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Shanti Fernando

A Visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp - The first concentration camp in Germany

By Rajeswary Balasubramainam

The writer a human rights activists as well as a famous Tamil writer. She compares the situation in Sri Lanka with the pre-Hitler days after visiting the notorious Dachau concentration camp near Munich, Germany. She laments for the Tamils who are not only killed earlier by the Sri Lankan security forces in the 80s and 90s, but also for the Tamils being killed by the so called 'Liberators of the Tamils.' She paints a vivid picture of the Tamils in the Eastern province, where they were at the receiving end and never had the opportunity to flee to Western countries. The account given by her is heart wrenching

CIMA - Janashakthi Pinnacle Awards celebrate business excellence

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Chairman of Daya Group of Companies, Daya D. K. Gamage and Managing Director of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited, Amitha Lal Gooneratne and were jointly honored with the ‘Business Leader of the Year’ (Large Scale Organization) Gold Award at the CIMA Janashakthi Pinnacle awards held at the Trans Asia Hotel last Tuesday night. The most distinguished honor on offer - this national level award is held in high esteem by the business community and recognizes leaders who have made a significant contribution not only to their organization, but to the business community as a whole.

Sixth Eagle Higher Education Scholarships

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The sixth Eagle Insurance Higher Education Scholarship winners received their benefits at an awards ceremony held at the Trans Asia Hotel with Prof Tissa Kariyawasam as the Chief Guest. The selections for the award of these scholarships are from the best results in the Year Five Examination. The scheme was started in 1994 and so far 336 students have qualified so far. Each student receives Rs 1000 monthly from the time they enter the Advanced Level until they complete their university career. This monthly award would add up to something like Rs 60,000 to Rs 84,000 at the end.

Five assassinated in Colombo marshland identified as Karuna faction Tamils; LTTE prime suspects say police

By Walter Jayawardhana

The five decomposing dead bodies shot in their heads and found in a marshland close to Colombo, have been identified as those of members of the Karuna group virulently opposed to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Police sources said they now suspect the gruesome murders, probably done in execution style, would have been committed by the LTTE assassins after the five Batticaloa resident supporters of Karuna led Tamil Makkal Viduthale Pulikel (TMVP) were abducted by the LTTE operatives in Colombo.

Jailing of gang-raped schoolgirls in Burma a shame on the region

The Women League of Burma a watchdog organization of the welfare of Burmese women has exposed yet another outrageous sexual assault by the Burmese Army men on the young underage Kachin girls. According to the statement released by the WBL four Kachin school girls aged 14 to 16 years from a village south Putao, Northern Kachin State were gang-raped by three army officers and four soldiers from a local SPDC military base. The statement further add, “After news of the incident was reported by independent Burmese media, the girls were arrested and jailed.”

Financial Services Academy established

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The Financial Services Academy (FSA) was launched at the Central Bank Training Centre Auditorium last week with Ms Karine Kam, Executive Director, Singapore College of Insurance and Nivard Cabraal, Governor, Central Bank participating among others. FSA was launched by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IBSL), in collaboration with the Singapore Insurance Regularity Body.

Burma and the Competence of the UN Security Council

Burma and the Competence of the UN Security Council

By Derek Tonkin

Zin Linn sets out passionately the dire situation in Burma in his article in Asian Tribune of 4 March 2007. It would indeed be very encouraging if the UN Security Council could pass a Resolution - any Resolution at all - which would help to bring peace and democracy to Burma. But China and Russia made it crystal clear even before “The Situation in Myanmar” was put on the Council’s agenda that they would oppose any draft Resolution presented to the Council.

Rape, Gender Violence the Norm in Post-War Liberia

Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

When the West African state of Liberia was torn apart by 14 years of civil war, the victims of the brutal insurgency included mostly women and children who were subject to rape and sexual violence. "Not only are the terrible consequences of this still felt by many Liberian women today, but violence against women and rape continue unchecked," says a new study on Liberia by ActionAid, an international development agency based in South Africa.

Judging the Judge: U.S. Foreign Policy an Obstacle to Improve Global Human Rights – Amnesty International

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

In response to the United States Department of State's release March 06 of its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, Amnesty International said that while the reports recognize the plight of human rights defenders around the world, they fail to acknowledge that U.S. foreign policy may have exacerbated conditions for many of these brave individuals. In the name of national security, the Bush administration continues to turn a blind eye to many instances of abuse by countries cited by the State Department for appalling human rights records.

UN Secretary-Genera calls for change in value and attitudes towards women

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon pointed out of the gender disparity that continues to exist. He underlined that in almost in all countries, women continue to be under-represented in decision-making positions. “Women’s work continues to be undervalued, underpaid, or not paid at all," Ban Ki-Moon said in a statement.

Ban Ki-Moon

Nalini's daughter Megara

Former Japanese PM advises unpopular Abe to ignore public opinion

Amid plummeting support in opinion polls for Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, his predecessor Junichiro Koizumi had a word of advice for the incumbent. He told a top-level meeting of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on February 20 that Abe had to defy public opinion and press ahead with the government’s unpopular policies. Koizumi, who had been invited to offer tips to younger party leaders, told his audience: “You don’t need to pay attention to the ups and downs of Cabinet support ratings every single time. Be less sensitive to the effects of the things just before your eyes. The capacity to be insensitive is important... The most important thing is the prime minister holding onto his faith, and that has to be upheld.”

People's Rural Development Association aims to promote small-scale entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

People's Rural Development Association (PRDA) which aims to promote micro and small scale entrepreneurship, Increase access to support services such as capital, technology, management, training and information, and strengthening social capital and institutional capacities of rural poor women says most of self employed women need to earn fast cash and do not care on quality of their products. Honorary Chairperson of the PRDA and Ex-CEO of the Reconstruction Development Agency [RADA] Shanti Fernando said due to their dream of fast cash it may demolish the entire demand for their products.

Pak Falls from US Grace

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

The media savvy Gen Pervez Musharraf expects to notch an important domestic success by getting himself elected for another five-year term as president of Pakistan despite his fast plummeting popularity with both the politicians and the public. But on the external front his joy may be short-lived as his strongest patron, the US President George W. Bush, who is unable to carry his people on his so-called war on terror, downgrades his estimation of his Pakistani counterpart. Of late many officials, though not the top guns, in both Washington and London, have started showing open signs of annoyance with Gen Musharraf because of what is seen as his half-hearted efforts to dismantle the terror network spread across Pakistan and his refusal to discard the terror card as an instrument of his foreign policy.

Conflict Resolution - Lessons for Sri Lanka: A book review by Mallika Wanigasundera

The majority Sinhalese have been accused of discrimination and oppression of the Tamils for many years. Year after year their noses have been rubbed in the dust, particularly during the CBK regime for the inexcusable and tragic events of 1983. Classified as racists and oppressors of the Tamils these same Sinhalese now live amicably in the south with half the Tamil population of Sri Lanka. Even after the gravest provocations by the LTTE through gruesome acts of violence against the Sinhalese they have not retaliated. These are facts which are seldom mentioned by the pro-Eelaam lobbies here and abroad. Only undefined grievances which have transmogrified themselves into unfathomable aspirations are spoken of.

Jaya- Karuna in spat on Tiger Company

By M Rama Rao - in New Delhi

Nalini's daughter MegaraTamil Nadu chief minister Muthavel Karunanidhi and his betenoire Jayalalithaa Jayaram are locked in a new wordy duel with each accusing the other of being devil's advocate – the devil in reference being the LTTE. Jayalalithaa's AIADMK drew the first blood. It trained the guns on Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi, who is in the eye of a raging storm in the wake of a cultural programme that she had organised on the Marina with full official patronage. The state government's Tourism department has come out publicly in support of Kanimozhi's programme, which was billed as a cultural extravaganza to popularise the traditional folk music. Tamil Maiyam - the cultural organisation that had organised the Chennai Sangamam was founded by Father Jegath Gaspar Raj.