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Dr Kim Howells

Sri Lankans Staged a Massive Demonstration In London

A large cross section of Sri Lankans from all walks of life living in Britain gathered in front of the British Houses of Parliament in Westminster on Friday the 8th June to show their strongest protest at some British MPs who recently formed a group called "The All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPGT)". The protest demonstration was organized by a group called "Action Group On Sri Lanka- UK" which is an umbrella group formed to represent all major Sri Lankan political parties and several civil organizations functioning in UK.

President orders evicted Tamils from lodges in Colombo be brought back immediately

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Sri Lanka Police started bringing back Tamils removed from low budget lodges in Colombo after the country’s President ordered the Police to do so, Presidential House sources said. President Mahinda Rajapaksa ordered the people to be redressed if any injustice has happened during the evacuation, the sources further said. The Presidential orders went out after a three bench panel of the Supreme Court ordered Police Chief Victor Perera to immediately stop evacuating people by force and sending them to North and the East.

Human Rights Watch Wants End to Eviction of Ethnic Tamils From Sri Lanka’s Capital City

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The New York-based globally influential rights group Human Rights Watch came hard on the Government of Sri Lanka’s current effort to weed out Tamil Tigers in the capital city of Colombo that culminated in the expulsion of several hundred ethnic Tamil minority residents. The HRW condemning the act said that the move will further fuel ethnic tensions. The June 8 issued statement says that the Sri Lankan government’s expulsion of Tamils from Colombo due to “security considerations” is blatantly discriminatory and will further fuel the conflict.

Police action to evict Tamils from Colombo provokes a strong international reaction

The rash decision of the Police to evict the northern and eastern Tamils from their lodgings in Colombo has provoked a backlash from the international community. United States and Norway are among the first to condemn this move. The Supreme Court too has suspended the Police action. NGOs and leading political parties have protested vehemently against this move. Condemning the forced removal of Tamils from Colombo United States said: “Such measures violate the Sri Lankan Constitution’s guarantee that every citizen has the right to freedom of movement and choice of residence within Sri Lanka.

Judge Weeramantry focuses on Hindu contribution to environment protection

There are several principles of importance to the human future that can be distilled from the teachings of Hinduism – principles relating to the inevitability of the consequences of one’s actions, the interconnectedness of all things, the linkage between past, present and future, the integrity of the human family, the harmony that is necessary between humanity and the natural order and many others. Running through them all is the all-pervasiveness of the divinity, which is present in all things and a cosmic view of space and time which militates strongly against a short-term view of the consequences of one’s actions. This requires us to think, moreover, of the prevalence of the needs of the community over the egoism of the individual.

Presentation by Dr. Walter Wickramasinghe on "Transportation Solutions for Rapid Economic Growth"

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka will be hosting a presentation by Dr. Walter Wickramasinghe on the subject of "Transportation Solutions for Rapid Economic Growth" on 11th June, at Galle Face Hotel. Dr. Walter Wickramasinghe is in the top management (Vice President and Director of Management) of one of the largest and best run transportation and regional development authorities in the United States based in Houston, Texas. He has over 30 years of international experience in project development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of mass transportation projects and urban development.

British Foreign Office Minister scheduled to visit Sri Lanka

Dr. Kim HowellsAmidst rising tensions the Dr Kim Howells, British Foreign Office Minister, is due to visit Sri Lanka on 11 June. He will meet President Mahinda Rajapakse to discuss recent developments in Sri Lanka. Dr Howells will also meet government representatives, opposition leaders and civil society representatives, says a press release issued by the British High commission in Colombo. Dr Howells will take the opportunity to discuss with his interlocutors in Sri Lanka the effects of the continuing conflict in the country. The British government remains committed to helping the people of Sri Lanka find a sustainable peace.

Sri Lanka: Hemas acquires 'Southern Hospital' in Galle

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Hemas Southern Hospitals (Pte) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Hemas Group, today acquired the privately owned Southern Hospital Galle with a view to upgrading and equipping it with the best medical technology. This is in keeping with its vision of bringing good quality and affordable healthcare to the provinces. Hemas Southern Hospitals will, over the next six months, renovate, refurbish and upgrade this hospital to a 25 bed multi-specialty secondary care hospital. The hospital will focus on providing patient-centric, affordable, high quality health services to fast growing suburban communities.

The two-day 34th Tamil Literary Conference (“Illakiachchanthippu”) begins today in Germany

The 34th Tamil Literary Conference is to be held from today and tomorrow in Berlin. The main theme of the conference will be “Political solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka”. It is also considered to bring in the second generation of Tamil Diaspora into this activity. A special program is being organised for the young people at this conference. Earlier the 33rd Tamil Literary Conference was held on the 23rd and 24th September 2006 at the University of East London in United Kingdom. The theme of the conference was "Human rights in Tamil Literature."

After A.P.J Abdul Kalam

By G.S.Bhargava - Syndicate Features

Losing A. P. J. Abul Kalam as Head of State will be like shedding one’s soul. In 1939, when the British Labour Party expelled Sir Stafford Cripps for supporting ‘united front’ with the Communists, it was said the party had blown its brains out. Here the nation is the victim and the cost the more precious soul. Dr. Kalam ranks with Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Dr.Zakir Husain among greatest Indian Presidents. In the case of both Dr. Radhakrishnan and Dr. Husain we were denied second terms of their moral and intellectual leadership. (In fact, Zakir Sa’ab had died in harness) Dr. Kalam had been keen to return to his pedagogic life after his term would expire in about a month. It was thus a surprise when he was said to have assented to stay for another stint without conditions like prior national consensus.

French parliamentary elections: The collapse of the "left"

With two days to go before the first round of French parliamentary elections, a landslide victory for the Gaullist Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), the party of President Nicolas Sarkozy, seems to be a foregone conclusion. Opinion polls vary, but they all predict that the UMP will win between 400 and 460 out of 577 seats in the National Assembly. Presently, the party has a total of 359 deputies. The main opposition party, the Socialist Party (SP), is not even claiming to be seriously challenging a UMP victory. Its secretary, François Hollande, announced that the party is aiming to win more than the "symbolic amount" of 120 seats. "Achieving this level would be considered respectable by many Socialists," Hollande said.

DEmonstration in London2

Demonstration in London1

Bangladesh Detains U.N.Human Rights Expert

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

The United Nations has expressed concern over the detention of one of its human rights experts by the Bangladeshi government on charges of corruption. Sigma Huda, a native of Bangladesh and a U.N. Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, has been barred from leaving the country on the ground she is "a security risk for Bangladesh as she may give statements detrimental" to the present army-backed interim government in Dhaka. Huda was expected to be in Geneva next week where she was scheduled to address a human rights meeting.