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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Douglas Signing

Sri Lanka Minister Douglas Devananda signs UN Treaty on Disability Rights

Minister for Social Services and Social Welfare Douglas Devananda, signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka at the UN in New York on 30 March 2007. The Convention which aims to ensure that people with disabilties enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with everyone else was signed by over 75 member States as well as the European Community, at a ceremony held at the United Nations. Sri Lanka’s signature of this Convention follows the commitment given by President Rajapaksa in the Mahinda Chintana to take steps including the enactment of legislation to ensure that all persons with disabilties are treated as respected and able citizens without discrimination.

Malaysia live nerve centre of LTTE activities

In an e-mail sent to the "Asian Tribune" Dr.T. Dorai, Principal of Advance Aeronautics Training Centre in Ipoh, Malaysia, denied that he was involved in any procurement of arms or smuggling of arms to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. He admitted that Lawrence Thilakar, who was at that time the LTTE’s international representative based in Paris, met him and appealed to him to help them with the procurements of arms for the Tiger outfit. But he said that he refused to oblige. Dr. Dorai whose full name is Dr. Tharmadorai and he said even his father and mother were born in Malaysia and his grandfather and grandmother were from some parts of Jaffna in Sri Lanka, which he has never visited in his lifetime.

Dirty" Sethu and "Rowdy" Rajan found guilty of attacking Tamil Broadcasting Corporation in London

A bench of three magistrates in the Harrow Magistrates Court found Nadarajah Sethurupan (better known as "Oothai (Dirty Sethu") and "Rowdy" Rajan, guilty of violating the peace and causing damages to the Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) on 8 June 2006. Both are known as active agents of the LTTE. "Dirty" Sethu, ran the Oslo based, threatening and attacking Tamils opposed to the LTTE. The case was filed by the Metropolitan Police before the Harrow Magistrate Court on the violence in front of the Tamil Broadcasting Corporation.

State not shying away from responsibilities: Dr Shurhozelie

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

Nagaland Minister for Planning and Urban Development Dr Shurhozelie said the Government had never shied away its responsibilities from controlling law and order situation in the state. "We have done our best to control law and order whenever it occurred in any part of the state," he told the NEPS here at his official residence here on Friday. The minister said, "We have never said killing is not law and order but only said the factional killings taking place occasionally in the state have come under political subject." "But when it came, we had never shied away our responsibilities from containing it, “he said. "We always controlled it."

Airport attack unlikely to dampen resolve

By Dushy Ranetunge

The previous attack on the Katunayake airport, during the regime of President Kumaratunge, compounded on negative economic growth due to a sustained drought and led to the empowerment of the Wickremasinghe administration and the ceasefire agreement. The fallout of Mondays attack on Katunayake is having a similar effect on the economy and tourism in particular. Other than airlines, tour operators too have begun redirecting tour groups to other countries avoiding Sri Lanka. Insurance premiums too are rising with Cochin becoming more attractive to Colombo.

LTTE mortar fire from Thoppigala: Eight civilians killed and eighteen others injured

By Walter Jayawardhana

In an obvious attempt to create panic and confusion and make civilian run leaving their settlements Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) targeted two villages in the Eastern Province and killed eight people including two young children and injuring 18 other civilians the Sri Lanka Army sources said. The civilians were killed in Morakottanchena and Karadiyanaru villages during the night of March 29 by mortar fire allegedly originating from the LTTE positions in Thoppigala area.

Party poopers in Nepal

By Tukoji R. Pandit - Syndicate Features

Politicians in this country are known more for their dourness than a sense of humour. There are, however, few exceptions like George Fernandes and Atal Bihari Vajpayee who crack ‘jokes’ when they discuss serious matters or reply to queries from journalists. Now, it appears that a prominent Nepalese leader has also acquired a taste for banter. Reports say that the chairman of Nepal’s Maoists, Prachanda (‘the fierce one’) was only ‘joking’, a la Fernandes-Vajpayee, when he said that many of his armed followers have remained unregistered with the United Nations. What this ‘joke’ means is that last year’s peace agreement does not bind the Maoists who are ‘unregistered’ from going around with their ‘bombs’ even after being disarmed by the UN.

China passes private property law for capitalist elite

At end of the 12-day National Peoples Congress (NPC) in Beijing on March 16, some 3,000 hand-picked lawmakers rubber-stamped a Property Law. The enactment of this law, which follows the opening of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) membership to private businessmen in 2002, is a significant step in establishing the dominance of capitalist property relations in China. The law declares: “The property of the state, the collective, the individual and other obligees is protected by law, and no units or individuals may infringe upon it.” By elevating private property to the same status as state property, the law gives formal legal protection to China’s burgeoning private enterprises and legitimizes capitalist exploitation of the working class for the first time in six decades.


"Federal system" is the best way to tame the Tigers and avoid separatism -- Anandasangaree

V.AnandasangareeV.Anandasangaree, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front, told the "Asian Tribune" that the unitary system of Government that has prevailed since 1948 -- the year of independence -- has failed to bring about unity and national integration in the country. "A federal system of Government in Sri Lanka will prevent separation and promote unity in the country. But under a unitary system the country will never be in peace and tendency for separation will continue" he added. He argued: "Under the Unitary system which has been there for the last fifty years and more, thousands have been killed and millions internally displaced and there will be the threat of separation.