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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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) HSBC Premier servicing a customer

Tamil Tigers quietly making arrangements to purchase an office building in France

Tamil Tigers while shifting base to Switzerland under French pressure, have made arrangements to purchase the office building located at 5 Rue Emile Zola, 93120 La Courneuve, France, through their proxies. This is the office building which earlier housed the Tamil Television Network (TTN), a satellite television channel which was closed down recently. Sources revealed that the Tamil Tigers had put this deal through Thayaparan alias ‘Kaddai’ (Short) Thaya, alleged to be the leader of the credit card cloning scam in London and another character Gnanendran alias Gana.

Re-embracing the Original Sin

BY Tisaranee Gunasekara

The controversial SLFP proposals were amended last week, to make them more in accordance with the main demands of the JVP and the JHU. The unitary state is in, formally, by name, and Buddhism has been granted the primacy of place. Even as he pandered to the Southern extremists, President Rajapakse made it crystal clear that moderate opinions are of no consequence to him. Obviously the pleas of democratic Tamils for enhanced devolution will go unheeded. Vellupillai Pirapaharan has been granted a much needed political lifeline. How can Tiger Eelam be justified except as a response to a Sinhala supremacist Sri Lanka? On the North-East issue, the two extremist positions are occupied by the Tigers - who deny any possibility of a political solution to the ethnic problem - and by Sinhala hardliners - who deny any need for a political solution. The LTTE argues that separation is unavoidable because the Sinhala establishment will never share power with the Tamils.

HSBC Premier, creates home away from home

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

HSBC Premier is the first example of a truly global mass affluent banking service that offers international recognition as well as innovative products and services, said David J H Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, at the HSBC Premier Outlet in Flower Road, Colombo last week at a Press Briefing to announce the introduction of HSBC Premier. In Sri Lanka, a highly skilled team has been put in place to provide appropriate investment options and solutions for customers to achieve their financial goals, while enabling them to enjoy tremendous benefits and rewards.

Proposed Immigration reforms would change U.S. Visa system

Asian Tribune U.S. Bureau

For the benefit of the readers in the Asian Region and Asians domiciled in the United States, ‘Asian Tribune’ presents below an account carried in the U.S. State Department official web portal USINFO explaining the immigration reform laws now being given final touches by Congressmen before their ratification in both chambers. The new immigration changes are expected to go into operation as soon as the US President signs them into law.

Panic stricken share market on a roller coastar ride

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The market shaded approximately Rs.32 billion this week due to a combination of macro uncertainty, confusion on bonus issues under the new Companies Act, margin calls and panic selling, the HNB Stockbrokers indicated in their weekly review. During the first four days of trading the All Share Price Index (ASPI) dropped by 181 points representing a 6.8 percent decline. However, on Friday the trend reversed with indices regaining approximately 40 percent of the lost ground during the first four days. The ASPI during this week declined by 103.8 points to close the week at 2571.5 points while the Milanka Price Index (MPI) dropped by 75 points to close the week at 3666.2 points.

Hyderabad blast: Wake up call for secular India

By Bobby Ramakant

The people of secular sovereign India have stood strong and more resolved to peace and amity, even at the wake of repeated attacks on religious places. These have only exposed the nefarious designs of a handful of those behind these terror attacks. Undoubtedly these repeated acts of terror have put us through one of the gravest tests of courage, patience, commitment to peace and humane social order. Another attempt to thwart the communal harmony in India was made on Friday 18 May 2007 when a crude RDX bomb exploded near the historic Mecca Mosque in Hyderabad. Apart from that, there were two live bombs recovered from the spot and defused.

Behind the World Bank’s ouster of Paul Wolfowitz

In the end, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz went out with a whimper, accepting a mildly worded resolution of the bank’s board of governors thanking him for his two years at the helm of the international lending institution while declaring that “mistakes were made.” The details of the scandal that triggered his departure are both sordid and relatively small potatoes. He arranged for his girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza, a mid-level official at the bank, to receive a $60,000 raise, and then claimed, apparently falsely, that ethics and human resources officials at the bank had approved the deal.

Released Tamil Nadu fishermen meet Chief Minister Karunanidhi

By Walter Jayawardhana

The eleven Tamil Nadu fishermen who went through their lives’ worst ordeal of a meaningless imprisonment of two months by the Tamil Tiger and got released through the influence of pro-LTTE Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu were brought before him for a photo session to make political capital out of it, Tamil Nadu sources alleged. Karunanidhi earlier had blamed the Sri Lanka Navy for the death of five fishermen and later reportedly put pressure on the Manmohan government to issue a statement blaming undisclosed unnamed deaths of seventy seven fishermen on the Sri Lanka Navy as part of the deal he reached with the LTTE, to get the fishermen released. It is not yet known whether any LTTE Sea Tigers who were in the custody of the Tamil Nadu police were released, also as a part of the deal.