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Nawaloka Hospital Heart Centre

Search Ram first before reaching Ram's bridge

Nandhi Varman - General Secretary Dravida Peravai

Dravida Kazhagam General Secretary K.Veeramani is convening an All Party Meeting on 8 th May 2007 to counter the false propaganda unleashed by BJP and VHP on the so called Rama's Bridge, which they claim as Heritage site and needs protection. We all know once upon a time India was an island nation surrounded by seas hence it had the name Navalanth Thievu. Continental Drifts had altered the world map many times. Once all continents were in one super-continent called ‘Pangaea’ which in Latin meant all earth. The drifts continue. Certain oceans are expanding and certain are shrinking. In such a scenario to claim that a Land Bridge built 1, 750.000 years ago when no human being had inhabited the Earth, is intact and it must be protected lacks logic and mere faith cannot be scientific foundation for a claim like this. Dravida Peravai challenges the contention and puts forward our views, which is open to debate, as we are rationalists, we will not run away from debate. Nandhi Varman General Secretary Dravida Peravai.

Veteran Sri Lankan Banker expected to be elected as the International President of Lions

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

First time in the Sri Lankan history, a veteran banker and a social worker Mahendra Amarasuriya is to be unanimously elected as the President for Lions International at an election which is to be held on 6th July 2007 in the city of Chicago , USA Mr.Amarasuriya is the first Sri Lankan who will be elected as the President of the International Lions. “My main aim is to help least developed countries to end poverty, improve educational facilities and follow new communication systems to reduce time wastage of the general public,” said Mr.Amarasuriya at a press briefing.

Iranian nuclear Issue... Gulf approach

Abdul Jaleel Al Marhoon

When discussing the Iranian nuclear issue it is beneficial to stop at the regional point of view of this issue, particularly the Gulf point of view. This view isn't by any means separate from the Gulf approach to their relations with Iran itself. In its historical frame, it can be said that the Gulf-Iranian convergence that was in focus during the 70s of the 20th century, was a rapprochement saturated with doubts and mutual fears. The international options for Iran and the Gulf countries were similar on the level of outcomes, but different on the level of the other party's point of view particularly the US. According to the US strategic perception the nature of the geopolitical function of the regional parties was greatly distant, which created an evident rift in the Gulf –Iranian convergence and its surface.

Sri Lanka: Road Development Authority conceded 98 percent of the country’s roads are in bad shape

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The factors leading to massive number of road accidents deaths and loss of property and major inundation of roads is now attributed to utterly improper planning of road construction. It is now evident that road constructions are planned without adequate provision for drainage or pavements for pedestrians. M B S Fernando, Chairman, Road Development Authority conceded that 98 percent of the country’s roads are in bad shape suggesting that due to this fact there would be 2,500 road deaths per annum which would be more than the death toll due to the ethnic conflict.

Sri Lanka's Marxist JVP issues a 'firm warning' to UK, says Britain is welcome only if she abides by Sri Lanka's heritage

"The British have provided the guidance for the present terrorist campaign to divide Sri Lanka and the British parliament supported killing of 800,000 innocent Iraqis. A Parliamentary group from the British Parliament is to visit us to give a report on how we the natives are governing ourselves 60 years after Independence. But Britain will be only welcome if she abides by her rules" said the Political Bureau of the People's Liberation Front (Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna – the JVP), Sri Lanka's Marxist party, in a press release today. The JVP also issued a 'firm warning' to UK. "Please take this as a firm warning from a country with a 2500 years heritage. Britain will be only welcome if she abides by her rules. The sun set on the British Empire over 50 years ago and with the rise of Asia the sun is setting on Western dominance. We will ally with rising Asia against any machinations on the country" the JVP said.

British MP Keith Vaz, a “sleaze”, heads Tamil campaign in House of Commons: Dr. Howell rejects moves to lift ban on Tigers

The moves of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (AAPG) – T) in the House of Commons -- a private group of British MPs led by Keith Vaz -- to have the ban on the LTTE lifted has been “rejected totally” by the British government, said Foreign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama, in his address to the parliament yesterday. Highlighting this failure Bogollagama quoted Dr. Kim Howell, the British Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as saying: “We have repeatedly urged the LTTE to move away from the path of violence. In the absence of a full renunciation of terrorism in deed and word, there can be no questions of reconsidering their proscribed status.

Tamil leader argues for Indian model as an alternative to federal and unitary constitution.

AnandasangareeV. Anandasangaree, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front, has written to the President Mahinda Rajapakse, arguing that the Indian Model will be acceptable to all sections of Sri Lankan people, as an alternative to both federal and unitary constitutions. However, he adds: "It is very unfortunate that the Indian Government both at the Centre and regional level had not shown any interest in my proposal. The Tamil Nadu Government should have taken the initiative to persuade Delhi to help to find a solution acceptable to the Tamils and Muslims, which the Indian Government would have gladly done since it is opposed to separation and want a solution within a United Sri Lanka." In his appeal to the President he says: "Next to God, as the Head of the State the destiny of the country can be determined only by you."

Mangala Samaraweera votes with the government

Former Minister Mangala Samaraweera (UPFA), who was sacked by President Rajapakse but whose imminent return is only blocked by the nod of the President, voted with the government yesterday in Parliament. He voted with the government in favor of continuing the state of Emergency. Parliamentary sources said that several government parliamentarians were seen exchanging pleasantries with him. In the vote, the CWC and JVP voted with the government to continue the state of emergency, but the UNP abstained.

Nawaloka Heartcare to offer better heartcare

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

At a cost of Rs 120 million an Allura Xper FD 10 flat panel cardiac catheterization laboratory with electro physiology facilities from Philips was installed at the Nawaloka Hospitals, a premier healthcare providers in Sri Lanka, for the use of cardiac, vascular and interventional procedures. Prof Lal Chandrasena, Director/General Manager, Nawaloka Hospitals indicated that this unique system is designed to improve efficiency, enhance safety and optimize the workflow of both patients and staff. “It’s advanced imaging, processing and quantification tools help cardiologists to observe more details from multiple views and have a deeper understanding of the patients particular complaint, which results in better diagnosis, treatment, planning and intervention”.

Bangladesh mirrors Pakistan

By M Rama Rao - Syndicate Features

The targeting of the leading personalities of BNP’s Begum Khaleda Zia and Awami League’s Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh mirrors what was done by General Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan in the run up to consolidation of his hold on the country. India can only hope that the resemblance ends there. Given the current state of Pakistan where Islamic fundamentalists are, increasingly, calling the shots it would be unnerving that Delhi should have two rabidly fundamentalists regimes on its flanks and the murderous Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) snapping at its heels.

Mahendra Amarasuriya





V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree

Sarkozy’s electoral victory and the bankruptcy of the French “left”

The election of right-wing Gaullist politician Nicolas Sarkozy as French president has shocked many people in France and Europe. One recalls the mood of euphoria two years ago when French voters rejected the European constitution. The same population forced the withdrawal of the unpopular “First Job Contract” (CPE) through a series of protests and demonstrations just one year ago. At the time various petty bourgeois “left” organizations declared that these movements had rendered the policies of the Chirac government “illegitimate and disavowed.” Now was the time to develop “a common movement which is able to take on the employers directly and question the entire neo-liberal policy” (Statement by the Ligue communiste révolutionnaire [LCR—Revolutionary Communist League])

Karuna faction kills the father of Sinthujan -- their first victim in rival camp

Tensions and killings continue to rise in the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) camp divided into two factions -- Karuna Group and Pilaiyan group. Last night Karuna faction militant cadres led by Iniya Barathy shot and killed Sinthujan’s father Johnson (54 yrs) at Kallaru in the Batticoloa district. Sinthujan a.k.a Jeyakanthan, a Pillaiyan loyalist, was killed and buried on May 4, 2007 at Kiran. Yesterday, people in the area reported to the Police that a hand was sticking out of the ground. They suspected that there was a dead body buried in the spot.