was considered by Tamils something like trying to defuse a raging fire with bucketful of water.

Shanthan – the key to Tiger operations in UK

Shanthan with PoliceThe arrest of A. C. Shanthan, the No: 1 Tiger agent in UK, has been a big blow to the Tiger movement in Europe. His links to Anton Balasingham, the London-based ideologue, makes him one of the principal agents of the Tigers. Shanthan who is held in Paddington Green, Paddington is being continuously grilled by the Police in United Kingdom regarding the activities of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Shanthan was arrested under Terrorism Act and Police expect him to be a mine of information on Tamil Tiger operations in Europe. It is learnt that UK police are liaising with the French police to investigate clues leading to the murder of two LTTE operatives in Paris a few years ago. Kandiah Perinpanathan formerly the LTTE's treasurer and Kajan of the Eelamurasu were killed in Paris.

Fishing industry still lacks large tonnage boats

Two and a half years after the tsunami, and unprecedented assistance from donors to Sri Lanka's hard-hit fishing industry, some fishermen are still struggling to fully restore their livelihoods. The government's Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA), said that of the over 19,000 boats destroyed by the tsunami, 90 per cent had been replaced and fishermen were now catching 70 per cent of what they did prior to the tsunami. "Everything was destroyed here - boats, nets, storage rooms," Hemal Nanayakkara, a fishermen in Hambantota District, told IRIN. "We've managed to get our boats and some of our fishing gear back and we're trying to do the best with what we've been given."

Karuna imposes taxes on Tamil civilians

Karuna group is now raising fund by imposing taxes on those fishermen living in the Government controlled areas in Batticaloa and Amparai. It is learnt that Karuna group is also collecting information about the individuals and family incomes in the two districts through the Grama Servaka officers. They are preparing a list of the shopkeepers and businesses in the Government controlled area with a view to impose taxes. On the last 13th., Karuna’s commanders Sinnathamby, Veera, Mangalan and Ranjan met the fishermen in Batticaloa and ordered them to pay taxes due on their boats with immediate effect. They have ordered that owners of large motorized boat to pay monthly Rs.3000, Karavalai boat Rs. 1500 and Dhoniy Rs. 1000 each

EROS on the ways to bring about peace in Sri Lanka

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, is a different entity and the Tamil speaking people are different. The future of the Tamil speaking people must be decided by the people and not by the by the LTTE. Government of Sri Lanka must take into account is that the LTTE and Tamil speaking people are two different entities and should not be treated or looked upon as one group. Recently, Rajanathan Prabaharan and Nesan Thirunesan, Central Committee members of EROS met Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse in Geneva and handed over a Proposal based on their analysis on the ways the war in Sri Lanka can be stopped and peace restored in our country

Sri Lanka media under threat

By Malladi Rama Rao - Syndicate Features

For Sri Lanka journalists, threats from the Tamil rebels and from the official machinery have become an every day reality. Kidnappings, threats to life and forced detentions are norm; they have to factor in, in their working life. While the government holds the LTTE and its breakaway factions responsible for the threats to media freedom, a section of the local media holds the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) as equally guilty.

Slave labour scandal erupts in China

A scandal involving the brutal exploitation of slave labour in China’s brick industry has once again confirmed the absurdity of describing the country as “socialist” or “communist”. The Chinese media reported on May 27 that police had rescued 31 slave labourers from a brick kiln in Hongdong County in Shanxi province. Prior to their release, these workers were forced to work 18 hours a day without any pay under the watch of guards and attack dogs. They were given only bread and water to eat. All had suffered burns on their bodies from carrying hot bricks. Eight were so mentally confused that they could not even remember where they had come from. None had had access to a bath. The "Shanxi Evening News"reported that the grime on their bodies “was so thick it could be scraped off with a knife”.

U.N. Distressed Over Killings of Aid Workers

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

The United Nations is distressed over the rising number of humanitarian personnel and aid workers attacked or killed recently while on relief missions in the world's war zones. The death toll includes 24 aid workers in Sri Lanka, two Red Cross workers in Lebanon, two U.N. workers in Gaza, a member of Doctors Without Borders in the Central African Republic and a member of Caritas International in Darfur, Sudan. All of them were killed while on humanitarian missions.