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Iran’s release of sailors: A humiliating episode for Britain

Iran’s release of the 15 British naval personnel captured in the Gulf is the dénouement of a humiliating episode for the Blair government and for British imperialism. Since they were captured by Iranian naval forces in the Shatt al Arab waterway, the sailors and marines have come to epitomize the gap between Britain’s pretensions as a world power and its actual capabilities. Prime Minister Tony Blair’s response to the incident, with repeated declarations that he was seeking a diplomatic solution, is not an indication of a new pacifist turn by one of the architects of the Iraq war. It was forced upon him by his reliance on the United States, both politically and militarily.

France: Police attack defenders of immigrant school children

On March 20, police assaulted a group of people seeking to prevent the arrest of an undocumented Chinese immigrant who had come to collect his grandsons from the Rampal infant school in the Belleville district of Paris. The police attack has provoked a wave of revulsion amongst teachers, parents and the working class population in the community and throughout France. The afternoon before police had stopped a young undocumented Chinese woman who had come to the school for her niece. After a half-hour argument, the school’s headmistress, Valérie Boukobza, managed to win her release, although not before police searched the woman. Residents and protesters were thus alerted to the police presence in the area.

United States Continues to Bust Arms Procurement By Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

Washington, D.C. 06 April ( Continuing its crackdown on Sri Lanka’s separatist Tamil Tiger (LTTE) network seeking arms for its 25-year insurrection against the Sri Lankan state to militarily win a separate ethnic state in this South Asian nation’s north-east province, the United States authorities said April 05 they busted an arms-trafficking network arresting six Asians, which includes a Sri Lankan citizen, who had been trying to smuggle weapons from the U.S. to Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka. The network aided Tamil Tiger terrorists in the attempted purchase of Surface to Air Missiles, Night Vision Devices, Machine Guns and State of the Art Firearms.

French court remands Tigers in Paris; Tigers organise a protest with forced signatures

A Court in Paris remanded 15 members of the LTTE and released 4 of them out of a total 19 arrested on charges of illegal fund-raising. On April Fool's Day 17 members of the LTTE in Paris were arrested. Later two of them were released and two new suspects were arrested. Subsequently another two were arrested bringing the total to 19. The Court also granted permission to search houses, properties and offices of the remanded LTTE suspects. The LTTE cadres were arrested on charges of collecting funds by forcing the Tamil diaspora living in Paris and outside Paris. Police made the arrests under the direction of anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, the sources said.

Four civilians killed by LTTE, while more claymore mines targeting innocent civilians found

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has selected civilian targets for their assassinations and other violence after failing militarily especially in the Eastern Province. They have also started blaming their rivals the Karuna Group and the military for this violence against the majority Sinhalese ethnic group.

Blame Game For SAARC Failure…..

By M. Rama Rao – Asian Tribune

The 14th SAARC summit held at the imposing Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi has ended, like all the past summits, with no headline grabbing announcements. All the promises we have been hearing right from the time Indira Gandhi grudgingly accepted Bangladesh President Zia-ur-Rehman’s suggestion to set up a regional forum for south Asian nations, were repeated amidst calls for result oriented action. What is wrong with SAARC?

Thailand: Draft Law to protect people-with-HIV needs revision

Masimba Biriwasha

A draft law on the protection of HIV-infected persons in Thailand has been dismissed as discriminatory to the people it seeks to protect, says AIDS NGO representatives and activists in the NGO Forum on Health meeting last month (27 March 2007). The draft law titled "The Act on Protection of HIV-Infected Persons and AIDS Patients (B.E.)" could reverse the country's efforts to effectively respond to HIV and AIDS, said many of the civil society activists. Aids NGO representatives and activists said that government drafted the law without the consultation and participation of people living with HIV.

Arab Perspective: Playing US Politics with Iraqi Blood for Oil

By * Nicola Nasser

Bracing for 2008 presidential election, US Democrats in opposition and the ruling Republicans have embroiled the American public in a political crisis between the executive and legislative powers over deadlines for combat operations in Iraq that could develop into a constitutional showdown, but for Arabs and Iraqis in particular it is merely playing electoral politics with Iraqi blood for oil because the Democratic Alternative for President George W. Bush’s strategy, when scrutinized, promises them no fundamental change to the bloody status quo.

Castro Blasts US For Ethanol Use

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

Granted that the US and Cuba remain implacable foes. But it is still rather difficult to believe that ethanol, based on extraction from sugar cane and some other food crops can be one of the many contentious issues between the two countries, one a giant and the other a Lilliput in both geographical and political sense. In an article in the Cuban Communist Party daily, Granma, Fidel Castro has lashed out at President George W. Bush for his support to use of ethanol in the US, calling it ‘a sinister idea of converting food into combustibles’. A dialectical broadside from a convalescing octogenarian Latin American revolutionary? Perhaps.

How United States Intervened to Ensure Good Governance And protect Human Rights in Sri Lanka – US document notes

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune Review

The designation of Sri Lanka’s separatist Tamil Tiger movement (LTTE) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) in 1997 the United States government and its agencies, by federal law, are prohibited from maintaining any contact whatsoever with it while enjoying diplomatic relations with the legitimate government of Sri Lanka making the U.S. to use its diplomatic and economic tools at its disposal to exert pressure on Sri Lanka to fall in line with US’ accepted norms of good governance and rule of law. Since the United States has no available tools to contain or censor the Liberation Tigers, as it is a ‘non-state player’, it uses public statements to condemn its actions with absolutely no results, and the LTTE taking absolutely no notice of such pronouncements.