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Tigers in France admit using rough tactics to collect funds; more Tigers to be arrested

Leading Tamil Tiger agents arrested by the French Police have confessed that they were involved in the collection of funds by threat and intimidations, according to informed sources. They have also confessed that they have even abducted and harassed number of Tamils who refused to toe their line and give funds. In their confessions to the Police it is reliably learnt that they have revealed that those refused to give funds were taken to some remote corners outside Paris, where they have special safe-houses and used third degree methods to make them submissive.

Seven injured in a morning claymore blast at heart of Colombo

Seven people were injured when a suspected LTTE rebel suicide bomber hit a bus transporting army personnel in the first cross street in Colombo Fort at 8:55 am today. The incident took place in a High Security Zone in the capital. A Police reports suspected that a suicide bomber had allegedly rammed into the moving Army vehicle and detonated the claymore. But the Sri Lanka Army said that the "LTTE terrorists detonated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) targeting a bus transporting army personnel."

State Bank defaults a hotel owner in Arugambay

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Owner of the Siam View Hotel [SVH] of Arugambay , Dr. Fred Miller complains the Arugambay branch office of a state owned bank terminated their services and defaulted rent payments one month after the tsunami. The Bank was located at the premises of the Siam Hotel , Arugambay and provided ample service for the area businessmen and the tourists. Dr.Miller, served as an Engineer and the Hotel Owner who loves surfing in the Potuvil area said the Bank’s Management has still not answered his official letters regarding the monthly rent.

Provide ‘Good Paying Jobs in Key Sectors’- Ambassador lauds use of ‘green’ technology

A tsunami reconstruction project from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will construct or rehabilitate ten vocational schools in the East and South and help young Sri Lankans acquire skills to lead them toward rewarding careers in a fast-growing sector of the economy, according to US Ambassador Robert Blake. Ambassador Blake was speaking at the signing of a $5.4 million agreement between Access Engineering Ltd. and CH2M Hill, USAID’s prime contractor for USAID’s $50 million Sri Lanka Tsunami Reconstruction Program (SLTRP) to construct five of the schools in the tsunami-affected South. Last week, USAID funded another contract to construct four similar schools in the East.

The Struggle of Burma, New Perspective - Dr Sein Win

Dr. Sein WinOn May 21 - 22, the Japanese Parliamentary Group Supporting Democratization in Myanmar (Minshuka Giren) and the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIPMC) held an international conference in Tokyo on the theme of “A Path for Democratization in Burma.” This conference was realized, thanks to the strong desire and initiative of Burmese citizens living in Japan. Speaking at this conference Dr Sein Win, National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma said,"...if the incumbent military regime decides to go ahead with its plan to write a constitution which will make the entire civilian population subservient to the military, the current issues concerning democracy, rights of ethnic nationalities, and the socioeconomic and political crisis can only worsen beyond salvation..."

Sri Lanka’s Sarala wins world’s ‘Best Performing Child Actor’ award for her role in the controversial film 'Water'

By Walter Jayawardhana

SaralaHollywood’s Young Artist Foundation has presented the Best Child Actor of the World in an international feature film Award to Sri Lankan child artist Sarala Kariyawasam , who performed a highly acclaimed role of a child widow in the award winning controversial film , “Water.” “Sarala performed an absolutely outstanding role in a brilliant film that should have been given more recognition by Hollywood,” said Maureen Dragone, President of the Foundation, which is holding its 28th consecutive year of awards recognizing and honoring talented young child artists all over the world. “The young actress will be definitely being better known in the future,” Dragone further said.

Sri Lanka : UN agencies keep up pressure on rebels over under-age recruitment

Over the past year, UN agencies in Sri Lanka have tried to keep the national and international focus on one of the most unfortunate aspects of Sri Lanka’s long-running civil war - under-age recruitment of children as soldiers in the conflict. According to the United Nations Children’s Agency (UNICEF), currently there are 1,832 outstanding cases of under-age recruitment by non-state entities. “There has been some improvement in the numbers, but still there are outstanding cases and even one child recruited is an issue for us,” William Kollie, a UNICEF child protection specialist told IRIN.

Rajiv assassination mystery unsolved

Tejas Patel - Web Reporter, NDTV.Com

Rajiv GandhiIndia is considered to be a rising force in world affairs today - in terms of its economic and technological might - and one person who will be surely missed at this crucial juncture is late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. His vision to see India as a technologically-developed nation is taking shape in contemporary times. Rajiv was killed by a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) human bomb at 10.18 pm (IST) on May 21, 1991 in Sriperembudur, Tamil Nadu. The blast killed 18 people, including nine policemen, and 33 others were injured.

Manmohan’s naya Kashmir dreams

By JN Raina - Syndicate Features

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s monomania to resolve the vexed Kashmir issue, a legacy of the Congress, should not be misconstrued as sissy by his detractors. He knows it very well that for any move over Kashmir he has to pass through Parliament. Chances of any ‘compromise’ on Kashmir as alleged by the opposition are negligible. But he has to take his allies and the opposition, mainly the BJP into confidence on the sensitive issue.

Army Bus

Army Bus bombing incident

Ahangama School

Dr. Sein Win

Seema Biswas with Sarala in Toronto

Sarala with Director Mehta


Rajiv Gandhi

One killed six injured in a morning bomb blast at heart of Colombo

Seven people were injured when a bomb blasted near a bus transporting army personnel in the first cross street in Colombo Fort at 8:55 am today. The incident took place closer to the 3rd Gate at Colombo Harbor on the Reclamation Road, (Clock Tower Roundabout) in a High Security Zone in the capital. The Sri Lanka Army said that the "LTTE terrorists detonated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) targeting a bus transporting army personnel."