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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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Claymore explosion kills six Police Personnel- Batticaloa

A claymore mine bomb explosion killed six police personnel at 11.30 AM today near the Eastern University at Vantharamulai, located in the Batticaloa district. Pilliyan, the Supreme Commander of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal condemned the Vanni Tigers for exploding the claymore mine bomb to create confusion and anarchy in the vicinity of the Eastern University. It is reported that six Police personnel were killed and another 12 received injuries due to the explosion.

South Rejects Deadline for U.N. Restructuring

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who has been in office for less than a month, is getting an inkling of the hard political realities of U.N. diplomacy: that you cannot ask member states to approve your restructuring plans at short notice -- and on a firm deadline. The 130-member Group of 77 (G77) and the 117-member Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), two of the largest political and economic blocs at the United Nations, have refused to be pushed into making a quick decision by Feb. 5 when the General Assembly is scheduled to meet to discuss the secretary-general's restructuring proposals.

Who is Meher Baba?

By CyruSoumya Khambata - Mumbai

Meher BabaHundreds and thousands of Meher Baba followers flock to Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, India every year on January 31 to pay their obeisance at the Samadhi of the Silent Master as Meher Baba is known. The day marks the Amartithi – the day when Baba dropped His body in 1969. The Samadhi is located atop a hill at Meherabad, as the place is known, on the outskirts of Ahmednagar in what is originally a village by name Arangoan. This article by husband- wife duo, Cyrus- Soumya Khambata, traces the life story of Meher Baba and throws light on his message of Universal Love - Editor.

Cease Fire between Palestinian Rival Israeli Restraint after Eilat Attack

By Mohammed Mar'i*

The rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, agreed on Tuesday morning, to a ceasefire, after their fiercest military clashes in Gaza, which left 33 Palestinians killed. The Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Al Zahhar announced yesterday, the Egyptian brokered ceasefire agreement between the rival factions. The ceasefire agreement included the withdrawal of all armed men and internal checkpoints in the Gaza Strip, and the immediate release of all abductees. Both sides have also agreed to cease all campaigns of incitement.

Ericsson partners with Dialog to develop 3G network in Sri Lanka

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Ericsson has been chosen as the lead partner for building Dialog’s 3G service roll-out in Sri Lanka. Dialog’s 3G roll-out, the first in the country and South Asian Region, will include 100 percent core Network from Ericsson apart from majority of radio access network. Dialog’s 3G service rollout will enable mobile users to experience High Speed Mobile Broadband, a range of media-rich services such as video telephony, Mobile TV Streaming, IP telephony, and GPS-based services amongst others. The 3G service roll-out will further strengthen Dialog’s position as Sri Lanka’s most innovative and futuristic service provider.

Lebanon Crisis Fails Mediation, Plays into Israeli Hands

By Nicola Nasser

The crisis in Lebanon is rapidly accumulating the potential to plunge the country in a second civil war, while Israel is closely watching on the sidelines for the right moment to exploit the ensuing security vulnerability and finish the Lebanese divide off by intervening militarily to conclude what it officially describes as the “inconclusive” war last summer. Meanwhile, the most influential external potential mediators, regional and international, are more or less part of the crisis than they are part of the solution and pre-empting possible mediation efforts.

Allan Rock: Rabble Rousing - from the UN-Canada online press review - Children/Sri Lanka

Canada's National Post reports that former Liberal Cabinet minister and UN ambassador Allan Rock is the target of an apparent campaign to discredit him as he prepares to address a Security Council panel on child soldiers in Sri Lanka. Rock visited the South Asian country in November on behalf of the UN's special representative on child soldiers, but his finding that the government in Colombo is helping a group recruit child soldiers has upset pro-government forces. The finding has been particularly embarrassing to the government, which for years has criticized the Tamil Tigers for employing child soldiers.

Qatar court passed death sentence on 5 LTTE killers who killed Kuruvi – former bodyguard of Colonel Karuna

Five cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were sentenced to death in the Persian Gulf oil rich capital of Doha in Qatar for murdering a Tamil political opponent by bludgeoning his head with iron rods. The person who was murdered is said as a supporter of Colonel Karuna Karuna and for sometime one of his personal bodyguards. The five Sri Lankan LTTE killers were sentenced to death, including one in absentia, as they were found guilty of killing the compatriot in Doha last February. Originally from Sri Lanka many of them were migrant workers in Doha.

Window of Opportunity to End Journalist’s Persecution American Visits Anti-Radical Muslim

On January 8 Richard Benkin of Chicago, the man who more than anyone else has kept journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury out of prison and alive, finally embraced his spiritual brother outside Zia International Airport in the Bangladeshi capital. Choudhury was arrested and tortured in 2003 after exposing the rise of radical Islam in his country, urging Bangladesh-Israel relations, and advocating interfaith dialogue based on religious equality.

India’s Unstable Neighborhood

By Gurmeet Kanwal

As in previous years, India’s regional security environment continued to remain unstable throughout 2006. Marked by the collusive nuclear weapons-cum-missile development programme of China, North Korea and Pakistan, the strident march of Islamist fundamentalism, the diabolical nexus between narcotics trafficking and terrorism, the proliferation of small arms, the uncertainty inherent in the rule of despotic regimes and a host of other vitiating factors, regional instability remains a cause for serious concern.

Relieving Pharma launches Insecticidal Nets in Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera, Reporting from Colombo

Relieving Pharma (Pvt) Ltd, a member of Daya Holdings which produces long lasting Insecticidal Nets [LLINs] in the control of vector borne diseases in Emergency situations will launch Insecticidal nets to the open market and specially NGOs which work in Sri Lanka. Group Director Kingsly Bernard said International Agencies and NGO’s have played prominent role in the provision of preventive and curative healthcare to displaced persons in Sri Lanka. Natural calamities as well as conflict situations have resulted in the displacement of large numbers of civilian populations at various times.

Hundreds die as US military steps up operations in Iraq

The US military is stepping up its attacks on both Sunni and Shiite opponents of the occupation of Iraq as the Bush administration’s plan for an increase in US troop numbers and an offensive in Baghdad is put into motion. American and Iraqi government troops are continuing the bloody operation launched at the beginning of the year to seize the Haifa Street district of Iraq’s capital from Sunni guerillas. The compact area of offices and housing along the Tigris River, just several kilometers from the Green Zone headquarters of the US occupation and the Iraqi puppet government, has been a centre of resistance since the March 2003 invasion.

2006/ 57476 Thillayampalam Sivanesan

Sai Baba

Meher Baba

Interpol issues an open warrant of arrest on Sea Tiger Boss Soosai alias Sivanesan

By Walter Jayawardhana

2006/ 57476 Thillayampalam SivanesanThe Interpol in Paris, The International Police Organization, has issued a world wide arrest warrant for the Sea Tiger commander known as Colonel Soosai. The arrest warrant issued on his real name, Thillayampalam Sivanesan has been put out on the backdrop of allegations by Sri Lanka’s Criminal investigations Department of the Police that he led attacks on naval vessels and civilians in June 2006. Sea Tiger Cadres arrested at Kalpitiya and Pamunugama told the CID detectives that the foiled attempts by the Sea Tigers in June last year were specifically conducted under the instructions issued by the Soosai alias Thillayampalam Sivanesan.