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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76

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Mahinda & Pope

No American Military Assistance to Nations that ignore Recruitment of Child Soldiers

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

A bill introduced this week in the U.S. Senate would put restrictions on U.S. military assistance for governments that use child soldiers. The legislation was intended to encourage governments to prohibit, demobilize and rehabilitate child soldiers from national forces and government-supported militias. Several human rights organizations including Amnesty International USA and World Vision US in a letter to the United States Congress have urged to get the U.S. administration to work with the international community to bring to justice rebel leaders that kidnap children for use as child soldiers.

Sentencing of "Oothai” Sethu and his accomplice “Rowdy” Rajan postponed

SRajan - Sethuentencing of Nadarajah Sethurupan (better known as "Oothai (Dirty Sethu") and Anushriskumar Thamotherampillai alias "Rowdy" Rajan, has been postponed till May 31. Earlier a bench of three magistrates in the Harrow Magistrates Court found Nadarajah Sethurupan and Anushriskumar Thamotherampillai guilty of violating the peace and causing damages to the Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) on 8 June 2006 after two-day hearings on 29 and30 March. When the case was taken up for deliberation yesterday, Courts probation officer brought to the notice of the court that she need two weeks time to prepare the background report on Sethurupan as he was resident in Norway.

Sri Lanka Contributes to UN Emergency Response Fund

Sri Lanka made a pledge of USD 10,000/- to the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) of the United Nations. The Central Emergency Response Fund which has been established to make resources immediately available to enhance the rapid response capacity of the UN during humanitarian emergencies worldwide, is designed to enable the UN to take prompt action to reduce the loss of lives during disasters. Sri Lanka’s modest contribution to the CERF is a symbolic gesture manifesting Sri Lanka’s confidence in the efficacy of the UN humanitarian response system in handling the relief and recovery phases of disasters.

Pope urges Sri Lankan government and rebels to end violence

Mahinda & PopePope Benedict XVI met with Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse yesterday and insisted that the government and rebel forces to "put an end to the violence that is bloodying the island." He urged Sri Lankan government and rebels to end violence. The Vatican statement said that the Pontiff encouraged the two sides in the dispute must respect human rights, promote dialogue and return to the negotiating table as "the only path" to ending two decades of conflict. "The Catholic Church, which offers a significant contribution to the life of the country, will intensify the delicate work of educating consciences with the sole goal of promoting the common good, reconciliation and peace," the statement said.

Is the LTTE Weak?

By - R Gunaratna

"Is the LTTE weak?" This is the question very often raised by those who are interested in the Sri Lankan conflict. The answer could be both “Yes” and “No.” Many people in Sri Lanka are of the view that the LTTE is on the run. Many are eagerly looking forward for capturing of the leader of the LTTE to be tried and hung for the heinous crimes he has committed. They expect it to happen very soon since the media reports emanating from the Sri Lankan press have suggested that the ultimate defeat of the LTTE is eminent. In this context, no one can save the LTTE from the present predicament. Are all these propositions are true? Yes, the LTTE is in crisis and it is on the verge of collapse. No, it is still strong and it has not lost its military capabilities.

‘Enlightened’ and ‘moderate’ Pakistan

By Tukoji R. Pandit - Syndicate Features

It appears that the Pakistani president, Gen Pervez Musharraf, is not only fighting the so-called war on terror in a cavalier fashion but is also lukewarm to his own message of ‘enlightened moderation’ spreading to the level of masses in his nuclear-armed Islamic nation. Some bizarre incidents around Islamabad’s Lal Masjid (Red Mosque), and its attached madrasssa, Jamia Hafsa, which has separate sections for boys and girls, compel the thought that the idea of Pakistan becoming a nation of ‘enlightened moderation’ will remain an illusion.

Presidential election in France: The dismal world of Lutte Ouvrière and Arlette Laguiller

The election campaign conducted by presidential candidate Arlette Laguiller of Workers’ Struggle (Lutte Ouvrière, LO) is dominated by three main themes: unemployment, the housing shortage and wages. The organization has nothing to say on international questions, and the three pillars of its political perspective are also approached from a purely national standpoint. Laguiller has limited herself to a sort of reformist minimal program: an increase in the national minimum wage (SMIC), an expansion of social housing construction and greater job security. The measures are to be realized by tax increases for big companies. Her election manifesto states, “The demands I raise are therefore the first measures to be realized by a genuine socialist presidency and government.” The term “socialist” in this context refers to the French Socialist Party led by Ségolène Royal.

Sethu - Rajan

Mahinda and Pope

Role of Erik Solheim questioned by Norwegian anti-terrorists.

Mr. Erik Solheim who is playing a controversial role as the Norwegian special envoy in facilitating Sri Lanka’s peace process claming to end the decay long crises has being seriously questioned by the Norwegians Against Terrorism Organization. Falk Rovik, Founder of the ‘Norwegians Against Terrorism’ explaining the Norwegian contribution for intensification of the LTTE terror movement and the Solheim as a facilitator to the Sri Lanka Government led peace process stated that Erik Solheim was political nobody before the LTTE made him a “world renowned” peace facilitator. Mr. Rovik in his detailed expression introduced Mr.Solheim as a ‘Tiger Friendly Facilitator’ who does not return calls from Norwegian non LTTE Tamil leaders, and who does not participate in Sinhalese and non LTTE Tamil conferences in Oslo.