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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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As fatalities mount, Canada’s Conservative government moves to extend Afghan intervention

Canada’s minority Conservative government and corporate media had long planned to use this past week’s 90th anniversary of the First World War battle of Vimy Ridge to whip up public support for the Canadian military and, above all, to promote the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) intervention in Afghanistan. But the elaborate ceremonies and official invocations of sacrifice, duty, honor, and Canadian nation-building have been overshadowed by a series of deadly reversals for the 2,300 strong CAF contingents serving in southern Afghanistan. Six CAF troops were killed last Sunday when their armored vehicle was destroyed by a roadside bomb and two more were killed Wednesday in a wave of Taliban bomb-attacks.

Muslims have a right to know from the LTTE leadership

By Ahsan Habib Lincoln

Six years after the October 1990 eviction of Muslims from the Northern Province, Nadesan Satyendra, son of eminent and distinguished Queens Counsel S. Nadesan wrote a carefully worded article justifying the crime, maintaining that there was a “substantial basis” for the actions of the perpetrators. He poses two pertinent questions.“What then were the 'difficult circumstances' that led to the evacuation? “Was the action that was taken proportionate to the danger that the Muslim presence constituted to the Tamil struggle?” The second question stems out of an answer given by LTTE leader Prabhakaran in an interview with the BBC in 1993: “Jaffna is their (Muslim's) own land. Unfortunately, difficult circumstances have rendered these Muslim people refugees. We very much regret that this has happened."

The State of Confusion

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

The CFA is indeed meaningless. We do continue to pay lip service to it because we want to pacify the international community. These are self-evident truths. Whether the Defence Secretary – who also happens to be the brother of the President – should have said these out loud to the whole world to hear is quite another matter. After all it would not need much cogitation to comprehend that such a candid admission would be advantageous to the LTTE politically and propagandistically (while we gain nothing from it). Little wonder that the pro-Tiger Tamilnet is giving such prominence to Gotabhaya Rajapakse’s disastrously frank interview with the AP.

Ranil must quit politics to save the nation

By H.L.D. Mahindapala

One of the common criticisms leveled against Ranil Wickremesinghe by his close associates in the party and his friends in the media is that he is very slow on the uptake. This explains why he has missed the bus so frequently. By the time he wakes up to the issues that need attention he finds that the issues have run away, or gone right round him and returned like a boomerang to whack him on his head. Example: the mass exodus of his party men. Obviously, this is a clear sign of a man out of touch with the the trends, the people, and most of all his own party. If a leader can’t feel the pulse of his own party then how can he read the pulse of the nation? This disqualifies him as a leader. But this doesn't disqualify him as a follower in the backbenches.

Is tobacco company seriously concerned about people's lungs in Pakistan?

Bobby Ramakant

Will Pakistan Tobacco Company protect people's lungs by building environment parks alone? Nine out of ten lung cancers are attributed to tobacco use, says Pakistan's noted expert Prof Javaid Khan. Time to seriously ponder and act on to make effective tobacco control a reality. A colour newspaper advertisement was published in Pakistan's newspapers to announce the foundation stone-laying ceremony of Ghourghushti Environment Park in Attock district by collaborative efforts of Pakistan Tobacco Company and Government of Pakistan on 8 April 2007. Prime Minister Mr Shaukat Aziz laid the stone.

Dynamism of Truth in Media

By Oscar E V Fernando

Terrorism and wars have enveloped humanity. It is universally accepted that this global crisis can be averted only with a pro-active search for peace, beginning within each individual.This search has to be pursued with tenets of spirituality, economic development, and involvement of youth within a high standard for print and electronic media. The media, with their access to the vast world of information technology, should express opinions in a fair, ethical and responsible manner. Journalists contribute to the formation of public opinion, which in turn influences societal, national and international decisions. Such is their influence that the media have been dubbed the Fourth Estate.

Suspected Tamil Tigers kill a Tamil family including three and fifteen year old children

By Walter Jayawardhana

Five Tamil civilians in a family including a three year old boy and a 15 year girl who were getting ready to celebrate the Hindu New Year in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka were dragged out of the house by suspected cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and shot dead. The victims have been suspected by the Tamil Tigers to be faithful to another Tamil political party opposed by them. This is the fifth attack by the LTTE during this month on civilians both Tamil and Sinhalese.

"The Strangers"

By Rajes Bala

A story of Chandran – a Tamil refugee in London. He fled to London and after a few years managed to bring his wife and children. He stayed in touch with his people back in the East of Sri Lanka. He finds life miserable. Author describes his emotions, his love for Tamil. When his son started schooling in London, his wife wanted him to be fluent in English and wanted the young one to converse with everyone in English. The father wanted the children to talk Tamil at least in the house. When he finds the son replies in English he get disappointed, looses temper ….Once when he cools down talks to his son and requests him to speak in Tamil. Son replies ... “Appa...was not my uncle killed in Sri Lanka…..? Was not because he is a Tamil and spoke Tamil?"

Panora commences computer manufacturing in Sri Lanka

By Quintus Perera

Panora Corporation, a subsidiary of PCH Holdings, started operations of the Company's new state of the art of manufacturing facility in Colombo witnessing a further new development in the IT Industry in Sri Lanka. a Rs 1.2 billion investment spread over three years is expected to manufacture around 12,000 units of PCs per month for the first year and employ around 200 for the start. Prof . Tissa Vitharna, Minister of Science and Technology speaking at the declare opening of the manufacturing facility last week said that Panora has made a great achievement to set up this plant competing with the multinationals.

Are Naxalites on path of righteousness…?

By J N Raina - Syndicate Features

In plain terms, what is the magnitude of India’s tolerance to absorb shock waves, emanating from terrorism, communalism, Naxalism and age-old casteism, which are almost inter-linked? As if Pak-sponsored terrorism is not enough to bleed India, Naxalism, based on a borrowed doctrine, advocating Maoist Communism—which stands against the Indian establishment--- is emerging as a hydra-headed monster in the country. The latest massacre of 55 persons of the Chattisgarh Armed Police (CAP) by the Naxalites, at Ranibodli police camp in Dantewada district, shows to what extent the Naxalism has spread its tentacles, creating civil war- like situation in the affected regions.

A major power failure in Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera, Reporting from Colombo

A major electricity failure occurred around Sri Lanka at on Sunday. Reason for the power failure is still not known. However the Ceylon Electricity Board has taken steps to restore the entire network. Some parts of the country have received electricity and the Board said it will restore the power failure within 45 minutes.