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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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Jordanian Airlines

Tamil party in government emphasizes Tamil aspirations as the only solution

Responding to the proposals put forward by the SLFP, the ruling party, Eelam Peoples Democratic Party, which is a member of the government, has said that the only solution to the political crisis of the nation would be an arrangement that could fulfill the aspirations of the Tamils.There are moves afoot now to find ways and means to bring about an acceptable constitutional proposal. Political parties in the country are putting forward their proposals. Sri Lanka Freedom Party too has put forward its proposals. We in the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party from the very day we turned ourselves to the mainstream political party in the country were emphasizing on a solution based on our political aspirations. After Indo – Lanka Accord, we have provided our political proposals in writings to the successive Sri Lanka Governments. Accordingly, we have also submitted our Party’s constitutional proposals to the All Party Conference organized by President Mahinda Rajapakse.

The SLFP’s Kamikaze Proposals

Is it a monumental failure of commonsense, reason and intelligence? Is it a ploy to undermine the APC and avoid any confrontation with Sinhala hardliners? Is it a step forward in a revanchist agenda to revoke some of the key concessions made to Tamils via the Indo-Lanka Accord? What made President Rajapakse think that the Tamils could be satisfied with less devolution than they were granted under the 13th Amendment? What kind of mindset would be capable of spawning a retrogressive formula like the SLFp proposal? What would be the fate of a pluralist country that is ruled by a regime with such a majoritarian supremacist outlook?

Attempted rebel sky attacks make Investors jittery

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The HNB Stockbrokers in their weekly review of the Stock Market indicated that both the market indices continued its negative trend throughout the week. The week started on a negative note, with investor confidence been tested over the weekend after two LTTE planes were witnessed flying over the skies of Colombo in early hours of Sunday for the second time within a period of just over one month. All Share Price Index (ASPI) closed the week at 2787.3 points down by 1.3 compared to last week while the more sensitive Milanka Price Index (MPI) stood at 3845.6, down by 1.15percent.

Tigers moving to reintroduce TTN program surreptiously

After Tamil Television Networks (TTN) TV channel was closed down in Paris, the Tigers are planning to introduce TTN Channel contents, including news and views to promote terrorism, in their supplementary free channel Mathuram. They have already started this second channel called Mathuram from 14 April on the Buddhist-Hindu New Year day. This is said to be a clever ploy by the Tamil Tigers to gradually turn this free channel into a pay channel and ensure that they continue to receive subscription payments from the Tamil diaspora in Europe. The new supplementary free channel actually belonged to a Singapore based company, in fact owned by 4A Films – an Indian film producing company. This is a public company registered in the India’s stock exchange.

Jordanian Airlines stands by Sri Lanka

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

While some airlines have decided to pull out from Sri Lanka due to the crisis situation, at this moment of distress and uncertainty, at least there is one airline that has reiterated their strong commitment to Sri Lanka, and firmly assured that they will continue as they have done for the last 15 years. Hussein Dabbas, Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Services, Royal Jordanian Airlines said that they are committed to the Sri Lankan market and plans to increase our operations by the end of this year. He was speaking at the occasion of celebrating their successful operations as a member of One world Alliance, held at Ceylon Continental Hotel, last week. They also made use of the occasion to felicitate their passenger and cargo operators.

Moral policing getting to be a pastime

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

Moral policing and vigilantism seem to have become a great pastime in the country. Not a day passes, when someone or the other, in one corner or the other of this vast country is not protesting, through PILs or loud and often violent street demonstrations, now and then with a ‘fatwa’ against the many forms of ‘immoral’ acts, mostly by Indians but occasionally by foreigners, that are perceived to denigrate the hollowed culture of this ancient land. So it was hardly surprising that the Big Brother celebrity and Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty, and the ageing Hollywood star, Richard Gere, were at the centre of a violent storm after the latter had kissed on a Delhi stage the svelte Indian film star.

Judith Miller defends New York police repression of antiwar “terrorists”

Judith Miller, the former senior correspondent of the New York Times who played a key role as a conduit for the fabricated intelligence about Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” used to drag the American public into the Iraq war, has found her way back into print—this time as a mouthpiece for selective and self-serving intelligence released by the New York City Police Department. Miller left the Times with a hefty severance package a year and a half ago, posing as a martyr for the First Amendment and—as she wrote in her parting statement—a hapless victim of “public fury over the intelligence failures that helped lead our country to war.”

Mathuram poster

Sarkozy favorite as France votes for new president

French voters cast ballots today to choose a new president, with rightwinger and clear favorite Nicolas Sarkozy squaring off against Socialist Segolene Royal in a bid to win a mandate for sweeping change. Some 44.5 million voters are eligible to take part in the election pitting Sarkozy, the son of a Hungarian immigrant who has promised a "clean break" with the past, against Royal, who wants to become France's first woman president. The election is to choose a successor to Jacques Chirac who is stepping down after 12 years in office and caps a campaign that placed voters before a stark left-right choice to fix France's problems.