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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76

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Somawansa Amerasinghe

U.N. Backs Rising South-South Cooperation

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

Dramatically explosive growth in trade and investments among the world's developing nations has prompted a call to strengthen the growing economic trend at a proposed international conference on South-South cooperation. Making a strong pitch for a high-level U.N conference in 2008, the chairman of the 130-member Group of 77 developing countries Ambassador Munir Akram of Pakistan said that in the overall context of multilateralism, South-South cooperation is "a growing phenomenon."

Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: What can be done?

Illegal registration fees, academic fraud, embezzlement, rigged calls for tender, and many other corrupt practices are seriously undermining education systems around the world according to a UNESCO report released today. “Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: What can be done?” is the result of several years of research into ethics and corruption undertaken by UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). The Report assesses the nature and extent of the problem, how much it is costing societies and how it can be addressed. It refers to the experience of over 60 countries, using information from ministries, development agencies and national research institutes.

Family doubts reports of the death of Prof. Raveendranath

The plight of Professor S. Raveendranath, Vice Chancellor of the Eastern University is still not clear. Though the rumors say that this academic was abducted and killed by a Tamil para-military group, but his family members have yet to confirm such rumors. In the meantime, Dr. M. Malaravan, son-in law of Prof. Raveendranath, forwarded to "Asian Tribune," a news item that appeared in the website run by convicted ‘Dirty’ Sethu He is used by Pottu Amman to convey sentences of death passed by the LTTE. This message in is seen as an ominous sign coming from the LTTE.

Sri Lanka to buy quality pharmaceutical products from Thailand

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Thai News Agency said Sri Lanka government has agreed to buy Thailand produced vaccines on a government to government basis since Sri Lanka has decided the quality of the products are high while the prices were remarkably cheap. “Senior Sri Lankan government medical officials have agreed to buy Thai-produced vaccines from the Ministry of Public Health's Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO)," Minister of Public Health Mongkol Na Songkhla was quoted having said.

China humiliates India; India bullies Sri Lanka

H. L. D. Mahindapala

Just last week India tried to pull wool over Chinese eyes. India attempted in its sneaky way to smuggle one of its bureaucrats from Arunachal Pradesh into China by including him in an official delegation due to visit China. China issued visas to all other members of the delegation except to the official from Arunachal Pradesh. Why? Though it seemed on the surface that India was seeking a simple visa for one of her officials she was stealthily attempting to gain a huge diplomatic victory by getting China to recognize that the official from Arunachal Pradesh was an Indian citizen. India, in other words, was making an underhand move to trick China into recognizing that Arunachal Pradesh was a part of India.

Gulf Security: A Historical Vision

By Abdul Jaleel Al Marhoon

The collapse of the strategic regional system was the most significant outcomes for the second Gulf war and the revival of regional polarization and its horizontal spread on unprecedented levels was the other outcome of this war. The third outcome was the return of the foreign equilibrant as a common option on the Gulf convergence level for the first time since the British pullout from east of the Suez Canal. The fourth outcome was the increment of the military spending fashion which caused the security fears to grow. One of the wars outcomes also was Damascus's declaration and the gulf contribution in the Madrid Peace Conference.

India asked to desist from returning to bad neighbor policy

Somawansa Amerasinghe India told to desist from interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. It should not return to bad neighbor policy urged Somawansa Amarasinghe, Leader of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna. “The only country to have intruded on our sovereignty in the postcolonial period is India,” he has alleged. JVP the second largest opposition political party in Sri Lanka with 39 elected Members out of a total of 225 in the unicameral parliament, has pointed out that the behavior of India to Sri Lanka was a strong contrast to the behavior of many other countries in the region notably Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Iran and Malaysia who have never interfered in our internal politics.

Red Lotus trains for disaster management

By Janaka Perera

Red Lotus – the Buddhist equivalent of the Red Cross and Red Crescent - launched its first two-day training course in Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Management for Buddhist monks at the Dharmavijaya Foundation, Colombo 7 on June 4-5. Red Lotus was inspired by the yeoman service that Bhikkus rendered in Sri Lanka during the December 2004 tsunami. The movement here was formed in March 2006 in accordance with a decision taken at Global Buddhist Conference on "Buddhist Humanitarian Services in a Post-Tsunami Context" the previous year to establish an international Buddhist humanitarian association and form branch associations in member countries.

Asia Pacific: Colliers Tsunami reconstruction project at Kirinda, finalist at 2007 ULI Awards for Excellence

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The ground-breaking project created by leading global property consultants Colliers International that reconstructed the Sri Lankan village of Kirinda after the 2004 Tsunami in a sustainable, green vision has been selected as one of the 12 finalists for the 2007 Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence: Asia Pacific. The awards are “the real estate development community's most prestigious awards” and will be announced this month.

Iraq hope Shia-Sunni patch up

By Allabaksh -Syndicate Features

Emerging from his hiding, presumed to be in Iran, after more than three months, Moqtada al-Sadr, an influential if somewhat impetuous cleric in Iraq and head of the Shia militia, the Mehdi army, has talked peace. The reason is that he now envisions Iraq balkanised in the wake of the relentless sectarian killings for which he blames the American ‘occupiers’, though many suspect his own followers to be among those responsible for the deadly Shia-Sunni bloodbath. He said that his followers would be ready to ‘cooperate’ with the minority Sunni community ‘against US occupation’. According to reports, he has already been in touch with some ‘moderate’ Sunni leaders to build a ‘united and democratic’ Iraq.

The JFK “plot”: another grossly inflated threat

The weekend’s news in the US was dominated by screaming headlines and sensationalist broadcast coverage of an alleged plot in New York to blow up John F. Kennedy International Airport’s jet fuel tanks and supply lines. The attack would have been, according to many accounts, “more devastating than September 11. ”Four men were charged in an indictment [] unveiled Sunday that included features that have become almost invariable in every such “terror” case brought by the government in recent years. First, the suspects had not only carried out no acts of terror, but they apparently lacked any means to realize such an attack. Second, a central figure in the alleged plot was a paid undercover informant of the FBI.

Sri Lanka Tamil leader asks India to break peace logjam: ENDLF wants PM Singh to convene an international meet on SL

By M Rama Rao in New Delhi

A Sri Lankan Tamil Group has asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take the initiative to break the peace log jam in the Island nation charging President Rajapakse with 'skilfully' exploiting India's declared policy of not interference in the Sri Lankan crisis 'to carry on with his war designs'. Suggesting the model of 'Paris Peace Accord' for Cambodia, the Tamil group, Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF), said India must call for an international conference to explore and find a lasting solution to the Sri Lankan conflict.