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Muthumari Amabal school

Muthumari Ambal School 2

Call for Nigerian presidential election to be annulled after massive corruption

Even before Nigeria’s ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was announced the winner Monday, calls mounted for the country’s April 21 presidential election to be annulled. The winning candidate, Umaru Musu Yar’Adua, is the handpicked successor of incumbent President Olusegun Obasanjo. His party had already won a majority in the state and local elections last week. But there is evidence of widespread fraud and intimidation both in those elections and in the presidential race.

Karens Right Groups ‘Development by Decree,’ catalogues development abuses in Burma

The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) launched its new report, Development by Decree: The politics of poverty and control in Karen State, at a press conference held yesterday at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) in Bangkok. Introducing the report KHRG said “What local peoples have been consistently saying is that the manner in which the military regime is currently enforcing development projects not only involves widespread, frequently violent, human rights abuses in their implementation but that the projects furthermore serve to undermine villagers’ own efforts to improve their situation as well as the strategies they employ to resist abuse and claim their rights.”

Protect fundamental rights of Persons arrested and/or detained - Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka’s Defense Secretary

Secretary, Ministry of Defense, Gotabaya Rajapaksa has emphasized that the Presidential directive which insists on the importance of protecting the fundamental rights of persons arrested and/or detained should be adhered strictly by the Sri Lanka’s armed forces and police. The re-circulated directive has been sent to the Commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force as well as the Inspector General of Police for strict compliance.

U.N. Readies for Draft on Small Arms Control Treaty

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

Against the backdrop of a new national poll calling for stricter gun control in the wake of the mass killings of 32 people on a U.S. university campus last week, the United Nations is getting ready to formulate a new international treaty regulating the proliferation of small arms worldwide. "There is not yet a draft," said Jennifer Abrahamson of Oxfam International, one of the lead organizations campaigning for the treaty, along with the London-based Amnesty International and International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA). "What's happening now is that governments are due to turn in their blueprints of what they believe a draft should look like," she added.

Norwegian Refugee Council reconstructs 22 tsunami damaged schools

Another tsunami affected school in the Trincomalee district; Sri Mutumari Ambal School, reconstructed at a cost of SL Rs. 42 million has been handed over yesterday to the Sri Lankan authorities. Sri Matumari Ambal School was the 22nd school to be reconstructed by the Norwegian Refugee Council was officially handed over to the Sri Lankan Educational authorities in a simple ceremony held at the school premises in Trincomalee on 24 April. This School is not only one of the worst affected of the 31 schools destroyed by the tsunami in the district, but has also suffered badly during the 20 year conflict.

Illegal Tiger TV transmission shut down following Asian Tribune action

The transmission of National Television of Tamil Eelam (NTT), the official television of the banned terrorist organisation, LTTE, (better known as Tamil Tigers), was knocked off the air last weekened when Intelsat Ltd, Washington based satellite Communication Company, switched off the clandestine transmission from the bandwidth of its Intelsat 12 satellite. Asian Tribune was the first take up this issue of the illegal transmission of NTT with the Intelsat Ltd in March, 2007. Tamil Tiger websites announced that Voice of Tigers, (Pulikalin Kural) the official radio broadcast of the banned terorists organisation, had launched a satellite broadcast to South Asian countries from Vanni starting from On March 4. On March 5 Asian Tribune reported that this news report about the launching of the satellite broadcast was misleading because Intelsat 12 satellite link clearly shows that National Television of Tamil Eelam and as well as Pulikalin Kural operate on the same frequencies and are hosted by Intelstat.

Burmese Restrictions on Humanitarian Aid Must End, Says U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

The Chairman and Ranking Republican on the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs on April 24 praised a new report they had requested from the General Accounting Office (GAO) that identifies the financial and other restrictions that Burma’s ruling military government places on international humanitarian assistance in the Southeast Asian country. The GAO is the research, analysis and investigative arm of the United States Congress.