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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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LTTE air raid on Katunayake air base - An Analysis

By Col R Hariharan (retd)

The first ever raid by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) air force carried out on Katunayake military air base, 23 Km from Colombo in the early hours of Monday, 26 March 2007 was not unexpected. However, that does not minimize its importance. According to the Sri Lanka air force spokesman, a light aircraft made a sneak raid around 12.45 am and lobbed two 'explosives' on a hangar killing three airmen and injuring 15 others. However, the LTTE had claimed two of its aircraft took part in the raid and dropped four bombs on the target.

USAID-Supported ‘Coastal Rising’ from YATV Shows Positive Side of Tsunami Response

Young Asia Television (YATV) has assembled district-based teams of journalists and civil society activists in the East and South of Sri Lanka to highlight tsunami recovery from the community perspective, drawing attention to how citizens, local government, relief agencies and the donor community have risen to the challenge of rebuilding livelihoods and infrastructure along the devastated coast. This program has been a lunched with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Loans scheme for Sri Lankan journalists

Sri Lanka Government has come forward to provide loans to the working journalist for the purchases of media equipments. Sri Lanka Prime Minister Rathnasiri Wickramanayake handed over the first set of loan documents to journalists at the ‘Temple trees’ yesterday morning.

Janasakthi provides wide range benefits for local motor insurance policy holders

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Motor insurance policyholders can now avail themselves of the widest range of benefits ever provided by a Sri Lankan insurer to date, with Janashakthi – "Full Option." Janashakthi Insurance Company has revolutionized motor insurance in Sri Lanka by providing policyholders with a wide range of benefits that go beyond those usually offered by a motor insurance policy, at no extra cost.

Nuclear Cooperation: Mutually Beneficial Deal with the US

By Gurmeet Kanwal

The Indo-US nuclear deal, signed in July 2005 at Washington D.C., has been criticised on political, ideological and non-proliferation grounds in both India and the United States (US) as well as in some other countries. However, neither government appears to have any doubts about the deal’s mutual benefits. This week Indian and US diplomats have begun negotiations on the ‘123’ agreement that the two countries must sign consequent to the enactment in December 2006 of the Hyde Act that allows the US Administration to make an exception for India in nuclear trade and technology cooperation.

Air attack by LTTE has brought endless joy and happiness to Tamils all over the world – P. Nedumaran

NedumaranThe news that two flights belonging to Tamileelam Air Force for the very first time flew into Colombo bombing and heavily damaging the Sinhala Air Force base and returned back to base has brought boundless joy and happiness to the Tamils living all over the world. In a statement P. Nedumaran,leader of the Tamilar Desiya Iyakkam of Tamil Nadu, pointed out that for the last five years, Liberation Tigers very strictly adhered to the Ceasefire Agreement. However he alleged that the Sinhala Army often violated it, also it attacked indiscriminately the Tamil areas with aerial bombardments, mortar shells and was involved in the killing of the Tamils in large numbers.

ICICI Bank promotes young talent

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The ICICI Bank in Colombo treated 450 children studying in the nursery level to Second Standard to a drawing competition in a bid to protrude their creativity power and talent. The Bank would be using this art competition and exhibition as a platform to reach out to its young customers. The ICICI Bank Young Stars account is tailored in such a way that its processes involve both children and parents. The Young Stars account is an innovative attempt to guide children through the world of banking.

Sri Lanka appoints committee to investigate Tamil Tiger attack on the Air Force base at Katunayake

A special Committee has been appointed to probe into the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s air raid on the Sri Lanka Air Force base in Katunayake yesterday early morning. Addressing the press briefing held at the Media Centre for National Security, Media Minister Anura Priyadarshan Yapa answering to the queries by journalists whether the SLAF air defence system was operational at the time and as to why the LTTE's light aircraft was not shot down, the minister stated that a full scale investigation will be done by the committee to shed light on the sequence of events and the actions initiated by the Air Force in retaliation. "When investigations are over we will be able to give you more details" Minister Anura Priyadarshna Yapa said.

Federal judge rules terrorism trial against Jose Padilla to proceed

A federal judge has refused to dismiss terrorism-related charges against former “enemy combatant” Jose Padilla, rejecting defense arguments that the US government had violated his constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial. In a ruling Friday in Miami, US District Judge Marcia Cooke agreed with prosecution claims that Padilla’s three and a half years of incarceration without charges in a Navy brig did not count, because at that point he had yet to be charged with a crime.

US Amabassador with Minister Karu jayasuriya

India concerned, alerts its air defence system in the south

By M Rama Rao - Reporting for Asian Tribune from New Delhi

The technology demonstrator, the LTTE prefers to term its aerial raid on Lankan air force facility adjoining Colombo's Bandaranaike air port, has prompted India to keep its air defence system in Tamil Nadu and adjoining states in a state of high alert. A considered view here is that LTTE air power display adds a new dimension to the ethnic 'war' in the island nation. And those Indian agencies will have to return to the drawing board to revisit their security plans for the south.