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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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President Kim Il Sung

Single state of Sri Lanka with Indian model constitution, the solution for the country’s problems - Colonel Karuna

KarunaThe TMVP told the "AsianTribune" that the solution to present crisis is in designing a bi-cameral system of government and a constitution on the India model. Col. Karuna states: "The Indian constitution could be termed as a quasi-federal form of Government with strong unitary characteristics and tendencies. The Indian Constitution in my view portrays an appearance of a federal form in normal times but the appearance could easily be converted into a strong unitary form during the time of emergency. Therefore in my view the Indian constitution could be summed up as a unique federal-unitary mix. "We in the TMVP believe such an Indian model as the solution required to put the country on the right track. Even veteran politician Annan (eldest brother) V. Anandasangaree, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front and senior cabinet Minister Douglas Devananda , leader of the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party, too has said time and again that they are for an Indian model.

Security Council to Take Up Climate Change

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

The U.N. Security Council, whose primary mandate is to prevent wars and preserve world peace, will once again break tradition next week when it debates the newest threat to international security: climate change. The 15-member Council, which usually confines itself to "hard core" international politics, has on previous occasions discussed "soft issues" such as gender rights, HIV/AIDS and peacekeeping. But all three issues were debated on the ground they relate either to conflict situations or international peace and security.

Falk Rovik, anti-terorist activist, ready to expose Norway's support for Tamil Tigers

Falk Rovik, a leading Norwegian anti-terrorist activist exposing Norway's role in supporting Tamil Tiger terrorism, will be the keynote speaker at a public seminar schduled to be held in Colombo on Apil 20, 2007. This seminar is organised by World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS), Sansadaya and Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT). Rovik, who is the founder President of Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT), has been very critical of Norwegian government's role of providing facilities for the Tamil Tiger terrorists to launch anti-Sri Lankan government and anti-peace process programmes on Norwegian soil.

SAARC Car Rally in its penultimate leg in Sri Lanka

The SAARC Car Rally in its penultimate run began its Sri Lanka leg at Galle Face road yesterday (10th April 2007) at 7.00 a.m. with a ceremonial flag off by Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka. On the first day, the Rally will pass through Kalutara, Galle, Welligama and will reach Tissamaharama. Also present at the ceremony were Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, Cultural Affairs Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardene, Sports and Public Recreation Minister Gamini Lokuge and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hussein A. Bhaila.

Chamber of Construction Industry to introduce manufactured sand at “Excon 2007”

Sunil C. Perera - Repoorting from Colombo

Dakshitha Thalgodapitiya, CEO/Secretary General of the Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka said theChamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka will introduce manufactured sand to Sri Lankan construction industry at its Annual Trade Fair – “Excon 2007”, which will be held during the period 11th to 13th May 2007 at BMICH.
Metso Minerals of New Zealand pioneers in the production of Barmac Crushing Plants will carryout practical demonstrations at “Excon 2007”.

On the Road for the People

Without any comment or editing we reproduce below an article sent by the North Korean Embassy in Bangladesh purely to give a glimpse of the ideology and the practices of this isolated country -- Editor, Asian Tribune.

Zimbabwe: Breadbasket to basket case …

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

When recently inflation in India climbed up a notch—from 6.4 to 6.53 percent —there were demands for the government to quit because the rise in prices of items of daily use had made the life of ordinary citizens ‘miserable’. But can one imagine the lives of people living in a country where inflation has touched 1700 percent —yes, 17 followed by two zeros. That dubious distinction goes to Zimbabwe in Africa.

Five years after 2002 Gujarat pogrom: While the victims languish, the perpetrators go unpunished

Despite the passage of more than five years since the February-March 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in the Indian state of Gujarat, not a single one of the principal perpetrators of this horrific crime has been punished. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Muslims who were driven from their towns and villages by roving bands of Hindu supremacist thugs still languish in relief camps without electricity or running water.





SAARC Rally1

Latest stunts of the LTTE in Paris a death-knell

Leading the Tamils to the killing field has been the practice of the LTTE for the last 30 years. After leading the Tamils to the killing fields usual LTTE uses its propaganda machineries to pin the blame on the Sri Lanka Government and other Tamil organizations. But still the Tamils and the international community have not fully well comprehended the modus operandi of the LTTE operatives. On Monday a similar incident has taken place in Paris. Tamil Tigers arranged to hold a protest rally to condemn the arrest and remand of 15 hardcore LTTE cadres in Paris. The protest rally was to be held at Parvis Des Droits Trocadero square on Monday from 2 pm to 5 pm. Initially police gave permission to hold the rally. Later French Police cancelled the permission it gave to hold the rally.