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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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Suhas Chakma

Asian American Justice Center Lauds New Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The Asian American Justice Center (AAJC), a leading national civil and human rights organization, is encouraged by bipartisan introduction of the STRIVE (Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy) Act of 2007 by Representatives Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) to the US Congress on March 22. This comprehensive immigration reform bill contains provisions that provide regularized legal channels for new immigrants to help strengthen the American economy, reforms the employment and family-based immigration system, and adjusts the status of eligible undocumented immigrants.

Tigers raid Tamil editor's apartment in Paris suburb

LTTE gang in Paris has ransacked a residential apartment and removed scores of recorded video, audio cassettes and DVDs from the apartment of Luxmy, the editor of a Tamil literary journal and a leading Tamil feminist. She is also an organizer of the literary meetings, Ilakkiya Chanthippus and seminars in Europe. Luxmy, Editor of a prestigious Tamil literary quarterly Yuir Nizhal, (Life Shadow) who lives in an apartment on the 5th floor, located in 27 Rue Jean Moulin, Courbevoie, outside Paris has reported to Police at Courbevoie that an LTTE gang had broken into her apartment and spirited away video cassettes, 75 audio cassettes and 10 DVDs.

Hold elections to north and east councils or appoint an interim council -- Asad Moulana, TMVP

Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) the political party of the Karuna group in the east, is urging to either hold elections for the two demerged provincial councils or appoint an interim councils for the north and east to hand over power to the people of the two areas as in other seven provinces of the country. Asad Maulana, spokesman for TMVP, told the "Asian Tribune" that since 1990 the Provincial Councils of the North East provinces remain dissolved and the people in these two provinces have been deprived of the opportunity to conduct their own affairs.

Humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka rises - warns Asian Center for Human Rights

By Subash Mohapatra

Suhas ChakmaHumanitarian crisis is impending in Sri Lanka, a Delhi based human rights group Asian Center for Human Rights (ACHR) warns. Mr. Suhas Chakma, the director of the group stated that there have been reports that the government of Sri Lanka has been forcibly returning the displaced people from Batticaloa to their places of origin in the Vaharai and Trincomalee areas despite serious concerns over the security situation there. More than 300 people were reportedly transported to a transit centre in Killaveddi on 12 March 2007 under pressure from the local authorities who threatened to stop assistance if they stayed in Batticaloa. Hundreds of people continue to flee from the conflict areas to comparatively safer areas.

WHO TB Strategy out of reach for many endemic countries

By Dr Bobby John and Tim France, PhD

A much larger TB drug resistance problem exists than researchers previously thought. New global data on TB, published this week by the World Health Organization (WHO), highlight serious weaknesses in many national TB programmes, increasing the potential for widespread TB drug resistance. How did we reach this precarious state?

CCI to train Construction Professionals

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka (CCI) is now introducing an industry based training programme with a clear career path for young people who are deprived of opportunities to obtain University education to become construction professionals. The construction industry is experiencing a serious shortage of middle level technical personnel as well as engineering professionals, which impedes industry’s growth.

Ensuring Equal Access to Justice for all

Divisional secretaries, lawyers, police officers, prison officers panelists of mediation boards, and civil society leaders from around the island gathered in Colombo last week to discuss strategies to assist less privileged groups such as women, children, disabled persons, internally displaced persons and the economically disadvantaged.The three day residential training attracted 150 stakeholders of UNDP’s Equal Access to Justice Project.

Ungovernable Somalia and the Imminent Collision of Hegemonic Interests

By Abukar Arman

Modern day Somalia became a nation of profound paradox and a web of political conundrum- a country where perception is always reality; where the “mundane” is a cherished deadly thrill; where “new” political dynamics are nothing but old, and, where potential “solutions” are problems. But, that is not all. Once again, Somalia became a magnetic political rink that lures powerful entities with incompatible strategic interests into a potentially deadly competition that causes more suffering for that dying state.

HNB Group Post Tax Profits upsurges to Rs 2,000 million

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Hatton National Bank (HNB) acknowledged by the internationally respected UK Banker Magazine as Sri Lanka's Bank of the year 2006, has ended another year of robust performance with solid improvements in key financial indicators. Commenting on the audited statements released for the year ended 31 December 2006, Rajendra Theagarajah, Managing Director, HNB said that the Team HNB has pursued a path of implementing selected strategies designed to meet the set of challenges they identified as critical for delivering superior value to their stakeholders during the last twelve months with a unified focus and vigour.

Vitharana and his efforts to undermine Mahinda Chintanaya

S Akurugoda - Australia

There appears to be a tremendous pressure from donor countries, particularly the Co-Chairs, and India to place a political solution to the so-called ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. This is evident from the appointment of various committees to prepare ‘devolution package’, cry for ‘maximum possible devolution as a basis for negotiation with the LTTE’ etc. Prof. Vitharana, Chairman of the APRC, has told the Chief Incumbent of the Malwathu Vihara that the APRC is studying Indian devolution models. He believes that the Indian model is the best suited for Sri Lanka and whatever the committee proposed, it should be acceptable to the LTTE.

Despite setting up ATM trading charges in the old way

By Atul Cowshish & Sarla Handoo - Syndicate Features

Only a naïve Indian would expect any cooperation from Pakistan in the Samjhauta express investigations because Pakistan does not accept that it has anything to do with any terror act in India even though it does acknowledge, maybe tacitly, that terrorists freely roam around the land of the pure. Pakistan pretends that it knows nothing about any of the terrorists and criminals who ran away from India to seek shelter under the umbrella of its Inter-Services Intelligence. The Pakistan railways minister thinks it is ‘irresponsible’ of India to have sent a sketch of the Pakistani suspected to be responsible for the Samjhauta express fire bomb.

The Forbes list of billionaires: Wealth piles up for the German elite

Earlier this month, the WSWS reported on the annual Forbes list of billionaires. The number of billionaires in the world increased from 793 to 946 in just one year. This club of the super-rich jointly owns US$3.5 trillion (€2.7 trillion). In contrast to the masses of ordinary working people, the billionaires were able to increase their wealth by 35 percent in the last 12 months. Bill Gates, chief of Microsoft, headed the list with a personal fortune of US$56 billion (compared to US$42.6 billion last year).

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Intervene in Appeal Court Indictment of Foreign Terrorist Organization Fund-Raisers

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune Judicial Review

In a far reaching impact on several challenges to the United States Government’s authority to designate an organization as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) preventing such designated organization from raising funds and obtaining material support on the American soil in support of its overseas terrorist movement, an Iranian group designated as an FTO failed to gain a Supreme Court review that was intended to let them challenge the U.S. designation of the group as a foreign terrorist organization.