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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Devadithya, EU Parliamentarian, writes to head of EU Dr. Mekel: Don't apply "bizarre" double standards in dealing with Sri Lanka

Sunil C.Perera – Asian Tribune

Niranjan Devadithya EU Parliamentarian and EPP-ED Coordinator of the Development Committee of the European Parliament, Niranjan Devadithya, focusing on current situation in Sri Lanka, has written to the current head of the EU, Dr Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, appealing to her to "use our (EU) “soft power” to further EU influence in the world......with consistency and fairness." He added: "To do otherwise will make us a laughing stock in the international community at a time when the EU is poised to celebrate 50 years of a common purpose and common values. If we do not, China and other emerging powers will fill the vacuum."

Sprinklers! - a C-turn by Vavuniya onion farmers

“My father was supportive when I chose to deviate from the traditional method of cultivation” said Niyas, a young farmer, from Pulitharithapuliyankulam, a village in the Vavuniya District. He proudly displayed a sack of freshly harvested carrots weighing 30 kilograms to UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Frederick Lyons. He started small with an initial investment in a sprinkler system and began cultivating a mere quarter acre of land with carrots, beet, leeks and chili. Four months on, Niyas was able to expand his cultivable area to one acre. Within one year he more than doubled his yield and now owns a tractor as well.

Burma: Chin women’s group launch rape report

A new report documenting the use of rape against ethnic women in Burma was launched today, as Burma’s regime marks “Armed Forces Day”. Unsafe State: State-sanctioned sexual violence against Chin women in Burma, published by the Women’s League of Chinland, documents 38 cases of sexual violence committed with impunity by the Burma Army throughout Chin State, in western Burma near the India border. Almost half the cases documented were gang rapes, and at least a third was committed by officers. Sexual violence is typically accompanied by extreme brutality, including severe torture and murder. One woman was stripped naked and tied to a cross, in “a savage act of mockery against her Christian beliefs”, the report claims.

UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka unequivocally condemns LTTE air attack on the Sri Lanka’s air force base

The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka has unequivocally condemned the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam for the aerial bomb attack on the Sri Lanka’s air force base and urged the British Government to fully implement the Sri Lankan Tamil outfits proscription. In a statement issued by the Lord Naseby of Sandy, Co-Chair of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka alleged "This provocative action really undermines the peace process."

UN Secretary General says he is disturbed over an air attack this week by the LTTE

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says that he was disturbed over the latest air attacks by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. He o pointed out that he is disturbed over the extensive and escalating violations of the cease-fire in Sri Lanka. Ban Ki Moon in his statement has appealed to the parties to the conflict to break the vicious cycle of attack and retaliation, which only leads to more bloodshed and victims.

Air Tiger Attack on the Air Force Base and its Significance

Dr. Siri Gamage - University of New England, Australia

It is interesting to note that some commentators seem to believe that this attack was not an attack in the real sense because the damage was minimal. Others say the attack has had a symbolic effect rather than a material one. Whatever the way one interprets this daring and surprise attack in the mid night hours on the air force base which parks Sri Lanka's air force planes and helicopters, there are some interesting observations one can make about this incident's significance.

Completion Ceremony – Norway’s Tsunami Temples Reconstruction Project

Sunil C. Perera, Reporting from Colombo

A Completion Ceremony for the reconstruction of 32 Buddhist temples on Norway aid is to take place in Dodanduwa, Galle, 29 March 2007. This is part of a Rs. 200 million Norwegian funded programme to reconstruct various religious buildings affected by the Tsunami. “We are pleased to see that the reconstruction of these Buddhist Temples in the South has been successfully completed. It is our sincere hope that this project will contribute towards healing some of the many wounds the Tsunami has left,” says Norwegian Ambassador Hans Brattskar.

Six people killed and eight injured in a suspected LTTE suicide attack on an army camp in the East

By Walter Jayawardhana

Six people including two soldiers were killed and eight others were seriously injured when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) crashed a high explosives laden tractor yesterday against a barrier leading to the Sri Lanka Army’s main base in the Eastern town of Chenkaladi near Batticaloa. Four army personnel and two police personnel were injured and admitted to the hospital

Attack on major Sri Lankan airforce base as civil war continues to escalate

Three Sri Lankan airforce personnel were killed and 16 wounded in an attack by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the early hours of Monday morning on the main air force base at Katunayake, north of Colombo. The LTTE used light aircraft for the first time in more than two decades of civil war to drop several bombs on the base, which is adjacent to the country’s only international airport. While the LTTE caught the Sri Lankan military by surprise, the attack failed to disable or destroy the air force’s jet fighters and helicopters. Air force spokesman Ajantha Silva said the damage had been minor and that the bombs hit engineering facilities. Other defence sources indicated that two parked military helicopters may have been damaged.

Niranjan Devadithya

Sri Lanka Army capture Kokkadicholai - the main nerve center of LTTE’s eastern command

By Walter Jayawardhana

In one of its major accomplishments the Sri Lanka Army captured one of the nerve centers of the Eastern Command of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at Kokkadicholai with its mansion , air-conditioned conference hall built for foreigners and a large haul of arms. In the face of the advancing Light Infantry troops of the Sri Lanka Army the Tamil Tigers left most of their weapons and fled, the Sri Lanka Army said.