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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Antonio Gracio

Industrialists do not response to update Industrial Registry of Sri Lanka – DCS

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Local industrialists pay poor attention to reply questionnaires provided by the Department of Census and Statistics on Annual Survey of Industries. Mrs.D.B.P.Suranjana Vidyaratna of the Department of Census and Statistics [DCS] said the industrial sector is very important for preparation of accurate GDP. Manufacturing sector accounts 78 percent of Industrial exports and contributing 75 percent of overall export growth.

Fr. Emilus Pillai, priest of Madu Church charges Tamil Tigers are kidnapping 17 year old minors and young adults

By Walter Jayawardhana

The parish priest of Madu Matha Catholic church charged despite continuous warnings not to do so, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) keep on kidnapping 17 year old minors and young adults among war refugees who have camped themselves in the church premises. Fr. Emilus Pillai, the parish priest charged that LTTE recruiters enter church grounds and kidnap the war refugees among about 10,000 desolate people who have been living in the church grounds for protection for the last two months. They are Tamil civilians who have fled from the war between LTTE who are also known as the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lanka security forces.

Three New Directors at Nations Trust Bank

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Nations Trust Bank announced the appointment of three new independent Directors, Mr. Maithri Wickremesinghe, Mr. A. R. Rasiah and Dr. Ms Dushni Weerakoon to its Board, with effect from 1st March 2007. Wickremesinghe, Colombo University honours law graduate and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) is an Attorney-at-Law. He is practicing lawyer specializing in Commercial and Banking Law.

A Puncher’s Chance

By Antonio Graceffo

To understand a place, culture or a people you need to integrate yourself into the daily life of the country. You need to learn the language. But most importantly, you need to participate in activities, clubs, and associations with local people. For me, martial art is often my gateway to a foreign culture. As soon as I land in a new country, I join the martial arts school and immediately, I am surrounded by new friends, who give me an insight into their culture which few foreigners would ever experience.

Intel launches World Ahead programme in Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

World’s renowned blue-chip company –Intel Corporation has launched its newest worldwide concept “World Ahead Programme” in Sri Lanka. This programme covers 60 countries, including Sri Lanka , said Chris Thomas, its Strategic Manager at a media briefing held in Colombo on Tuesday. The Intel Corporation invests one billion US$ to launch this project and to speed access to un-compromised technology and education for people in the world’s developing communities.

Will US’s Paks Plan Endanger Asia?

By J N Raina - Syndicate Features

Ostensibly, the US-Pakistan confrontation has been growing quite rapidly. The relationship between the two countries, waging a joint war on global terror, became fuzzy since the US delivered a ‘tough message’ to Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf, to either crack down on terrorists or they will do the job themselves. But it was not taken lightly by Pakistan, although General Musharraf subsequently came down heavily on mercenaries well-trenched in the country and warned them to leave the country or face dangerous consequences.

Jerusalem and Washington bring Palestinians to the brink of starvation

The House of Commons International Development Committee has recently published a report of the findings of its visit to Israel and Palestine. It paints a devastating picture of the impact of the economic sanctions imposed against the Hamas government of the Palestinian Authority (PA) by the United States and the other major powers, including Britain. In so doing, it demonstrates the collusion of the whole of Europe and of the United Nations with Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and its brutal suppression of the Palestinians.

Dr Ms Dushni Werakoon


A R Rasiah


Antonio Gracio 2

Military Agreement between United States and Sri Lanka Could be politically tricky

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The Acquisition and Cross-Services Agreement (ACSA) signed between the United States and Sri Lanka on March 5, which provides for among other things logistics supplies and re-fuelling facilities, has created uproar in opposition political parties in Sri Lanka.