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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Progressive marginalization of the Tea Industry

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

In their monthly media report for the month of May 2007, The Colombo Tea Traders’ Association indicated that it was barely a year ago that the Tea Cess levy was increased by Rs.1.50 per kilogram, from Rs.2.50 to Rs.4.00 per Kilogram, in the face of strong resistance from the Tea Industry, spearheaded by the Colombo Tea Traders’ Association [CTTA]. The CTTA has constantly expressed concern that the funds so collected are not being put to the best use, in the context of the needs and the benefit of the Industry, and have long been agitating that, as the apex body of the Industry, it should be consulted on all aspects of the Cess Scheme, prior to adoption/implementation, not the least of which being the proper allocation and disbursement of the considerable funds that are collected each year.

Long Before Human Rights Issue Surfaced, U.S. Cut Economic Aid to Sri Lanka – Significantly

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The United States drastically reduced its economic aid package to Sri Lanka since 2004, long before the human rights issue surfaced when this South Asian nation faced the most critical challenge to its sovereignty, territorial integrity and democracy by the world’s most ruthless terrorist outfit, the Tamil Tigers, whom former American ambassador Jeffrey Lunstead in a recent report stated that the “LTTE was essentially a Sri Lankan group and it did not pose a ‘direct’ threat to the US.”

Sri Lanka joins Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

Sri Lanka joining the Global Initiative is an expression of its continuing commitment to support all global efforts to combat the scourge of terrorism. The Initiative provides assistance to develop national capacity to combat nuclear terrorism in a manner consistent with national legal requirements and international legal instruments such as the Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, which was signed by Sri Lanka in 2005.

P. Vijayan, a Tamil Journalist abducted in Colombo

P. Vijayan, (32) a popular Sri Lanka’s Tamil Journalist has been abducted yesterday afternoon, in Colombo. A father of two children Vijayan was 'nabbed' at Borella (Colombo 8) at about 3:30 pm, sources said. He was the Editor of the magazine Samadhana Nokku (Peace Monitor) published by CPA and a peace activists. Vijayan hails from Jaffna and till a year ago, he was attached to the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), Colombo 3. Due to the anti-LTTE slant of the Samadhana Nokku he had been subjected to threats, and at one time, he had to flee Sri Lanka due to the threats and intimidations, sources said. Despite Vijayan's anti-LTTE outlook, it was not immediately clear as to who was behind the abduction, reports said.

Australia provides scholarships for the Asia Pacific Region

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

The Australian High Commissioner, Dr Greg French, on Friday announced the opening of the Australian Government’s scholarship program for 2007. Australian Scholarships is a $1.4 billion Australian Government initiative to provide over 19,000 scholarships in the Asia Pacific region over the period 2006 – 2010. “The Australian Scholarships initiative demonstrates the high value that Australia places on building relationships with Sri Lanka and other countries in the region, based on mutual understanding, respect and people-to-people linkages informed by education, ” the High Commission stated.

“Any Division of Sri Lanka would be detrimental to Tamils living outside North & East” - Ramlingham Chandrasekaer MP

Chandrasekar "Our Party favors a solution to the crisis in Sri Lanka without dividing the country on ethnic lines. Any such division will be detrimental to the Tamils living in areas outside the north and the east," emphasized Ramlingham Chandrasekaer,Deputy Chairman of the Committees in the Sri Lanka’s Parliament and the central committee member of the Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna (JVP). Chandrasekar, and Bimal Ratnayake, Parliamentarians of the Janata Vimukthi Perumuna (JVP) visited India from the 7th to 13th May. The main purpose of the visit was to take part in a summit held by Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) the youth organization of Communist Party of India (Marxist). Delegates from 14 countries participated at the summit and the JVP delegates were able to have discussions with all these delegates.

Uniform global calendar : Dravida Peravai supports uniform global calendar

Dravida Peravai's party manifesto registered with Election Commission of India advocates single global currency to end the supremacy of dollar.People laughed at it when it was mooted in an article by Nandhivarman in an English weekly New Times Observer in the year 1994. Europe started with different currencies but today with single currency Euro, Europe has reached a common market, whereas in India we started with single currency namely rupee but we have not become one common market, lamented India's former Finance Minister Yaswant Sinha in a personal meeting with him. Euro had challenged the might of the dollar regime and the day for single global currency to end economics of speculation is not far off. The next logical step would be to begin with single Asian currency.

Britain: Brown crowned as Blair’s successor after no contest

Gordon Brown was crowned Britain’s prime minister elect yesterday, after his only potential challenger in the Labor leadership contest conceded defeat.Left candidate John McDonnell said it was impossible for him to mount a challenge after gathering the backing of just 29 Labor Members of Parliament of the 45 required. Brown won the backing of 313 MPs, equivalent to 88 percent of all Labor MPs. For days, political commentators had urged a leadership contest to satisfy public opinion and undermine opposition demands for a snap General Election. After Michael Meacher MP had stood aside on Monday to enable McDonnell to go forward as the party’s sole “left” representative, the media expressed its hope that a contest would soon be under way.

Srisena Coorey

Sirisena Coorey


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Sirisena Coorey slams Ranil to step down immediately - Also reveals a 'two step' formula for the ethnic problem

By Nilantha Ilangamuwa in Colombo

Sirisena CooreyA former UNP government Cabinet Minister and party stalwart B. Sirisena Coorey has slammed the leader of UNP Ranil Wickremesinghe saying that he should step down from the party leadership immediately. Speaking to the Asian Tribune, Coorey also said the current Colombo Municipal Council has high levels of corruption and the ruling group of CMC has become 'the puppets of the SLFP'. Speaking on the SLFP proposals to the ethnic problem, he said 'they are useless and a repeat of a failed attempt decades ago.' He also exclusively revealed to the Asian Tribune his 'two step' formula for the ethnic crisis.